Community written article, originally submitted to the GO Hub forum by Dinsara92.

Hi everyone!

Most of us here have been playing the game for more then a year now and believe everyone would have their own version of the game. The version where its ideal for you and those around you. In the spirit of the all new Super Incubator, here are some of MY IDEA that may be a good ideas to make this game better.


I imagine this item would be sold in the game. Cost should be around 80 coins like normal Lucky egg. The color of the egg would be white with a heavy shade of pink/purple. What does it do? It doubles the amount of stardust we get from hatching egg, catching Pokemon and feeding berries to defending Pokemon.

People might say, “It will be the end of double stardust events” and my answer is not at all. We had a couple of double XP events even with the existence of Lucky Egg since the beginning.

2) A consumable BIKE

Another item that could be sold in the shop, with varied cost based on the distance it can cover. What does it do? This item allows us to increase the speed limit in the game so players can go a little faster (maybe more then 30km/h) and still get candies for the buddy Pokemon and hatch eggs at the same time. You can’t catch Pokemon or spin Pokestop unless you stop or slow down enough if using a Go Plus.

This item should have an ‘on and off’ button because like in real life, we can choose whether we wanna bike or walk when playing the game. It should (or will have) a distance limit to its usage. For example, 10KM for a “normal bike” and 20KM for a “premium bike”. Normal bike should cost about 100 coins, while a Premium Bike would cost 180 coins.

In all honesty, this would be a great in game mode, but it’s hard to imagine Niantic will ever do such a thing.

Credits: Ice Cream Skies, Deviantart


Remember the old data mine about the different type of incense? This is a couple of similar ideas, but each is a bit different. In term of items, all of the ideas are for in-game shop items, just like Incense, but both have different niche they fill:

  • Fishing Rod – Use 80 Coins and only water type Pokemon will spawn for you for the next half an hour. Also increase chance of spawning other Pokemon that spawn in water biomes like Dratini!
  • Repel – Unlike the original games, this repel won’t repel everyone, but only Pokemon that naturally spawn near you. If you live in a grass biome like myself, you will stop seeing the Pokemon from that biome but you will see Pokemon from different ones.

Niantic hasn’t openly talk about , but they have been proven to exist several times already. Additionally, if something like this ever gets implemented, we can assume that they would acknowledge the existence of biomes.

4) COMPETITIVE & Community team element

Finally, something you don’t really have to buy! There are so many ways to make the choosing a team part of the game more meaningful other then getting extra balls in raids.

For starters, Niantic can make global and local leader boards. See which player is the best battler, who earns most experience per day, who has most raids won every day, etc.

Additionally, Niantic can make lures be team based. When a Poke stop is lured, you can see the petals in the color of the original “lurers” team, similar to how Gyms change color. The idea comes from a Trainer Tip’s video, where he and Reversal were racing each other to lure up stops.

I don’t know about you guys, but I pictured a colorful map with Blue, Yellow and Red all over and its very interesting!


Speaking about stops, we can all agree that the current stop concept is pretty simplistic and that can stop functionality could/should be increased.

Poke Stops should have more than “module slot”, so that more lures could be active, or more different typed modules – healing module, etc… However, realistically speaking, a new type of Lure is the obvious option:

  • Type specific lures – a lure that can only lure specific type of Pokemon much like the previously mentioned Incense replacement ideas
  • Bounty lure – Simply doubles the items dropped by the Poke Stop. Also, slightly increases the chance of getting new evolution items.
  • Lure Extender – doubles the time of active modules and increase the range of the Poke Stop by a 10-20 meter radius.

For many players, a Lure Module is pretty much the definition of a boring item – even Incense is more useful for rural players. A few additions to it’s functionality could increase the popularity of Lures again.

And there you have it, all of my ideas for improving the game! You like my ideas? You hate them? Let me know, just comment how you feel about them and why. Lets make it a discussion.

