Ninetales Solo Raid Guide

Ninetales Raid Boss Solo

This is a comprehensive guide written by Fitz City that will help you take down Ninetales as a solo player: a Fire type, Tier 3, difficult raid boss. It is rather lengthy – you have been warned!

Ninetales solo raid can be successfully completed at a trainer level of 31 or higher with some powerful Water & Rock types, and a little bit of luck. Your chance of success will depend on what type of move set Ninetales has. Now with the release of the most powerful Water type in the game, Kyogre, beating a Ninetales raid should be far easier. Regardless of that, Ninetales is one of the hardest Tier 3 raid bosses to solo. Tread lightly!

Ninetales’s raid boss CP 14914, making it a pretty easy boss to defeat. Ninetales perfect IV raid capture CP is:

  • 1233 CP (no weather boost, perfect IV)
  • 1541 CP (weather boost, perfect IV)

Quick facts

  • Generally accepted to be the hardest level 3 raid boss
  • You need a solid team. Don’t be cheap on that Stardust.
  • Do not attempt before Level 30.
  • Surf Rhydon is a bro.

Solo Ninetales Counters

Ninetales is weak to Water, Ground and Rock types and the best weather to raid it is Cloudy weather.

Pokémon Counters
Kyogre Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Gyarados Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Vaporeon Water Gun Water Hydro Pump Water
Golem Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock
Omastar Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Milotic Waterfall Water Surf Water
Rhydon Mud Slap Ground Surf Water
Tyranitar Bite Dark Stone Edge Rock
Weakness Water Ground Rock

The raid counters toward the top of the list are generally better, but there will be exceptions to the rule, depending on your Pokemon levels.

  • Kyogre
    • Kyogre Water type beast, especially with its Waterfall/Hydro Pump move set. Dealing more damage than even Mewtwo(seriously)! Don’t fret if Ninetales has Solar Beam. Still take this tank into battle. With Kyogre’s 251 DEF and 182 HP, dodging that Solar Beam won’t hurt a bit! Kyogre also resists all Fire moves. In any weather effect, this should be your 1st option.
  • Gyarados
    • Another Pokemon with the devastating move set Waterfall / Hydro Pump. Not dealing as much damage as Kyogre, but close to it with its solid ATK stat of 237. Gyarados resists all Fire moves with its WaterFlying typing and thankfully only takes neutral damage to Solar Beam. Another must in any weather effect.
  • Golem
    • Golem is currently our best Rock attacker in the game until Regirock comes out. Ninetales was actually first soloed with a full team of near max Golems! Golem  resists all Fire moves. Partly cloudy weather is highly recommended, but not necessary. If Ninetales has Solar Beam, find a better alternative. Golem will take massive damage from it even while dodging.
  • Omastar
    • Resisting Fire moves twice with its Rock and Water typing, Omastar can put some serious damage on Ninetales. Add partly cloudy or rainy weather to the mix and it’s even more of a beast. There are only 2 downfalls. Just like Golem, Omastar will take massive damage from Solar Beam even while dodging. Next, not everyone has an Omastar with Rock Throw/Rock Slide. Notably, Water Gun/Hydro Pump will do the trick!
  • Vaporeon
    • This is a no brainer. Everyone knows how effective Vaporeon is as a Water attacker. It resists all Fire moves, but can take heavy damage from a Solar Beam.  Because both Gyarados and Kyogre are better than Vaporeon, only take it into battle in rainy weather or at the end of your team.
  • Milotic
    • A similar Water type alternative to Gyarados. Having a higher DEF of 242 makes Milotic more of a tank. It can still deal a ton of damage with Waterfall/Surf as a move set. Yet, just like Vaporeon, only bring your Milotic into battle in rainy weather or at the end of your team.
  • Tyranitar
    • Another no brainer. Tyranitar is a DarkRock type monster. Having great stats all around the board and resisting all Fire moves. Take advantage of partly cloudy weather for maximum Stone Edge damage. Be weary of Solar Beam, it still hurts!

