Understanding your Pokemon Go Trainer Type

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Understanding your Pokemon Go Trainer Type

USER GUIDE | Submitted by BroTaiTom

I guess when it comes to Pokemon go, I’m by no means an expert but I can say I’ve played since July 7th. I saw the rise and fall of the game and have ticked off most of the boxes when it comes to Pokemon Go, witnessed a player turn Level 40, the rush of a mass hunt for a Snorlax and Dragonite, leveling level 10 Gyms and bringing down Level 10 Gyms.

I’ve been there and done that in the Pokemon Go world. Upon the months I’ve observed 5 Types of People that play Pokemon Go and although there is no scientific backing to this I would say anyone who reads this will indeed see who they are in this guide.

You will no doubt see yourself in multiple types featured but there will be one that sticks out and that will be your type.

First type is the Hunter

If you’re a hunter you obviously love the rush of hunting for Pokemon. Nothing brings you more joy than to see a Pokemon show up on your sightings and you walk every which way and hunt that sucker down. This type usually has the 3rd party trackers on their phone and cares more about finding that rare than powering through the levels. This trainer is must in any community, the hunter brings moral to the community and will post on the Facebook group pages posts of Pokemon findings as a way to validate that they are a hunter. The CP doesn’t matter either Snorlax of 100 with 20% IV who cares at least we hunted it down.

Second Type are the Farmers

Farmers love catching EVERY SINGLE POKEMON whether it’s a Weddle, Meowth or that ever-present Venonat. It doesn’t matter to a farmer. There candy count is ridiculously high and all they care about is catching every Pokemon.What brings them the most satisfactions is that there stardust is over 3 million and the candy count of every Pokemon exceeds 200 for every Pokemon. Badges are all done too or close to completion. Although they are seen at lures farming they do not put any up. Farmers are known to hit the clusters spawns more than lures. Why pay for lures when the clusters are free right?

Third type is the Gym Masters

Hit shop in Pokemon Go and nothing but 10 is in their top right corner and a quick look at their Pokemon will show a number that far surpasses the 10 reflected in the shop . Although these are rarely seen they offer the community the best chance of collecting that 10 (or at least their team). They do all the hard work to bring down and take up the gyms. Nothing satisfies the Gym Master more than collecting 10 and seeing that timer restart. PokeCoins are definitely at 1000+ .

The Forth Type is the IV Collector

A Iv checker at the ready this trainer type is all about the Individual Values regardless of cp or Pokemon. Inspection of their account reveals a minimum of 3 100% Iv Pokemon with a stack of 80% IV Pokemon. This type also has a full Pokedex and is an avid egg hatcher seen walking around and will have similar characteristics of the farmer and the hunter. Show a Pokemon that has a IV less than 80 and simple no thanks will come out. Quiet in nature and but with Pokemon that any Gym master would want the IV collector has the Pokemon we all want. Maybe 1 or 2 0% IV Pokemon for Fun

The Fifth type is the Power Leveler

Intent on reaching 40 this type provides that lures and is the most committed to the game. Generally showing the same characteristics of all trainer types this trainer eats, drinks and breathes Pokemon. This type is either 40 or very much on their way to 40. Always out and catching in their free time and will always be the first one to the lures and the last one out.You’ll find this type make a stack of the Level 40 spreadsheet. Mass evolve? Nah they catch and evolve with an egg on.

This list isn’t meant to confine you to a certain type but it is often said that once you know who you are, you start being who you are. GO Catch’em ALL Trainers.

The IV collectors will 😛

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