Machamp Solo Raid Guide

Machamp Raid Boss

A comprehensive guide on how to solo a Machamp Raid, written by Kristy. Be warned, this is a huge guide.

Machamp solo raid can be effectively performed starting around Level 31, with a team of carefully selected Machamp counters, and no, you don’t need a Mewtwo to defeat it. A good mix of Espeons, Alakazams, Exeggutors and Dragonites will do the trick.

Machamp raid boss CP is 18144 and we would describe the difficulty of a Machamp solo raid as challenging, but fair.

Quick fact sheet

  • Reliably soloable around Level 31, possibly earlier in windy weather
  • Requires a full team of high level (31+) Psychic counters: Mewtwo, Alakazam, Espeon, Lugia, Exeggutor
  • Difficulty: challenging, but fair

Solo Machamp Counters

Machamp is weak to Psychic, Flying and Fairy types so we will be taking an advantage of those types when going over the best counters to solo this raid. We recommend using the counters from the table below, powered up to level 31/32 and without dodging.

Machamp raid guide
Weakness Psychic Flying Fairy Boosted by Cloudy
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Psychic Psychic
Without any surprise, Mewtwo is easily the best Machamp counter. Incredible stats, a solid move set and arguably the best TTW / deaths ratio across all Machamp’s moves.
Alakazam Confusion Psychic Futuresight Psychic
Budget Mewtwo, solid DPS, a bit lower TTW, dies a bit more.
Espeon Confusion Psychic Futuresight Psychic
Almost the same as Alakazam.
Rayquaza Air Slash Flying Aerial Ace Flying
Strong(est) Flying-type attacker currently available, deals a lot of damage and takes reduced damage from Machamp’s Fighting sets.
Moltres Fire Spin Fire Sky Attack Flying
Even higher DPS than Rayquaza versus particular move sets, performs on par with Alakazam and Espeon.
Gardevoir Confusion Psychic Dazzling Gleam Fairy
Latios Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic
Metagross Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic
Lugia Extrasensory Psychic Sky Attack Flying

Mewtwo is a beast, basically with a massive 300 ATK stat and access to powerful Psychic type moves. It resists the Fighting type attacks and is neutral to any Steel attacks. It can be a bit of a glass cannon, but would make for a great lead to get the most damage off as you can right away. Mewtwo is recommended for any Psychic team, it’s only downfall being its obtainability, as it is an EX raid boss. If you have more than one, they will all be useful on the team.


A great glass cannon with a massive ATK of 271, but low DEF and STA. It also has access to powerful Psychic moves and resists Fighting much like Mewtwo does. Our only complaint is the fact it will be OHKO-ed frequently. Alakazam Pokémon is definitely easier to obtain than Mewtwo, though it takes a lot of Abra candy to evolve and power up.


Putting it bluntly, Lugia is a tanky monster – dual Psychic and Flying type, it has an ATK of 193, paired with an outstanding 323 in DEF and 212 in STA. Lugia has access to some pretty powerful and super effective Flying and Psychic type attacks to go against Machamp. It’s only downfall is that it is a legendary and therefore had to be caught from a raid boss while it was available. This leaves out many new players and players who had bad luck catching it when it was out.


Like Alakazam it sports a high ATK of 261 and is slightly less frail. It is also a pure Psychic type like the two above and has the same resistances and access to powerful, super-effective STAB moves. It is more easily obtained the first time you evolve an Eevee named “Sakura”, and afterwards reference our guide on How To Evolve Umbreon and Espeon using Night and Day guide.


A dual Psychic and Fairy type Pokémon with an ATK of 237 and a pretty good DEF of 220 to go with it. It has dual super effective STAB, but its Fairy typing also makes it weak to Machamp’s Steel type moves. It is also fairly difficult to obtain, as Ralts are rare to encounter in most areas, only hatch from a 10k egg, and Gardevoir is not a raid boss itself at the time.


Exeggutor is a dual typed Psychic and Grass type Pokémon with and ATK of 233, but it is pretty frail otherwise. It has powerful, dual Psychic moves like most of the counters on this list and is a good choice for players because of how easy it is to get, evolving once from Exeggcute and also was a raid boss at one time.


