Close Calls: Dodging Mechanics in Pokemon Go

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What is Dodging?

Dodging – The act of changing ones position, sometimes to avoid being hit by someone or something. In Pokémon GO, it means furiously swiping your finger to the left or the right, usually in the vain hope that you somehow manage to avoid that Kyogre’s Hydro Pump for the seventh time this raid. Alas, your Exeggutor gets knocked out before it can get off that Solar Beam.

This guide is here to help you effectively dodge an opposing Pokémons’ attacks (Kyogre or otherwise), so let’s start looking at the mechanics behind the curtain, shall we?

Things to Remember

  • Dodging itself has a cool down of 500 ms (.5 s).
  • A yellow flash occurring means that you have 700 ms (.7 s) to dodge.
  • Successfully dodging an attack negates 75% of the damage.
  • If the defender seems to be taking too long to fast attack, then that is usually a sign that they may be preparing to use their charged attack.
  • Keep an eye out for multi-bar charged moves. For example, a Blissey using Dazzling Gleam can use half of their full bar, and then resume fast attacking, or they can use two Dazzling Gleams back to back.

1. Text Animation

The text animation for when an opponent uses a charged move is located in the lower right hand corner of your device’s screen. Once this appears, KEEP ON HIGH ALERT for a yellow flash. The yellow flash is the signal for you to immediately swipe left or right to dodge.

Of course, it does well to keep in mind that the time difference between when the text animation appears and when the yellow flash occurs is different for each move. A chart consisting of almost all of those specific times can be found here.

2. Yellow Flash

Once the text animation pops saying the opponent used a charged move, the waiting game begins. Using the chart provided by GamePress through the link above, the time between the text animation and yellow flash for Flamethrower is exactly one second. (Tip: Press ‘setting’ and then ‘speed’ to adjust the motion of the video. This will help you know exactly when to dodge.)

Keep in mind that you need to dodge BEFORE your HP bar turns orange. If it does turn orange, then there is no use in dodging a move that has already registered as a successful hit.

3. Do’s and Do Not’s of Dodging:

  • DO NOT attempt to repeatedly dodge again and again if you notice a defender stop attacking. Since dodging has a cool down of 500 ms, it is very easy to overlap the dodging cool down and the 700 ms you have once the yellow flash occurs. To give yourself the best chance, bpatient and wait for the yellow flash.
  • DO memorize the time difference between text animation and the start of  the yellow flash. Let’s take raiding a Groudon as an example: the giant red legendary from Hoenn has access to Earthquake, Solar Beam, and Fire Blast (all one-bar charge moves) with time differences of 1.3 s, 2.3 s, and 2.9 s. respectively.
  • DO NOT expect for every yellow flash to be be obvious. Take this Dark Pulse from a Absol as an example:

    By even slowing it down to 25% of the normal speed, it is very hard to notice the yellow flash indicating Dark Pulse being used. One of your main enemies in dodging will be lag, so be sure to restart the application if you have time!


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