  • P-necio

    We NEED a pokestop submission app from Niantic, separate from Ingress only level 35+ can send pokestops, and then only level 30+ can participate in OPokeR only for pokestops just like OPR for Ingress, also our pokestops accepted in Pokemon Go can appear in Ingress just like portals do in Pokemon Go (sorry for my English am from Chile).

  • The Photoshop Troll

    You kind of stole my idea but okay :/

    • Jorn Janssen

      I did not steal anything. I had this idea since day 1. Only Niantic does not listen. 🙂

  • Jorn Janssen

    a pokestop that you can purchase from the market and you can place it wherever you want for a limited time. The photo disk could have an avatar picture that you choose.

    • Antonius Naumann


      A permanent Pokestop which you can place and which is only visible for you. Limited to 1 at a time

      • Jorn Janssen

        You should be able to lure the stop for you and your friends. it should be visible for everyone. A temporary purchasable pokestop would be a nice addition to the game imho

        • Neopiru Games

          “visible for everyone” = will not happen, spamming map with too much stops will kill the phone’s performance and after that the servers will start lag regardless if you are in this particular area or not

          • Jorn Janssen

            They could limit the amount of similtanious stops per player tot 1. This would be Good for rural Players and Niantic’s bank account. 🙂

      • hkmaly

        Let’s combine: Pokestop submission should work that you put down pokestop and it will be active just for you until and unless it will get approved. If you put down second pokestop before the first gets approved, the first one disappears – like, you won’t create new one but move the one you have. (And obviously, you can only move it once per day, not like pushing it in front of you all the time.)

  • *shoulder shrug

    Love it! Not only can these items be bought but they should also drop as raid items or maybe a random item on 7 day streak spin. All current items should have a ‘super’ complement that could be double the time or an additional multiplier, e.g. 3-4x XP for lucky egg. I’m still hoping for another infinite use incubator for all level 40s or even better, an infinite use super incubator.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Gen 3?

  • ono1113

    Everything will be held by spoofers

  • Peter van der Holst

    I think your Pokemon should get rewards for winning an X-amount of battles. After all, it gains experience as a battler so that should show. Doesn’t have to be much but for every 200 battles won the pokemon levels up half a level or something.

  • Filament

    Player’s radius extender. Like when we hunt for a Pokémon and we know it’s right there but can’t quite get there physically? Like you need the radius to extend a little bit more by a few meters? Yes, so you could get that Pokémon, pokéstop and gym.

  • Crociato93

    I would love two new types of berries: one give you double XP when you catch a pokemon and the other one give you double stardust. Another item could be a safari incense, an expensive one that allowed you to catch rare pokemon, like in the original game

    • Chanderule

      Bluk and Wepear?

  • yuififf

    Improve masterballs and items for increse IV

  • Zapmeister

    Something to give you a reason to power up strong pokemon, or to interact with gyms, or to walk or to think.

    • Tyler Enterline

      Currently, a reason to power up your strong pokemon would be for the raid battles.

  • Achi

    Nice article…..but of course no items/improvements for rural players….

    • Chanderule

      More gyms, pokemon and pokestops would only slow downs the servers

      • Achi

        What are you talking about? Do you understand my comment?

        • Chanderule

          How would you improve it for rural players, if not just adding Pokestops, gyms and spawns?
          Let them spoof?

          • Achi

            I’m talking that there so no updates for rural players but you say something about pokestops…wtf?!
            Also you say that adding pokestops in rural areas will slow down servers but adding them to big cities won’t slow down?! Players in big cities lets say have got like 5000 pokestops and Niantic give them another and another pokestops….whats funny players even don’t see difference that they have got 5000 or 5100 and more with every day…but for rural players even 1 pokestop can be awesome thing so whats worse in slow down servers: rural or big cities !?
            Sorry but you are totally ignorant….

