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Pokemon GO Ideas

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As you all know, the gym rework update is quickly approaching. Now, you might be wondering why I’m talking about gym rework when the title is Berries. Anyways, today I will be discussing berries and how they might apply to Gym Rework.Now, recently in data mines, Pokemon GO Hub has been noticing some new Gym Rework Code added to the Game Recently, Including:

Game master


Push Notifications

{0} is hungry!
{0} needs a pick-me-up!
{0} wants a berry!

Now, about how berries apply to gym rework. Niantic usually surprises us with including features that are different from the original Pokemon Games, but I have been thinking that they might actually make this similar to actual Pokémon games, as Berries are usually used like medicine.

Also all these push notifications about Feeding Berries for Gym Raids, I feel that Niantic will introduce berries for special gym/raid features such as HP Boost, Revive, and CP Booster.Now, in the Game Master, there are only 2 new berries. The Bluk Berry and The Wepar Berry. Now, these berries have been in the Game Master for a while, and not used yet.

The current berries in the Pokemon GO Game Master are as follows:


We all know that the Razz Berry, Nanab Berry, and the Pinap Berry are used for Pokémon Encounters. But, the I especially feel that the Bluk and Wepar Berries are going to be Gym Battle Berries, as Part of Gym Rework. I’m not sure which Berry will have HP Boost or Revive or CP Booster, but I know these berries will more than likely be included in Gym Rework, and will more than likely be used for a type of medicine for Pokémon in Battle.

Below, you can see artwork for the new berries.

Bluk Artwork:

Wepar Artwork:

Even If Niantic doesnt use these berries for Gym Rework, he could possibly use them for Encounters when Generation 3 drops, in that case, Part 2 will be about how they might be used for Generation 3 Encounters, but if it is used in Gym Rework, then Part 2 will be about Comparing my Predictions to what Niantic Actually did.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and please tell me your thoughts about Berries and Gym Rework!