Groudon Raid Boss

Groudon Raid Boss

Groudon is a Tier 5 (Legendary) Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 59505 and Max Capture CP of 2785 (Level 20, perfect IV score). This page describes how to counter Groudon, which Pokemon are best Groudon Raid counters and helps you understand its value strengths and weaknesses.

Groudon is not soloable and it is required to have at least 5-6 Trainers in order to take it down. Groudon is a ground type, with no double weaknesses. Groudon raid boss can be empowered by Clear weather.

Groudon Raid Counters

Legendary Counters
Gyarados Waterfall water Hydro Pump water
Sceptile Bullet Seed grass Leaf Blade grass
Exeggutor Bullet Seed grass Solar Beam grass
Ho-Oh Extrasensory psychic Solar Beam grass
Groudon Mud Shot ground Solar Beam grass
Articuno Frost Breath ice Ice Beam ice
Vaporeon Water Gun water Hydro Pump water
Mewtwo Confusion psychic Shadow Ball ghost
Venusaur Vine Whip grass Solar Beam grass
Weakness water grass

Picking Groudon’s counters is difficult. Groudon doesn’t have a double weakness, it doesn’t have a glaring flaw, nor does it have an inherent counterpart aside from Kyogre. We are banking on a mix of Solar Beam / Hydro Pump wielders that take normal or reduced damage from Groudon’s moves. We expect that some raids with particular Groudon movesets will be a very challenging fight, a lot harder than a Solar Beam Ho-Oh.

After analyzing Groudon’s move pool from previous main series Pokemon games, we expect Groudon to have access to the following quick and charge moves:

  • Iron Tail steel (quick)
  • Mud Slap ground (quick)
  • Fire Blast fire (charge, one bar)
  • Solar Beam grass (charge, one bar)
  • Earthquake ground (charge, one bar)
  • Precipice Blades ground (charge, ?? bars, signature move)

With that in mind, you can see why picking a solid Groudon counter can be difficult. As Solar Beam is basically a guaranteed charge move for Groudon (lore-wise), we are expecting Groudon to be a better version of the dreaded “Solar Beam Ho-Oh”. When you combine Solar Beam with Groudon’s absurd Attack stat (297), it’s guaranteed it will melt any opponent that takes normal or super effective damage from grass moves.

Additional Groudon Counters

As if picking your main lineup is not difficult enough! Basically, go with anything that has either Hydro Pump or Solar Beam, but don’t expect it to last very long:

  • Jynx with a good moveset
  • Omastar with WG/HP
  • Feraligatr with WG/HP
  • Tangela with VW/SB
  • Victreebel with SB
  • Meganium with VW/SB