          • Chanderule

            one pokestop in rural areas would only affect few people, stops in cities matter a lot more
            And they add pokestops based on suggested locations, so you could try that out

          • Achi

            It doesnt matter that will affect only few people, important is that will affect! But in big cities for 99,9% players it doesnt matter that Niantic will add another pokestop s because they have got already many pokestops…do you see difference?!
            My point is that adding pokestops in big cities is totally USELESS. This useless pokestops can be really useful in rural areas.

          • Chanderule

            Every day, up to hundreds of players would spin them
            in rural areas, you would have stops that only few people would spin, and would still demand more

          • Achi

            So for you… in big cities Niantic can add pokestops (it doesnt matter that nobody need more!) because there is many players to spin but in rural areas shouldn’t because there only few people….what a nonsense ! Please read again what you wrote because its totally bullshit

          • Achi

            1) I’m saying about updates for rural players, not pokestops
            2) 1-2 pokestops in rural areas will slow down servers but thousands in cities won’t?!
            Sorry but you are so stu*id…

          • Chanderule

            How would you solve it, maestro?
            And no, putting 2 stops in every village wont solve a damn
            1. Almost nobody would visit them
            2. How the heck are they supposed to look for places for these stops?
            Spend days looking for a suitable place in every village just so they can give three people a pokestop?
            3. two pokestops are not enough, you would also need a gym and maybe more stops, based on the location
            4. they make stops out of SUGGESTED location
            No wonder they never heard of most of these sh*tholes when people dont even suggest a thing

            Lastly, I would love to hear how would you solve it, because this will not work

          • Achi

            Of course that just few pokestops will solve problem, why not?!
            I just read your comment and see that you don’t know how Niantic add pokestops…lol
            Its simple…just give us option to add pokestops. Ingress players can so why pokemon go players can’t?

          • Chanderule

            You will still only suggest them, and they will be lost between those hundreds and hundreds of suggestions from cities
            But I guess thats too complicated for you

          • Achi

            Complicated is your little brain… you wrote that new pokestops in rural players will slow down servers….and later you edited it…childish…

          • Chanderule

            I never edited it, and you still havent told me an effective way to fix it

  • Nguyen Ngoc Tu

    I think Stardust is just a bullsh*t ideal ! Just candy is enough. But candies should be depended on kind of pokemon, not every pokemon. Poison candy, Ground candy, Electric candy, Flying candy, Dragon candy… So we can upgrade favorite pokemons more easy. Want to upgrade your Dragonite ? Keep find Flying candy and Dragon candy, sound good ?

    • James

      Not really, too many pidgeys make that unbalanced…

      • Nguyen Ngoc Tu

        Dragonite need Flying candies AND Dragon candies, not only Flying candies

    • Chanderule

      That destroys the point of rare pokemon, you catch one and then just catch pidgeys and spinaraks

  • James

    -Pokecenter Pokéstop module, spin the pokestop to heal or revive pokemon

    -Pokemart Pokéstop module open a cheaper version of the shop, maybe uses a second form of currency (honestly how I think they should work anyway)

  • Prinshka

    I would love the fact that the team we chose influence our game.
    For exemple :
    – One team have 10% of catchrate bonus
    – One team have to walk minus 10% for egg hatching
    – One team have 50 more item/pokemon in their bags and maybe more item on the first pokestop of the day.

    • Kyon Smith

      that would just create a greater team imbalance. spoofers would just choose the +10% catch rate. in fact most people would prob choose that because of the catch rates of the legendaries.

      • Prinshka

        yes I sayed 10% randomly. It’s a little high but it can be few %.
        I prefer less distance on eggs 😀

    • hkmaly

      The fact team doesn’t influence anything is the point and only way how to make players balance between teams. Your ideas would empty some teams.

      Although … I think it might be good idea to make team-specific EVENTS. Like, every team would have egg hatching bonus for week, but it would be different weeks.

    • Uriel C

      I really like this idea. It would really make us rivals and would help reach a team ultimate goal.

