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What’s a Baby Pokémon? It’s any Pokémon that can only be obtained through hatching an Egg. These Pokémon are not catchable, nor found in the wild. All baby Pokémon evolve, these ‘adult’ Pokémon do spawn in the wild. In the Main Series of Pokémon, as of Generation VII, there are 18 Baby Pokémon. Currently, 17 of these Babies are available in Pokémon Go. Below is a list of all the Baby Pokémon and their evolutions:

Baby Pokémon Evolution Evolution Requirement
Pichu Electric Pikachu Electric 25 Candy
Cleffa Fairy Clefairy Fairy 25 Candy
Igglybuff Normal Fairy Jigglypuff Normal Fairy 25 Candy
Togepi Fairy Togetic Fairy Flying 25 Candy
Tyrogue Fighting Hitmonlee Fighting 25 Candy &
Highest Stat Attack
Hitmonchan Fighting 25 Candy &
Highest Stat Defense
Hitmontop Fighting 25 Candy &
Highest Stat Stamina
Smoochum Ice Psychic Jynx Ice Psychic 25 Candy
Elekid Electric Electabuzz Electric 25 Candy
Magby Fire Magmar Fire 25 Candy
Azurill Normal Fairy Marill Water Fairy 25 Candy
Wynaut Psychic Wobbuffet Psychic 25 Candy
Budew Grass Poison Roselia Grass Poison 25 Candy
Chingling Psychic Chimecho Psychic 50 Candy
Bonsly Rock Sudowoodo Rock 50 Candy &
Walk 15 km as your Buddy
Mime Jr. Psychic Fairy Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy Currently Unknown
Currently, Mime Jr. is the only Baby Pokemon not available in Pokémon Go.
Happiny Normal Chansey Normal 50 Candy &
Walk 15 km as your Buddy
Munchlax Normal Snorlax Normal 50 Candy
Riolu Fighting Lucario Fighting Steel 50 Candy
Currently, Lucario is not available in the wild, in Pokémon Go. It can only be obtained by evolving Riolu.
Mantyke Water Flying Mantine Water Flying 50 Candy

Second Charge Moves

Although a whole Pokémon family typically requires the same Stardust and Candy to acquire the one exception is Baby Pokémon. Some Baby Pokémon require fewer resources to add a second Charge Move. If you are thinking about a second move on your Lucario, it would be wise to add it while it is still a Riolu.


Phione Water

What about Phione? Isn’t it a Baby Pokémon? The short answer is NO. The long answer goes back to the full definition of a Baby Pokémon in the Main Sequence Games. The four rules are:

  • Must be obtained through breeding
  • Must be the lowest form of a Pokémon family
  • Must be able to evolve, at least once, into another family member
  • Must NOT be able to breed itself

Phione abides by Rules 1 and 2; but not 3 or 4. While breeding a Manaphy produces a Phione, Phione is never able to evolve.

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