Shiftry, Nuzleaf and Seedot

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The Pokémon GO Shiftry family is riddled with mystery and wonder and it all starts with their interesting typing: grass and dark is one of the more unusual type combos. Is this the evil tree we were all looking for? Is this Sudowoodo’s mean cousin?

Starting with Seedot (pure grass type), their evolution line goes dark with Nuzleaf. It will continue to yield this peculiar grass dark type after evolving to Shiftry in Pokemon GO.

Nuzleaf and Shiftry are the first recorded Pokémon to have this type combination.

Shiftry, Nuzleaf and Seedot stats in Pokemon GO
273 Seedot
71 86 80 526
274 Nuzleaf
grass dark
134 78 140 1117
275 Shiftry
grass dark
200 121 180 2186

Position in the Pokemon GO meta game

After a quick analysis, we concluded that the Pokemon GO version of Shiftry, with it’s low Max CP (2186), below average DEF (121), and a mid range STA (180), would never be suited to defend gyms. Unfortunately, it’s ATK stat (200) simply makes him a low end attacker, with even less to get excited about.

In other Pokémon games, Shiftry also has disappointing speed. In other words, if Speed becomes a more prominent thing in Pokémon GO, we might experience the same disappointment once more. For now, Shiftry is lining up to be one of those Pokémon that can’t dodge well, making it an easy target.

Like many other Gen 3 Pokémon, Shiftry will just be another Pokémon that serves as a Pokédex filler and Stardust farm.

Shiftry Moves in Pokémon GO

Shiftry is the first Pokémon to have a Grass Dark type. Here are some possible moves we expect from Shiftry in Pokemon GO:

  • Dark Pulse dark
  • Razor Leaf grass
  • Brick Break fighting
  • Extrasensory psychic
  • X-Scissor bug

Here are some additional moves we can anticipate:

  • Leaf Storm grass
  • Leaf Tornado grass
  • Pay Back dark

Shiny Seedot, Nuzleaf and Shiftry in Pokemon GO

A normal Seedot has brown body and grey head. It’s feet and eyes are light eggshell in color. A normal Nuzleaf also has brown body, a grey mask and upper legs, and a green leaf on its head. A normal Shiftry has a brown body, green leaf at the end of its arms, and white fur from its face to its back.

In contrast, a shiny Seedot has bright brown bod, and a light shade of grey on its head. It’s feet and eyes are of faint yellow. A shiny Nuzleaf has dark brown body, an orange colored mask and upper legs, with a green leaf on its head. A shiny Pokemon GO Shiftry has dark brown and red colors on its body, dark green leafs at the end of its arms and a yellowish fur from its face to its back.

Seedot Nuzleaf Shiftry

In the anime

Seedot made its television debut on the 272nd episode of Pokémon series titled “Johto Photo Finish”. Nuzleaf made its television debut on the 300th episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 26) titled “Turning Over a Nuzleaf. Shiftry made its television debut on the 311h episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 37) titled Turning Over a Nuzleaf.

This article is a preview of an upcoming feature. Info listed here is subject to change.