  • hilmanv2

    YES. POKEMON GO really boring now!

  • Joe1407

    XP by level of difficulty. 100 XP for a CP 10 or a CP 2900. Why go for any thing with a high cp. Stardust should be the same way. Change the gyms back to the way they were. There is no skill required for gums now. More ways to get coins. How about trading any of ypour items in your back pack back for coins or candy?

    • Chanderule

      But can you use the 10CP Pidgey in a raid?

  • Niels

    Would want to trade candy for stardust. E.g. 5 stardust for 1 candy, as I think it is very difficult to gain stardust at the moment

    • Chris Denton

      I’d like to sell my extra evolution items. I’m not for 5 stardust though, that doesn’t help.

    • Higher_Ground

      we should really get 100/300/500 stardust for transfering pokemon, just like when you catch them.

      It’d be an easy way to double the stardust everyone receives without actually doubling the initial values (still 100 for a catch, but 200 when you trade it in, similar to candies).

      • Chris Denton

        It’s really too bad pogo isn’t community built. At least the players know how the game should work.

        Did you ever have any luck with your refund?

        • Higher_Ground

          LOL, no. They pretty much just started repeating themselves, even though they kept replying to my emails.

          “Sorry you lost your pass due to a game error”

          “You can get a free one each day”

          • Chris Denton

            I was hoping they did something for you but I figured they didn’t.

  • Mark Cawley

    A single trainer battle option on tier 4 and 5 raid battles for rural players would be nice

    • Chris Denton

      I have been saying this for awhile, but at the mewtwo raid I was able to meet a discord group of 10 dedicated players and a bunch more casuals. That’s what you really need to do. I have to drive a half hour one way but I have mewtwo and entei now.

    • Chanderule

      that would destroy the poing of putting together a bunch of people to fight the boss down

  • ‘Cesar Tanaka

    Temporary PokeStop, 1h – 2h, can be placed at any place, but a minimum distance from official PokeStop, buyable with coins

    • Chanderule

      How many?

  • Mayson Ledur

    Talking about raids:
    – Team Battle Preset (c’mon, it’s already time to do that!)
    – “I’m ready” button on the raid lobby instead countdown timer. (This could avoid many many “lets go in, lets go out” of raid’s lobby)
    Talking about general things:
    – Like Ingress, a system of communication in the game. (Dude, how much do we need this!)
    – Like Ingress, an OFFICIAL INTEL site, showing Gyms and Pokestops
    And finaly, the most ever requested fueature:
    – SEND REQUEST FOR THE GOD DAMN’POKESTOPS (Without depend on Ingress players)

    • Higher_Ground

      all of those should have been implemented yesterday, or more accurately, MONTHS ago. 🙂

    • hkmaly

      The official intel site might just show Gyms – with color. Locations of pokestops is not so interesting and they never change, so …

      “I’m ready” would be useful even if it would be IN ADDITION to countdown. Not needed on legendaries, but if I’m soloing something or like fight with one other person why wait?

      Communication: TOTALLY. At least allow us to put message on Gyms, so we can inform other trainers about the communication app we are using.

      And yes totally requests for pokestops. Hey, if they are too lazy to add it into application itself, whatever, make it separate application or even use Ingress, just DONT INSIST ON INGRESS LEVEL – use pokemon level as limit on who can send requests.

    • Rob Freeman


  • Matthieu Oldfield

    Dude, where’s my comment?

  • Matthieu Oldfield

    No really @pokemongohub, where is my comment? Spent a lot of time on it and its still not validated. Please look.

  • Andy Van Elverdinghe

    How about putting the numbers from the IV’s with the apraisal system? So that we don’t need 3th parties or apps to check them. Also lucky eggs for stardust sounds great. And pls a gym system that is more better than now.

    • Higher_Ground

      yes, it’s pointless to have to look it up when they give you the range. Why give the range at all if you aren’t “supposed” to know?

