Thoughts on Pokémon GO Inventory Management

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Thoughts on Pokémon GO Inventory Management

USER GUIDE | Submitted by LarianIn my first guide, I recommended people save their pokecoins to only buy Bag Upgrades. Well, I’ve managed to keep a hold of a lot of gyms over the past 6 months, and I have hit the bag upgrade limit. For those that are curious, your maximum inventory is currently set at 1000 items.

Currently in game, there are 13 different items that you can stock up on when you go to pokestops. Eventually you will start to run into inventory problems, even if you have upgraded your bag to hold 1000 items.So what do you want to carry around with you? Well, that all depends on your style of play. Based on the PokéStop drop rates, there are some general suggestions for you:

  • If you get revives (and especially max revives) hold on to those dearly. Even if you aren’t a gym fighter, these are rare enough that they are second to Stardust as a limiting factor
  • If you primarily like to take over Gyms, train Gyms, and battle Pokémon, you will want to lean your collection towards potions. Since there are several levels of potions, the higher in level you get, the more you want to focus on the Max, Hyper, and Super potions. Don’t be afraid to dump the regular potions in favour of these higher level potions. Don’t feel like you are wasting capability of a potion as much as expediting the healing.
  • If you primarily hunt Pokémon, then you want to lean your collection to Pokeballs, lures, and Razz Berries. Keep in mind you only get Lures from leveling or buying them at the store. You will also want to have Incense for just your own lure effect.
  • If you do a bit of both (like me), then you may want to try to balance your inventory between the two.
  • Everyone will want to hoard Lucky Eggs (or they should want to). Again, you only get these from leveling or buying them from the store.
  • Keep in mind, your 3 use incubators count toward your inventory storage (only way to manage that inventory right now is to use them up as you can’t elect to discard them).

So with all this said, how do I split my inventory?

As I mentioned, I try to balance between hunting and gym battles. So I try to keep my inventory balanced as 1/3 potions and revive, 1/2 capture material (balls, lures, incense, and Razz Berries), and then 1/6 the other stuff (Lucky Eggs, incubators, spare revives, or what I would like to plus up beyond my regular inventory breakdown). I have found that I go through balls so much more quickly than any of my other supplies, that’s why I dedicate that much to those particular supplies. I also find that because of the rarity of items dropped, I may have to adjust based on what I get.

As I have said, when stocking up, don’t be afraid to destroy things. Regular Pokeballs and Regular Potions are the first to go. If I am trying to stock up on supplies, and I am getting things I need (Ultra balls and the like) I am free with my discard. Also, I have mostly completed my Pokedex, so I only pull out the Razz Berry on high CP Pokémon I am really interested in catching, or should I ever run into a Lapras or Aerodactyl (only ones I am still missing), I am using all the catch bonuses I can.

So if I have a good supply of Razz Berries (I consider 75 a good supply), I start to discard those too to build up other supplies.

Should you do what I do? NO! This is just guidance and my thoughts. The intent of this guide is really to get you to think about your inventory. It is limited, so you will need to make decisions. Make those decisions based on your style of play, and what makes the game fun for you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hump my rucksack to the next PokéStop, it feels a little light.

Other Topics for Discussion:

  • If/When trading is implemented, will inventory items be tradable, or just Pokémon?
  • Will “capsules” like in Ingress be a possible item to trade and or store items (and this brings up “mule” accounts)?
  • Will the max inventory get expanded as more items are introduced to the game? As a point of reference, Ingress has a max inventory of 2000, but has never introduced any expansions to that aside from a “key locker” that let’s you store keys without counting against your max inventory. Although Ingress hasn’t introduced many new inventory items in that game.

A “mule” is a gaming term for an account or character that is dedicated to just carrying or holding any in-game materials.

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