What is STAB?

STAB is an acroynm that stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. STAB increases damage of Moves that are of the same Type as the Pokémon using them. STAB increases the damage of a move by 25%. 

For example, a Tyranitar has access to several possible moves, but due to it’s typing, not all of them benefit from STAB.

Tyranitar’s typing is dark and rock, so moves like Bite dark and Stone Edge rock have STAB bonus, while moves like Iron Tail steel do not.

In our previous move charts, you may have noticed that some moves were highlighted in Green – those are STAB moves.

In similar fashion, we always add a STAB DPS column next to a move set, in order to provide better understanding of the actual moveset DPS.

Here’s the moveset table for Tyranitar as an example:

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Bite DARK Stone edge ROCK 6/100 27.75 34.65
Iron tail STEEL Stone edge ROCK 15/100 28.55 33.95
Bite DARK Fire blast FIRE 6/140 22.65 24.15
Iron tail STEEL Fire blast FIRE 15/140 23.45 23.45
Bite DARK Crunch DARK 6/70 16.95 21.15
Iron tail STEEL Crunch DARK 15/70 17.75 20.45

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