      Just something that would be a huge quality of life improvement without changing anything as far as strategy goes in the game.

  • jason wickware

    need trading and battling

  • Ben Dyr

    I would like some more funcunality with the buddy system, example extra stardust. (1km buddys- 1 candy and 100stardust, 5km buddys- 1 candy and 300 stardust etc….) Maybe more candy per, or a increased chance of getting 2 candys.

  • Brian Keith

    the consumable bike would definitely cause a lot more hazardous drivers.

    • hkmaly

      Not more than the people trying to be at time on legendary raid.

      However, 10km bike? That wouldn’t even last whole hour!

  • Ginevra

    Type specific lure would be great! I never use lures and specific type Pokémon ones I would use!

  • eMike

    We are talking about Niantic here, so just forget about all these stuff.

  • Dimas Aditya S

    I dont need the number 2, because my gps is kinda unique hahaha

  • James Gibson

    What I would really like to see is a BUDDY PASS. a lot of the time we are done with a raid and someone comes up and says have you gone in yet. Sadly we are done and can’t help this person. With a BUDDY PASS we could battle again without the chance to catch the Pokemon, but our buddy that showed up late can.

  • Mehmet Bostan

    We need also separated pokemon bags, like 2 bags where we can separate pokemons

    • hkmaly

      TOTALLY. Especially with third generation.

  • nikhil vilat

    Randomising Pokemon in specific area every week or month

    • Higher_Ground

      Sorry in advance if I’m just telling you something you already know –

      Some areas are what’s known as “nests” and they feature a specific pokemon (lots of them). These nests stay in the same place – usually parks and golf courses – but every 2 weeks the pokemon that’s featured changes.

      In my area we have a machop nest (great for fighting badge), a jynx nest (need ice badge), and a pikachu nest (need shiny pikachu). Two weeks ago they were magnemite/shellder/caterpie. Some weeks are better than others 🙂

  • aapenkilde

    Rural pokestops should give more items then those who are close to many pokestops. There are 1 pokestop where I live, and it taket me 20 minutes to walk there. Not so cool to get 2 potions and 1 pokeball then….

  • Brandoll Montero

    Battle Module / Trade module.
    Real Gyms.

    This is such an obvious one. But. BUT. I think that the trading module will come first. Here’s what it is and why:

    Insert trade module, and like the raid parties, you can see who has joined you, OR, use the group code you choose. Then you —

    • Chris Denton

      So everyone who wants to trade will need to buy a “trade module”? No thanks

      I’m all for monetizing the game but not every single aspect.

      • Brandoll Montero

        I never said anything about buying…. the module is just to have an organized system for battling/trading.

        Now, with that in mind, thoughts?

        • Chris Denton

          I’m not sure how trading would/could work to be honest. I would hope for a much cleaner way of doing it. I would imagine something more like a friend system in game where you add players you have played with locally, allowing chat, trade and pvp. I would like to press a button that says trade(below power up and evolve) and then select who with from a friend list. It would send a notification to the person I want to trade with.

          Basically a complete ui change.

          • Brandoll Montero

            That would be too convenient. Niantic wants people out side. Almost like just exchanging poke balls

          • Chris Denton

            People would be outside if they wanted to catch Pokémon. I don’t see why you would have to drive to have a meetup to trade a Pokémon or battle. Convenience should be considered every once in a while.

          • Brandoll Montero

            Sure, it does. But I can’t trade you my Pokémon if you’re miles away, even if you’re not in front of me, it only makes sense to meet. If Niantic wanted us to trade like that, Pokémon go could’ve been released via gameboy whatever. Niantic wants to literally create the Pokémon universe. We meet new friends in the outside world, and interact. That’s principle.

          • Chris Denton

            I know what the principle of the game is, you are just referring to raids with the social aspect. Maybe the first trade you have to be within range to make sure you aren’t trading with anyone but then again what’s the point of trading if we can’t trade to get regional exclusives?

