USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on May 13 2017Like the redemption codes, the Gym Rework seems to include elements that seem very familiar to Ingress players. In the Ingress game, Niantic had players battle to control “portals”.

Granted, portals were all over (almost every Gym and PokéStop is a portal, and in some places you will run into many more portals than there are PokéStops or gyms).What would happen is that a team would take over a portal by placing their “resonators” and any other defensive or offensive modifications on a portal. Once you had resonators on a portal, if anyone attacked the portal, you would get a notification that “Player A is attacking such-and-such portal”.

If you had a specific piece of equipment (in this case, a “key”), it would allow you to “recharge” the portal. Basically, when someone is attacking a portal, their goal is to deplete the XM energy from all the resonators.


Each player has a bank of XM energy they can gather, and if they have a key, they can siphon that energy into the portal from a distance. The further away they are, the less effective the recharging will be, although that distance was measured in hundreds to a thousand kilometers. You would get other messages during the takedown of your portal as well.

And now to Pokémon GO

How does this translate into the new messages Pokémon Go Hub just published? They all seem very analogous to messages we got in Ingress.

Nearby Raid is Starting: Someone from another team is getting ready to battle a gym you have a Pokémon on. Although, this message also seems to be broadcast in a geographic area as well.

Pokémon Won a Battle, Pokémon lost a battle, and Gym Removal all seem to be status messages to give you an idea of how things are going. Nothing too particularly exciting.

Pokémon is Hungry. This message caught my eye. Will we be able to remotely defend a gym now? Or in some way assist a gym while it is being attacked? SPECULATING based on how Ingress works, I would say so.

Stay tuned for many more exciting battles in the future, and active involvement in all phases. Exciting times indeed.