PSA: Don’t transfer that Pokemon!

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PSA: Don’t transfer that Pokemon!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by ChaterangaIf you have been playing this game for the last couple months, then I am sure you have experienced that moment where you grinded enough candies to evolve a Pokemon only to be disappointed by its moveset. Well before you grind that Pokemon into candy, uninstall the app, or smash your phone on the ground, think about Generation 2 and the Pokemon that are coming.Some of the most common Gym defenders for Generation 2 will have “Dark Type”, which is weak to (Bug, Fighting, and Fairy) and with consideration to one of the new Top Tier Gym Defender (Tyranitar) some of the current Generation 1 Pokemon have great movesets to counter these Pokemon.

Ground and Pound

Recent changes to Nidoqueen and Nidoking had a lot of players transferring away the Nido couple in favor of Rhydon. While those evolving Rhydon were hoping to get Mud Slap and Earthquake. With Tyranitar on the horizon these three well known gym defenders may be your new best attackers!

  • Nidoqueen – Bite/Earthquake has always been a good attack moveset for Nidoqueen but with Tyranitar it will deal significantly higher DPS, and Nidoqueen will be able to tank a good amount of damage due to her HP and Defensive stats.
  • Nidoking – Fury Cutter/Megahorn has no STAB effect for Nidoking but his base ATK stat is high enough that it can still do decent DPS. Fury Cutter/Earthquake will provide better damage overall but either will work efficiently against Tyranitar.
  • Rhydon – Rock Smash/Megahorn is by far and away the worst moveset for Rhydon in Gen 1, but against Tyranitar this gym defender turns into a decent attacker option for Generation 2. Rock Smash with any charge move is going to work effectively against many new Gen 2 defenders, so I would hold off transferring until Gen 2 is released.

Fairy Dust

Another popular Pokemon was hurt by the last stat changes, Wigglytuff has always been more of a Prestige Pokemon, so after the CP changes many trainers didnt know what to do with this tanky underperformer. But with Generation 2 coming soon you won’t have to grind away a Wigglytuff that doesnt get “Pound” as its Quick Attack. Also a few other Pokemon that have either never had a purpose, or were outperformed by other Pokemon of the same type, now may have a place in Gen 2 due to their mixed movesets.

  • Wigglytuff – Feint Attack/Play Rough may be a new gym prestige moveset for Wigglytuff as Dark and Fairy type moves will have more effect on some of the Gen 2 gym defenders.
  • Persian – Feint Attack/Play Rough could also work with Persian, a Pokemon that currently has no use or is often sidelined for another Pokemon. Feint Attack/Night Slash still might be too weak of a moveset, even for Gen 2, but it is something to consider before grinding away this cat.
  • Vileplume – Razor Leaf/Moonblast was a gimmick moveset at best in Gen 1, where trainers would hope that an unsuspecting Dragonite attacker would get punished for underestimating Vileplume. In Gen 2 however, you can use this same moveset to attack gym defenders like Umbreon, Tyranitar, and even Houndoom if you can dodge effectively.

So, you wanna Fight?

While Gen 2 will provide some new Fighting Type Pokemon, there are some Gen1 Pokemon that can utilize a Fighting moveset to attack or train gyms. With the addition of many new Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark type Pokemon, anything with a Fighting moveset will have value in Generation 2.

  • Rapidash – Low Kick/Drill Run is currently listed as a Defensive moveset for Rapidash, but in Gen 2 this moveset could be a great Gym Prestige moveset with regards to Rapidash’s overall low CP and decent ATK stats.
  • Marowak – Rock Smash/Earthquake is almost an instant grinder moveset in Generation 1, since there is no real value in damage without Mud Slap in the current meta. In Gen 2 however this could be another good Prestige moveset with all the weaknesses to Fighting types.
  • Kangaskhan – Low Kick/Earthquake is going to be a very strong moveset in Gen 2. Low Kick/Brick Break will hold its own as well, but with Kangaskhan’s Normal type, this could be a great attacker against many new Gym Defenders.
  • Electabuzz – Low Kick/Thunder or Thunder Bolt, is one of the most frustrating movesets in Gen 1, especially if you walked a 10k egg to get it. However, in Gen 2 the Quick move will have more value and hopefully make Electabuzz a better attacker against Gen 2 defenders.
  • Pinsir – All of the movesets for this Pokemon is going to have some effect on Gen 2 Pokemon, with Vice Grip being the worst move. Pinsir’s high overall attack stat will allow Rock Smash to deal good damage and won’t need much STAB help to defeat Gen 2 defenders. Just keep your Pinsir’s, and wait for Gen 2.

Pearls of the Deep

With all the new Pokemon being added in Generation 2, it is easy to think that the meta is going to have a major shift but the truth is that Water Types will still have a huge impact on the battles. With this understanding you can see how a few Pokemon who struggle to rise from the bottom of a Sea full of good Water Pokemon, might have a chance to shine in Gen 2 because of their mixed movesets.

  • Kabutops – Fury Cutter/Water Pulse could become one of the best movesets against Tyranitar and Fury Cutter/Stone Edge could be a great counter to Houndoom. With no real area to specialize in Gen 1, these movesets and Kabutops overall good base stats should make him a great attackers against Gen 2 defenders.
  • Kingler – Metal Claw or Mud Shot/Water Pulse or Megahorn, with base stats in the Top 10 for both ATK and DEF, Kingler’s movesets should provide trainers with a lot of options. Another Pokemon that struggles in Gen 1 to find a definitive role, Kingler should be a solid attacker for Gen 2.
  • Seaking – Peck/Megahorn, I know you are saying Seaking? One of the worst, if not the worst waste of candies and evolution in the game. However, with a base ATK of 175 at max, and a group of Gen 2 defenders weak against “Bug” type, this Pokemon might finally have a place to play in the meta.

Hopefully this article caught you in time, and at the least makes you aware of some of the possibilities with regards to Generation 2 battles and Gen 1 movesets. This information is subject to change and as with anything related to Generation 2 nothing is final until it is release. However, this information highlights the importance of thinking before you transfer, and how some Pokemon may still yet have some worth in your storage. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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