          • Brandoll Montero

            The entire point of regional exclusives was TO TRAVEL. Stop being lazy.

          • Chris Denton

            Lol yeah travel the world for Pokémon go. Right.

            Sorry your trade module idea sucks

          • Brandoll Montero

            You are the laziest boy in all the land.

          • Chris Denton

            Lol you could be the dumbest

          • Brandoll Montero

            😂😂 could be

          • Chris Denton

            Yeah I don’t know you. Sorry if you wanted me to actually call you dumb

            I see you don’t mind insulting strangers. Big man

          • Tito Vidal

            Trade shops, where you can sell your unwanted items and use the coins to buy other items for sale in the shop. these coins would only work in these shop locations.

            Prices to buy/sell would vary with the stock.

            It would have a daily basis of each item.

          • Chris Denton

            Good thinking! I too have thought of an in game community market place.

  • Ari Thunder

    I like the pokestop functionality

  • Heydavid17

    As how the game is right now, then I’d prefer seeing spoofers being completely eliminated from the game and that team activities were more a thing in the game.

    I was absolutely surprised recently, when me and some others i play with from my area, when we went to a tier 5 egg that just hatched a Suicune, and immediately there were groups of lobbies, despite the fact that the raid was taking place near a building plot and with no one in sight at all.
    The others I was with went a different way, and could barely reach the gym, while I went inside where they were building to be right at the center of the gym.

    First when all the darn cheaters are gone, then I’d love to get some of these items. Plus, I just love the spirit that has slowly appeared where I live, where we care about each other and help each other out with raids and gyms, but at the same time also represent our teams.
    Where I live, then I feel that everyone who plays the game, has found some new sort of joy of playing, mostly because we now know each other and who actually plays around the town.
    Out of the few of us, who’ve gotten tickets to the safari zone this upcoming weekend, are really hyped for it, even if it won’t be anything special.

    • Chanderule

      Hah, funny, how would you take us out?
      How would you do it?

  • Nathan

    For every major addition comes major cripple unless the addition is a cripple. Stuff like that will screw the game over like when gen 2 came out (at the very least).

  • squidward

    just stop or do perma band to those spoofer, i dont hate them, but they are humble bragging every now and then, its annoying

  • Vegaz Da Professional

    Can we get an update that will include Android Wear inclusion?

  • vriesk

    Pokemon grouping and tagging, with convenient group and tag selection.

    The fact that the only way to mark some particular features of a Pokemon (or even prefix them with something common for a given raid or something) is quite ridiculous.

    Niantic, listen, choosing the Pokemons for battle is bloody annoying.

    • Mayson Ledur

      Like i said before in my comment: Team Battle Presets

      • Higher_Ground

        at the very least, have it remember the group you started fighting a gym with. I hate having to go back for the same 6 pokemon every time I play through the same gym.

        • Mayson Ledur


  • Matthieu Oldfield

    1) Lucky eggs for stardust: yes, that makes sense. Easy to do and since the change in the daily reward where you use to be able to get 5000 stardust / day, stardust is definitely scarce. However, the need for stardust is not so big as you covered quite accurately the way to make the most out of it with your recent article “stardust investments guide spending games valuable resource”). It’s obvious that they will also put a “double stardust” berry.

    2) No, ridiculous. Niantic should just fix the game so that when you cycle, it is taken into account. I thought one of their goals was to encourage people to do exercise. Not taking into account the kilometers cycled is just them admitting they are lousy at detecting it. I cycle 6km everyday and I think I deserve in game rewards for that. Oh wait, they exist: buddy Pokémon candy and egg hatching. They are just bugged. I have an app (owned by facebook) called “Moves” and it accurately knows (99,9%) when I’m cycling, walking, running or using motorized transportation. And whilst you cycle, PokéStops should be deactivated, Pokémons should not appear on the map. Maybe just a counter of buddy Pokémon km and your eggs status as a screen.