Dragonite is a powerful Dragon and Flying type Pokémon, often used in raids for pure power, however here it at least has the advantage of having super effective, STAB, Flying type attacks. It has an ATK of 263 paired with a decent DEF and STA making it a good choice to go up against raids. Your best chance is by giving it dragon tail, as it is better than steel wing, and then hurricane for a super effective charge move. It may be hard to get for some players, as Dragon types are notoriously elusive.


Ho-oh is a Fire and Flying type Pokémon with an ATK of 239 and a pretty bulky DEF of 274. It has access to a Psychic fast move and a powerful STAB Flying type charge move to take on Machamp. It makes a decent choice if you have one, but like Lugia it is a legendary and must be obtained through a legendary raid.


Charizard is really getting down to your last resorts. It is a dual Fire and Flying type Pokémon with an ATK of 223. However, it has no Flying type charge moves and no super effective moves. It has air slash as a Flying fast move but that is it. If you have other counters, you will want to avoid using Charizard. Charmander may not be common in some areas as well, so it could be difficult to find in areas where it is not a weather boosted spawn.


Xatu is an interesting Pokémon as it has a lower Max CP than the other Pokémon on this list and an ATK of 192. However, it is a dual Psychic and Flying type Pokémon. It dually resists any Fighting type attacks and can fire back with dual STAB Flying and Psychic moves, making it a good choice for going up against a Fighting type. Xatu evolves from Natu, which is not terribly uncommon so it is not hard to obtain.

Machamp raid movesets difficulty

Machamp has access to the following moves:

  • Bullet Punch (fast, Steel type)
  • Counter (fast, Fighting type)
  • Close Combat (charge, 1 bar, Fighting type)
  • Dynamic Punch (charge, 2 bars, Fighting type)
  • Heavy Slam (charge, 2 bars, Steel type)

Bullet Punch and Close Combat is the weakest move set to go against. Bullet Punch has a base power of only 9 and does not receive STAB while Close Combat is actually weaker than Heavy Slam even with STAB. A move set of Counter and Dynamic Punch is the hardest one to solo. 

Below is a visual representation of the move set difficulty from easiest to hardest based on their damage output totals added together, STAB calculated, not weather boosted, and charge moves based off of a single energy cycle:

Difficulty Quick Charged
Easy Bullet Punch (9) Close Combat (120)
Counter (14.4) Close Combat (120)
Medium Bullet Punch (9) Heavy Slam (140)
Counter (14.4) Heavy Slam (140)
Hard Bullet Punch (9) Dynamic Punch (216)
Counter (14.4) Dynamic Punch (216)

Solo Machamp weather influence

Windy weather would be the best weather to attempt soloing Machamp, as it boosts the power of both Psychic and Flying, but if you do not encounter any Windy weather, it would be best to attempt it outside of Cloudy weather in any other neutral weather. Although Cloudy boosts Fairy type moves, it would also boost the Fighting moves. If it is Cloudy and Machamp has a double Steel move set it could be worth trying, but not in any other instance.

Overall, Windy or a neutral weather would be best.

Weather Benefits Harm
Cloudy Boosts Fairy type moves Boosts Fighting moves
Windy Boosts Psychic and Flying moves
Boosts Dragon moves (if Dragonite is used)
No cons
Snowy No pros Boosts Steel types
Sunny Boosts Fire moves (if Charizard is used) No cons
Rainy No pros or cons
Partly Cloudy

Additional Notes

Note that if you are alone and below Level 30 soloing a quest might be difficult for you, but it is not only your level trainer that matters, but the levels and power of the Pokémon you are using to raid. It might take some candy and stardust to get your Pokémon up to par to take on a powerful raid boss, such as Machamp, by yourself.

Weather is important, because you can either keep the playing grounds even, harm, or help yourself, so keep an eye on what weather it is in your game.

The moves the Machamp has also plays an impact on your success in the raid, and it is usually hard to tell what moves it has until you have already used up your raid pass and saw what counters the game set for you.

Otherwise, this should not be too difficult of a raid boss to beat, as Machamp is not outstanding in its defensive stats, and with the right Pokémon you should be able to resist its attack. Glass cannons, such as Alakazam, are useful but so are the bulkier Pokémon, such as Lugia. It has been soloed before, so good luck!