Ampharos Pokemon GO

USER GUIDE | Written by tbearlovesfatcats on March 15 2017

Ampharos is by far one of the most difficult Pokémon to obtain in the Generation 2 update, taking 125 total candy to evolve. It’s first pre-evolution, Mareep, hatches from rare 10K eggs with a low hatch rate (though higher than Snorlax and Lapras).

However, the Mareep and Flaaffy farming will be well worth it, as Ampharos is one of the best electric types in the game.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
181 Ampharos electric 2695 211 180 172

Ampharos overview

Ampharos is the first electric type in the game with a large health pool, which could prove to be a problem for top tier water Pokémon like Gyarados and Vaporeon (though it’s lack of accessibility will prevent many players from getting their hands on one).

Ampharos can also obtain Focus Blast, which could help it take down the nearly insurmountable Blissey.

Positive Aspects of Ampharos (Defense Wise)

  • High HP
  • Good defense
  • Fairly good move pool
  • Steel type attacks are not very effective against Ampharos, which could prove useful against Scizor, Steelix or Dragonite

Negative Aspects of Ampharos (Defense Wise)

  • Average attack
  • Sub optimal move pool is full of “one bars”, which are easy to dodge
  • Top tier attackers like Rhydon and Donphan are super effective (with ground moves)
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Charge Beam electric Focus Blast fighting
?️ Gym defense Volt Switch electric Zap Cannon electric
? PvP (speculative) Charge Beam electric Thunder electric

Ampharos counters

Golem Donphan Rhydon
Mud Slap ground  Tackle normal Mud Slap ground
Stone Edge rock Earthquake ground Earthquake ground

Ampharos is largely countered by Rhydon, Donphan and Golem, three ground type Pokémon all with a max CP of nearly/over 3000. A Rhydon with Mud Slap/Earthquake could easily mow down an Ampharos in under 20 seconds.

Remember that Rhydon and Donphan are super effective when Attacking Ampharos with their ground Attacks!

However, if the attacker is careless in picking their offensive Pokémon team, Ampharos could prove to be quite the problem (especially with a Volt Switch moveset).

Ampharos movesets explanation

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Volt switch Electric Thunder Electric 20/100 25.20 31.50
Charge beam Electric Thunder Electric 8/100 24.50 30.60
Volt switch Electric Zap cannon Electric 20/140 23.25 29.10
Charge beam Electric Zap cannon Electric 8/140 22.55 28.20
Volt switch Electric Focus blast Fighting 20/140 24.35 25.45
Charge beam Electric Focus blast Fighting 8/140 23.65 24.55

Defense: Volt Switch & Zap Cannon/Thunder

The move Volt Switch was practically tailor made for Ampharos. The charge move doesn’t necessarily matter (as long as it has STAB), as Volt Switch does so much damage. Beware, Gyarados / Mantine…

Attack: Charge Beam/Volt Switch & Zap Cannon

Zap Cannon is a very strong charge move, though both Thunder and Focus Blast are good (though Focus Blast doesn’t deal STAB, its super effective against Blissey). In this case the quick move is all about preference. If you enjoy spamming/attacking fast, hope for Charge Beam. If going slow is more your style, hope for Volt Switch.

PVP (speculated): Charge Beam/Thunder

Though Zap Cannon is strong, Thunder deals 55 DPS, and coupled with Charge Beam could easily destroy opponents (that aren’t Donphan, that is). Volt Switch would leave the attacker vulnerable against speedy quick moves.