Stay Safe: Pokemon Sword and Shield are leaking

Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble
Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble

…and it happened again. Similar to how Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon were leaked on 4Chan, a metric ton of information about Sword and Shield has been leaked on 4Chan. Unlike SuMo, SwSh is not playable, but the constant stream of leaks has revealed a lot about the upcoming Pokemon game. Some of it looks great, the rest not so much, but it’s going to be an interesting Pokemon generation non the less.

If you don’t want any Sword and Shield spoilers, you’re safe here  ⚔️ 🛡️. We seriously doubt that knowing how these leak Galarian Pokemon look like will ruin your experience, but we won’t be sharing anything regardless. We will be sharing official posts, news and updates.

We think that staying spoiler free is better if you plan to buy (or you already bought) the games. Still, if you want, you can find the Sword and Shield leaks on reddit or in this Restera forum thread. There are no immediate spoilers when you open the thread, and you will have to click through several links to find them.

Sword and Shield releases in less than two weeks. If you want to grab a copy, here are a few Amazon links (we earn a kickback from these links). Please check out the Impressions From First 90 Minutes With Sword and Shield before you buy.

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If you want to get hyped for Sword and Shield the official way, check out this recent trailer: