Shroomish and Breloom

Pokémon GO Breloom

Pokémon GO Shroomish is a pure grass type Pokémon that will evolve into a Pokémon GO Breloom with his grass fighting type. Breloom is the first of its kind to have such type.

Breloom will have a hard time making its way up the defenders tier list in Pokémon GO, mostly because of its low DEF (153) and rather low STA (120).

On the other hand, Breloom has very strong attack! Breloom’s ATK stat in Pokémon GO (241) mandates it’s glass cannon, offensive, nature.

Shroomish made got its own episode on the 283rd episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 9) titled, “Taming of the Shroomish”. Breloom made its television debut on the 6th Pokémon movie “Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker”. Breloom also had a major role on the 356rd episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 82) titled, “A Shroomish Skirmish”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
285 Shroomish
74 110 120 722
286 Breloom
grass fighting
241 153 120 2407

Breloom in the Pokémon GO metagame

Breloom is going to land as a strong mid tier attacker in Pokémon GO. With its ATK (241) and being a fighting type, it will do well taking down most of the normal type defenders. In offense, Breloom will shine only with some dodge magic.

Combining that with Breloom’s advantage over water types and Breloom is looking even better! The only problem is that Breloom is very comparable with Sceptile and Sceptile stats are much more balanced.

However, with it’s low STA (120), it’s questionable if Breloom will be a strong contender in defense.

In other Pokémon games, Breloom is an awesome attacker because it can cause temporary stat alterations and even conditions like Sleep (SLP), and Paralysis (PAR), then a barrage of attack. However, in Pokémon GO it has nothing similar to offer.

Pokémon GO Breloom Moves

Breloom’s high ATK in Pokémon GO will be nothing if it’s not paired with some good moves. Luckily, Breloom moves are very interesting in Pokémon GO.

Here are some of the possible Pokémon GO Breloom moves:

  • Solar Beam grass
  • Giga Drain grass
  • Seed Bomb grass
  • Brick Break fighting
  • Dynamic Punch fighting
  • Focus Blast fighting

Here are some possible moves that we might see when Breloom comes to Pokémon Go:

  • Cut grass
  • Double Edge normal
  • Drain Punch fighting
  • Focus Punch fighting
  • Mach Punch fighting
  • Secret Power fighting

Shiny Shroomish and Breloom in Pokemon GO

A normal Pokémon GO Shroomish has beige upper body/head with green spots, and green lower body. A normal Breloom has a brown body, beige head, neck, and tail. It has a green mushroom-like cap on its head. There’s a red berry-looking structure on the side of its cap, and on the tip of its tail. A normal Breloom also has a red claws and hooves.

A shiny Shroomish has yellowish upper body/head with orange spots, and orange lower body. A shiny Pokémon GO Breloom has a yellowish body, light yellow head, neck, and tail. It has an orange mushroom-like cap on its head. There’s a bright yellow berry-looking structure on the side of its cap, and on the tip of its tail. A shiny Breloom also has a bright yellow claws and hooves.

Shroomish Breloom
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