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Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble

Stay Safe: Pokemon Sword and Shield are leaking

...and it happened again. Similar to how Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon were leaked on 4Chan, a metric ton of information about Sword and...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Impressions From First 90 Minutes With Sword & Shield

IGN and several other media outlets had a chance to play 90 minutes of Pokemon Sword and Shield and got to see some of...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Masuda and Omori Interview with Famitsu about Pokemon Sword And Shield

In a recent interview with the Japanese video games magazine Famitsu, Game Freaks Junichi Masuda and Hitoshi Omori talked about new models in Pokemon...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Highlights Galar Region Pokemon

A new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield was shared on the Japanese Pokemon Youtube account, highlighting new Pokemon coming in the Galar region...
Max raid battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield

More details shared about Pokemon Sword and Shield: Gigantamaxing

The Pokemon Company has shared a new video trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield, featuring a new mechanic called Gigantamaxing, three new Pokemon and...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Freak addresses Sword and Shield outrage, but it is not very effective

In a statement published on Pokemon.com on June 28th, Junichi Masuda addressed the recent fan outrage about the removal of the National Pokedex in...

Not All Previous Generation Pokémon Will Be Available in Pokémon Sword and Shield

You will be able to bring only Pokémon that appear in the Galar Pokédex to Pokémon Sword and Shield, game producer Junichi Masuda shared...
Wooloo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

PETA Uses Wooloo in a Marketing Campaign and Gets Destroyed by Pokémon Fans

In a bizarre turn of events, PETA tried to use Wooloo (a sheep looking Gen VIII Pokémon) to promote its agenda, only to get...
Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Secrets of Pokémon Sword & Shield: Important information that was NOT part of the...

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct (link) revealed a lot of new features in the upcoming main series games, but a lot of the...

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring Multiplayer raids, Dynamaxing and an open world area

Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct has just ended, revealing a metric ton of gameplay from the first Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch. With...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield: 4Chan leak hints at Armored Evolutions

According to a leak on 4Chan, Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce a new type of evolution called "Armored Evolution", which ties Meltan into...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Announced at Pokémon Direct 2019

Hello everyone, with Nintendo's Pokémon Direct behind us, it's time to discuss everything Nintendo shared about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! Pokémon Sword and Pokémon...
Sun and Moon Zygarde Core and Cell Locations

Zygarde Cells and Cores Locations in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Zygarde Cells and Cores Location in Pokémon Sun and Moon A full guide on how to find Zygarde cells and cores in Pokémon Sun and...
Visual Guide to Alola Regional Pokédex

Visual guide to full Alola Regional PokéDex

Alola Regional PokéDex: Visual Guide Full Alola Regional Pokédex with family evolution lines and names of all Pokémon in the family evolution line. There are 151 images...