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The weather mechanic was recently introduced in Pokemon Go (December 2017.) It affects the game in several ways: from boosting the level of a wild Pokemon/raid boss to increasing particular types of Pokemon’s appearances to increased stardust on capture.

The weather system gives multiple benefits within Pokemon Go and are as follows:

  • Increased spawn rates of Pokemon of certain types.
  • Higher level (you can encounter a wild Pokemon up to +5 levels above your current level)
  • Guaranteed IV’s for weather boosted Pokemon (minimum of 4/4/4)
  • Bonus 25% Stardust on catch
  • Bonus 20% damage for moves of certain types

It will come as no shock that the climate in-game should reflect the real weather around you but with one key difference: The weather in game can change once an hour, on the hour mark.

This chart shows the kinds available and what types they boost.

Weather Condition Boosted Types
Partly Cloudy Normal, Rock
Cloudy Fairy, Fighting, Poison
Fog Dark, Ghost
Rainy Water, Electric, Bug
Snow Ice, Steel
Sunny Grass, Ground, Fire
Windy Dragon, Psychic, Flying


Raid Boss influence

One of the most notable changes to accompany the new system is the increase in a raid bosses level if you battle it (and defeat it) in its beneficial conditions.

For example: When battling Kyogre and the climate is anything except Rainy its catch CP can be between 2236 -2328. However, battling in Rainy conditions will give a catch CP for Kyogre of between 2796 -2910. This is due to the fact that you can encounter any weather boosted Pokemon up to +5 levels above your current trainer level.

Boosted Pokemon Spawns

Certain Pokemon spawns are heavily boosted in particular weather conditions. These are as follows:


Lotad has an increased spawn rate during Rainy conditions. This is your best chance to catch this elusive Water & Grass type Pokemon.


Cacnea has an increased spawn rate linked to Sunny weather. You have a higher chance to encounter his prickly pure Grass type during Sunny spells.


Aron, the Steel Rock type,  has a tendency to spawn at an increased rate during Partly Cloudy weather conditions. The bonus is that his shiny form has a chance to be encountered also which has bright red eyes and evolves into a Teal version of Lairon/Aggron.


Anorith, the Bug Rock type, appears more in Partly Cloudy conditions, like Aron. Unlike Aron however, it doesn’t have a shiny form that’s currently available.

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