Pokemon GO Dragonite

Pokemon GO Dragonite is one of the most overused Pokemon, both in terms of Gym attack and defense, because of its legendary Attack stat, good Defense and Stamina. And do not to forget, Dragonite is considered more powerful than Tyranitar in the current meta.

However, with great strength comes great rarity. It’s so rare to find a wild Pokemon GO Dragonite that songs were written about it. Like many other top tier Pokemon, the entire Dragonite family is considered super rare.


Dratini still hatches from 10 KM eggs and it’s a fairly common hatch. That makes it way easier to get to Dragonite since Generation II launched, and since you’re hatching 10KMs like crazy, it’s likely to get a good Dratini for a future evolution.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
149 Dragonite dragon flying 3581 263 201 182

Dragonite Counters in Pokemon GO

Dragonite counters in Pokemon GO
Dragonite Gyarados Golem
Dragon Breath dragon Dragon Breath dragon Rock Throw rock
Dragon Pulse dragon Dragon Pulse dragon Stone Edge rock

Curiously, Dragonite is not a pure Dragon, as it’s typing is dual: dragon and flying. That results in the following:

  • Dragonite takes 156% damage from ice
  • Dragonite takes 125% fairy, rock and dragon type moves
  • Dragonite takes 80% from fire, ground fighting
  • Dragonite takes 64% from grass type moves

In reality, as Lapras was heavily nerfed and no Ice defenders/attackers have risen to the occasion, the choice of true Dragonite counters is very limited. The best counters for Dragonite are either another Dragonite, or a Gyarados with dragon type moveset.

Another viable counter is Golem, as rock type moves deal extra damage and Golem is fairly easily obtainable. Rhydon is not in the loop as he’s a weaker version of Golem in Dragonite matchups.

Some Fairy type Pokemon with Fairy type movesets can also get the job done, notably Clefable or Wigglytuff.

Best Dragonite moves in Pokemon GO

In reality, there is no such thing as a bad Dragonite Pokemon GO moveset. Yes, sure, some are defense friendly, some are offense friendly, but a Dragonite is still a Dragonite. The best Dragonite moves in Pokemon GO depend on the role, not their DPS!

Dragonite moves in Pokemon GO
Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Dragon tail Dragon Hurricane Flying 15/110 27.15 33.95
Dragon breath Dragon Hurricane Flying 6/110 26.35 32.95
Steel wing Steel Hurricane Flying 11/110 27.25 32.35
Dragon tail Dragon Hyper beam Normal 15/150 26.55 28.25
Dragon breath Dragon Hyper beam Normal 6/150 25.75 27.25
Dragon tail Dragon Dragon claw Dragon 15/50 21.50 26.90
Steel wing Steel Hyper beam Normal 11/150 26.65 26.65
Dragon tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 15/110 20.90 26.15
Dragon breath Dragon Dragon claw Dragon 6/50 20.70 25.90
Steel wing Steel Dragon claw Dragon 11/50 21.60 25.30
Dragon breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 6/110 20.10 25.15
Steel wing Steel Outrage Dragon 11/110 21.00 24.55
Dragon tail Dragon Dragon pulse Dragon 15/90 19.30 24.15
Dragon breath Dragon Dragon pulse Dragon 6/90 18.50 23.15
Steel wing Steel Dragon pulse Dragon 11/90 19.40 22.55
  • Dragon Breath is the fastest move (0.5 sec), gives huge time window for dodging incoming attacks. It is alsoperfect for taking down other Dragonites.
  • Dragon Tail is a bit slower (1.1 sec), but has more DPS and gains energy faster. Viable in defense.
  • Outrage is overall the best attacking move with highest DPS
  • Dragon Pulse is the best charged move for attacking other Dragonite.
  • Hurricane is the hardest to dodge, but Hyper Beam has the most damage potential when it comes to Gym defense.