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One of the ways that Pokémon GO encourages Trainers to play daily are the rewards for your first catch and Pokéstop spin of the day. If nothing else, we highly recommend catching at least 1 Pokémon and spinning at least 1 Pokéstop daily, as maintaining your streak for 7 consecutive days will award a handsome array of bonuses for your 7-Day Streaks.

  • There are no requirements on which Pokémon species or which specific Pokéstop must be caught/spun to count as a first-of-the-day bonus.
  • The bonuses reset at 12:00 AM local time.
1st Catch of the Day Bonuses
Consecutive Day XP Bonus Stardust Bonus
1-6 +500 +600
7 +2500 +3000

These bonuses are added to the base amount you would usually receive on a particular catch. For example, if the first Pokémon you catch for the day is a Pidgey (assume curveball + great throw + first-ball catch for 210 XP and no weather boost for 100 Stardust), you would receive 710 XP and 700 Stardust.

Note: Hatching an egg doesn’t count as a catch!

1st Spin of the Day Bonuses
Consecutive Day XP Bonus Number of Items
1-6 +500 Minimum of 6
7 +2500  Usually 28 – 35 (+ 1 evolution item)

It appears that a gym at which you have a Silver/Gold Badge and team control (doesn’t need to be defended by your own Pokémon) will give out more streak rewards than a Pokéstop.

Additionally, the 7-Day Pokéstop streak is the only guaranteed way of obtaining one of the five evolution items currently in game: Sun Stone, King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, and Up-Grade. Otherwise, they drop randomly at very low rates from Pokéstops.

Taking Advantage of 1st-Day Bonuses

A good tip to gain XP quickly is to make sure that both of your streaks align on the same day, so that you can Lucky Egg your 7-Day Streaks and gain about 10,000 XP with minimal effort (we’d also recommend using the rest of the time on your Egg to mass-evolve Pokémon, which is the fastest way to gain XP aside from streaks).

Activating a Star Piece before your 7-Day Catch is an easy way to earn Stardust; if possible, catch an evolved and weather-boosted Pokémon to stack up your bonuses.

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