Additional generalists and counters

  • Mewtwo
    • A great Psychic generalist that will deal a ton of neutral damage with its 300 ATK stat. It is highly recommended to use during windy weather. Mewtwo is a bit of a glass cannon, so dodge those charge attacks the best you can.
  • Dragonite
    • Dragonite is a powerful Dragon and Flying type Pokemon, often used in raids for pure power. This scenario is no different. With Dragon Tail/Outrage as a move set, paired with windy weather, Dragonite will deal powerful blows!. It has an ATK of 263 paired with a decent DEF and STA. Also it resists all Fire attacks and resists Solar Beam even more! Making it a good choice to go up against Ninetales ONLY in windy weather.
  • Alakazam
    • Last but not least, Alakazam. Having an ATK stat of 271 makes Alakazam a heavy hitter in windy weather. Because it is a glass cannon, it won’t last too long. That is even while dodging. Still, a viable Psychic generalist to deal as much damage as possible.

Ninetales raid boss move difficulty

Ninetales has the access to the following moves:

  • Fire Spin (fast – Fire type)
  • Feint Attack (fast – Dark type)
  • Overheat (charge, 1 bar, Fire type)
  • Heat Wave (charge, 1 bar, Fire type)
  • Solar Beam (charge, 1 bar, Grass type)

Feint Attack and Heat Wave is the weakest move set to go against. Feint Attack has a base power of only 10 and does not receive STAB. A move set of Fire Spin and Solar Beam would be the hardest to solo. These attacks would be boosted in sunny weather making it near impossible to solo, if not entirely impossible because of the best counters’ typing.

Below is a visual representation of the move set difficulty from roughly easiest to hardest based on their damage output totals added together, STAB calculated, weather boosts, and charge moves based off of a single energy cycle:

Difficulty Fast Charged Weather
Easy Feint Attack (10) Heat Wave (114)
Feint Attack (12) Heat Wave (114) Fog
Fire Spin (14) Heat Wave (114)
Feint Attack (10) Heat Wave (133) Sunny
Medium Feint Attack (10) Overheat (160)
Feint Attack (12) Overheat (160) Fog
Feint Attack (10) Solar Beam (180)
Feint Attack (10) Overheat (192) Sunny
Feint Attack (10) Solar Beam (216) Sunny
Hard Fire Spin (19.6) Heat Wave (133) Sunny
Fire Spin (19.6) Over Heat (192) Sunny
Fire Spin (19.6) Solar Beam (216) Sunny

Ninetales weather influence

Rainy weather would be the best weather to attempt soloing Ninetales, as it boosts the power of Water moves,  but if you do not encounter any rainy weather, it would be best to attempt it in sunny weather.

Any other neutral weather without extremely powerful Pokemon, would prove maximum difficulty. Although sunny boosts Ground type moves, it would also boosts Fire and Grass moves. If it is sunny and Ninetales has Feint Attack/Heat Wave, it should be worth trying. Otherwise, going up against Fire Spin/Overheat needs to be handled carefully. Heaven forbid if it has Solar Beam, you better dodge it or have highly powered up neutral Pokemon!

Overall, Rainy weather would be most ideal.

Weather Pros Cons
Windy Boosts Psychic and Dragon moves (if Dragonite and Mewtwo are used)
Sunny Boosts Ground type moves Boosts Fire and Grass  type moves
Rainy Boosts Water type moves
Foggy Boosts Dark type moves (if Tyranitar is used) Boosts Dark type moves (Ninetales’s Feint Attack)
Partly Cloudy Boosts Rock type moves

Additional Notes

Note that if you are alone and below Level 30 soloing might be difficult for you. It is not only your trainer level that matters, but the power levels of the Pokemon you are using to raid with as well. It might take some candy and stardust to get your Pokemon up to par to take on a powerful raid boss, like Ninetales by yourself.

Weather is important, because you can either keep the playing grounds even, harm, or help yourself. So keep an eye on what  the current weather is in your game.

The moves that Ninetales has also plays an impact on your success in the raid. It is usually hard to tell what moves it has, until you have already used up your raid pass to see what counters the game set for you.

This should be a difficult raid boss to beat, as Ninetales’s move sets favor popular in game weather effects. It has a solid defensive stat, but with the right Pokemon you should be able to take this tank down. Glass cannons, such as Alakazam, can be useful but the bulkier Pokemon, such as Kyogre are the way to go. It has been successfully soloed before, so good luck!