Back in December we took a look at some Pokémon we think deserve more love and attention, and this month we are back with Part 13!


Regular Phantump Sprite Shiny Phantump Sprite


Phantump was a Pokémon I was personally hugely excited about the release of for Halloween, but since that Halloween event, it seems to have vanished! It seems to be a recent trend in Pokémon GO that new Pokémon are released with events, and then all but vanish afterwards. They end up being forgotten about, and if you didn’t get a good one with the event, your chances of getting one seem to be almost none existent. A bizarre choice IMO!


(ps. These spites are from Sword & Shield because no has seems to have the sprites for Pokémon Go even though they are in game!)


Regular Druddigon Sprite Shiny Druddigon Sprite


Much like Phantump, Druddigon was released with great hype for the Dragonspiral Descent event, and then vanished from the game. It made a sudden reappearance in raids after the end of the Mountains of Power event, so it looks like potentially for now, this is a raid exclusive beast. It is a great Dragon type that has many fans, and I know many (including our Dragon expert MeteorAsh15) will be gutted to have to raid this dragon to try to get that lush green shiny.

Taken using the Bokehmon technique.


Regular Clawitzer Sprite Shiny Clawitzer Sprite


Clawitzer is a Pokémon I’ve gained new appreciation for having seen it in motion thanks to New Pokémon Snap. Seeing it more animated really makes you appreciate the design in a way that Pokémon GO might not. Seeing how it uses the launcher on its arm underwater made it so much cooler and more threatening looking. Based on a shrimp, there really are blue shrimp as a species, they are just much less known than red/pink shrimp. Plus, look how cool that shiny is! Having it take on the colours that a shrimp commonly is, is such a fun way to pick a shiny colour.


Elgyem Regular Sprite Elgyem Shiny Sprite


Elgyem is an intriguing little alien inspired Pokémon, that takes its name from LGM, ‘Little Green Men’. ‘Little green men’ is one of the classic ways to portray aliens, with green skin, large heads and a short stature. It was a term that was in popular use before the word alien, and many depictions of aliens in the media today are inspired by the original ‘little green men’, as is Elgyem. (Say it out loud, Elgyem, sounds like LGM). Cute right? There aren’t many space inspired Pokémon, but of the ones we do have, I think Elgyem is the most adorable!


Golett Regular Sprite Golett Shiny Sprite


As a Ghost and Ground type, Golett was released several years ago now, and still hasn’t managed to be featured in an event properly yet! It is still an incredibly rare spawn, that many players may well be missing from their Pokédex. While the shiny may not be a really striking different, the switch to the navy blue with the contrast of the neon green is a great choice, and I hope we see Golett finally make a starring appearance in an event in 2022. Maybe Halloween 2022?