    3) Too complicated.

    4) Not in the game’s spirit. It’s a family game. So, what if you see that you are number 345990 and that number 1 is miles away in front of you. You just create frustration. Lures of the color of the team would just bring confusion to new players: why is it red, blue, yellow? What’s the difference? None? So then don’t use different colors. The gym color is important because it has an impact on the game about who can add a Pokémon, which team gets extra balls for raids, etc.

    5) Type specific lures: too complicated, so many types. Bounty lure? Don’t see the point. If you want more items from a PokéStop, wait 3 min or walk to another one. And don’t get me started on the “we have only 2 PokéStops in our village” (see next point). Lure extender: makes sense in time, not in radius (otherwise, your neighbor won’t be paying).

    And here is my wish list for the game:

    6) Hey Niantic, its very easy to fix the PokéStops problem: just put a PokéStop every 30 meters on every road. I wonder why you didn’t do it already. Gyms are more complicated but PokéStops are not. I can only think that the reason you didn’t fix it already is because you think you can sell more items by making resources scarce. Proof of this is the fact that you added potions and revives to your store.

    7) When you click on a PokéStop which is far away (outside of radar reach), it shows you the nearby Pokémons. It’s a fun way to scan for rare Pokémons from home and go out if you see one you like.

    8) Make stardust count again. Use to be useful to have a +1 CP Pokémon to put into a gym. Now, I put pidgeys and rattatas because truth is, the time it takes between beating a Pidgey and a Snorlax isn’t that great anymore. One way to do that is to give a bonus in PokéCoins to the highest CP Pokémons trainers (+20% for 1st, +10% for second).

    9) Raids: make it possible to see how many people are in the raid queue from a distance. Make it possible to signal “I’m nearby and coming over” so you will see “0 here, 3 nearby”. Useful when you’ve been standing there for 10 min with no-one. If people use the functionality and don’t come, they cannot use the functionality anymore for X time. Add online gym chat only accessible from trainers in range. Make it possible to use the Fast and Charged Technical Machines in the raids waiting rooms.

  • Matthieu Oldfield

    Anyone here at PokemonGOHub would be nice to explain why my comment didn’t go through? Or are we in a censored area of the Web?

  • Danny Stikkelbroeck

    How about Premium Lures, which spawn more rare pokemon?

    • aaron d

      Love this idea

  • Lofos Lofos

    Gyms with CP ranges in it.
    Who first puts a Pokemon into a Gym is setting the CP range for that Gym.
    Example: you put a CP 1500 Ampharos into the Gym other trainers can add only Pokemon within a range 1400-1600 into the Gym and trainers that battle this Gym can battle with they Pokemon only that are in this range of CP 1400-1600.
    With this you can have low CP gyms and high CP gyms.
    Furthermore you can use your lower CP Pokemon that you like but dont have use in the current game since they CP is low.
    Also you prevent stuff like people entering they Pidgeys or Magikaprs just for coin mining.

  • Commiesdontlikefacts

    Pokemon go needs in game content to survive. If not there will be massive issues in the long run. Trading breeding etc is it’s only saving grace

  • James Bushell

    The 7 day streak bonus should increase with each additional 7 day streak competed. Not by much (eg 50 or 100 XP and Stardust per additional streak) but as someone who has not missed one I wouldn’t mind knowing that my long long long streak is worth more than every one else’s short ones.

  • Andy McQueen

    I think the buddy Pokémon should be more useful. How about it finds useful items like a lure/incubator etc. From time to time. Or it could help find rarer Pokémon. “Your buddy has caught the scent of a rare Pokémon” would be good

  • Uriel C

    Team Rocket NPCs taking over gyms and dropping rare unknown items

  • Uriel C

    I also like your idea of team lures. Niantic should hold voting polls for ideas

  • aaron d

    Maybe it’s a little too late, a lot of people are getting pissed and quitting again already