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Execute with Exeggutor

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on February 2nd 2017In the same vein as the Victory for Victreebel by JovJov14, I would like to suggest a renewed look at the Exeggutor. While not as easy to obtain as a Victreebel, it has the same basic benefits and reasons to use it, as well as a few extra benefits.

Exeggutor Knockout!What are some of the advantages of having these guys on your team?

  • Just like the Victreebel, they have an great advantage over water-type Pokémon. They received less damage from water-type attacks and they do higher than normal damage to water-type defenders. The Zen Headbutt/Solarbeam combo is devastating.
  • They are not as common in eggs as the Bellsprouts (see previous guide by JovJov14). They only hatch out of the 5KM eggs as far as I am aware.
  • Also, while it is not as common as other Pokémon, they aren’t particularly rare. Being selective with which ones I evolve, I have a couple of “wonder” Exeggutor with “exceed” stats (I am Team Mystic).
  • They are CP beasts. Their HP seem in-line with something like a Victreebel, but they can intimidate some with their CP as well as put them higher on the ladder if you decide to put them into a gym.
  • They are ugly! Use this Pokémon to frighten your enemies.

So like JovJovb14 talking about the Victreebel, I think Exeggutor are the most useful grass-type Pokémon. The Exeggutor doesn’t really have a lot of move sets, so it should be easier to get that highly coveted moveset.

As I previously mentioned, I have a couple of excellent Exeggutor I use as attackers. They can easily take out a Vaporeon with a up to 1000 CP more than itself on it’s own. Note that the fast move Zen Headbutt is not the quickest to execute, it does have good DPS and gives the STAB bonus. It also helps that the charge move is Solarbeam which is one of the highest damage moves out there. With these slower moves, it also means you need to be very conscientious in stacking your attacks, so you can execute a dodge if you need to. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your opponent getting ready to do their charged move, only to have your Exeggutor keep standing there and headbutting. One nice thing is that even though Zen Headbutt is slow, with the STAB it does fill up the Solar Beam charge bar quite quickly. And the Zen Headbutt is also a Psychic move, so you could get some added benefits out of that against fighting types.

Overall, even taking on a much higher CP Vaporeon, at the end of the battle my Exeggutor will be over 1/2 HP at the end of the battle. That means if you are in a high level gym, you have a chance to take down two Vaporeon for the price of one. Of course, that depends on if you made good dodges and the like.

I know a lot of people will already use an Exeggutor, I still think they are under used by people in my area. Go ugly early! Enjoy your Exeggutor.

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