Gulpin and Swalot

Pokémon GO Swalot

Ah, the Grimer and Muk of Generation III. Pokémon GO Swalot is part of a the poison type Pokémon, with low Max CP of 1872 and mediocre stats.

The only redeeming quality of Swalot in Pokémon GO is his decent STA (200). Its DEF (159) is a little above average, but its ATK (140) is just mediocre. Swalot could pass off as a low-end defender because of its STA and DEF, but it will not be a good attacker.

Due to its low CP, it might as well be another Pokédex filler.

Where to find Gulpin and Swalot in Pokémon GO?

Gulpin are known to live in Grassy areas. So in Pokémon Go, you can find these Pokémon in Grassland, Farmland, Forest, or even Rough Terrain Biomes. Specifically, going to parks, playgrounds, gardens, farms, or meadows would give better chances to encounter these Pokémon.

Gulpin made its television debut on the 339th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 65) titled, “Gulpin it down”. Swalot made its television debut on the 396th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 122) titled, “Deceit and Assist”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
316 Gulpin  
80 99 140 788
317 Swalot 
140 159 200 1872

Swalot in the Pokémon GO meta

With a low CP of 1872, there’s little chance that Swalot will make it to the high, or even mid ranks in terms of Gym defense and offense. Despite actually having decent stats, Swalot gets pulled down because of of its CP.

Placing a Pokémon GO Swalot in a gym is likely to be an interesting scenario. With its STA (200), there’s a good chance that it would last longer than normal defending its position, but the chance of Swalot kicking off challengers is really slim because of its average ATK (140) and DEF (159).

In other Pokémon games, Swalot is admired for its DEF and utility. Other than being a defensive wall, Gulpin’s ATK and Speed are not highly praised. Swalot will probably be quite slow in dodging ATK and it would take a while when executing moves as well.

Swalot is not one of the lucky few who gets a mega evolution. This is pretty much everything we can expect from this Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Swalot Moves

In the original games, Swalot has a rather varied move pool, ranging from Poison to Normal type moves. Here are some moves that we expect to see from Pokémon GO Swalot:

  • Sludge Bomb poison
  • Sludge Wave poison
  • Gunk Shot poison
  • Giga Drain grass
  • Earthquake ground
  • Body Slam normal

Here are some moves we expect to be added in GO and then added to Swalot’s movepool:

  • Acid Spray poison
  • Belch poison
  • Smog poison
  • Toxic poison
  • Venoshock poison
  • Swallow normal

Shiny Gulpin and Swalot in Pokemon GO

A normal Gulpin is green on most of its body. It has a black diamond marking on its back, and a yellow feather-like structure on top of its head. A normal Swalot has a purple body and a row of black diamond markings on its mid-section. It also has yellow whiskers near its mouth.

A shiny Gulpin is blue on most of its body, and has a green feather-like structure on top of its head. A shiny Swalot has a blue colored body, and green whiskers near its mouth.

Gulpin Swalot
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