We’re back again to give those often forgotten Pokémon more love, in Part 2 of our ‘Forgotten Pokémon Favourites’ series. We’ve been asking around, tweeting, posting in discord and more, and have been so pleasantly surprised by how many different Pokémon everyone loves. So here are some of those who we feel deserve more love, share your own neglected faves in the comments!


Whimsicott is a cutie for sure, and I think one of those times when actually, the final evolution is cuter than the original! Cottonee is pretty sweet, but Whimsicott has such an expressive and enthusiastic face, how could you not love? Its Fairy and Grass dual typing fit their personality so well, and we love the idea of it leaving balls of fluff behind as it adventures on its way! Plus, the blue on that shiny makes it even cuter!



Maybe it’s just me, but I love that we have an abundance of bat-themed Pokémon throughout the Pokédex! Some are soft and fluffy like Woobat, others are spookier like Noibat, but for me, my fave is Gligar.

The purple body, the tiny blue wings, the bulky tail, it’s a design that really shouldn’t work but totally does. Plus, it evolves into the total beefcake vampire bat Gliscor as a bonus. My inner goth kid loves!


Poor Dunsparce, you look like a bug, but are based on a snake, you have wings and a drill, but for some reason are a Normal type, where do you fit in? Your wings might be useless, and you might have to wiggle along the ground, but one thing is for sure, Dunsparce is surprisingly popular!

Pokémon fans love a good meme and Dunsparce is a meme for sure. You might be useless in battle, and you might be a little weirdo who doesn’t evolve, but it turns out the place Dunsparce does fit in, is in the hearts of trainers everywhere.



Poor Diglett spends its whole life being compared to poop, and even its Alolan version simply becomes a slightly hairy poop, and then a sunburnt one. Even your evolutions just become multiple poops, and weirdly, poops wearing Hanson wigs.

A debate has long raged over whether that is Diglett’s mouth or nose (Team Nose forever, I don’t believe that shiny spot is a tooth one bit!) and no one even knows what you look like properly because half of you is underground.

Are you long and snake-like? Do you have a little mole body with hands and feet secretly tucked away? Just what the heck do you really have hiding under there?! I’ve even seen a theory that your stones are actually your ‘foot’ and you are some sort of weird slug, hence why no matter the terrain, you have your stones. You might be the poop Pokémon but you were one of the first Forgotten Favourites I had suggested to me, so someone out there loves you!


Do you love ugly things that are surprisingly cute? Are you that person who rocks ironic ugly cute Christmas jumpers every year, or someone who thinks anything that kind of looks like a butt is hilarious? Then Solosis is the one for you! There’s just something about this little floating blob that I can’t help but think is adorable, even if your shiny is barely noticeable. You look so happy to be blobbing about without a care in the world!

Technically Solosis is surrounded by a membrane filled with fluid so that they can exist everywhere they want to, and I have to admire that sort of evolutionary persistence. A Pokémon for the science nerds among us, it is mitosis in action and just the right kind of ugly cute.


Audino was a surprisingly common suggestion from Twitter for people’s often forgotten faves, and I can totally see why people love Audino! If pastels and cuteness are for you, Audino has those boxes ticked in abundance, and that purple shiny is lush. It can be a pain to hatch from a 10km egg after walking all that way, but a wild catch of it brings all sorts of extra delicious stardust.

It also has a Mega form that will eventually bring its way into Pokémon GO, it might not be the most exciting in terms of its attacking ability, but it will be a fun new addition to your Megadex. Audino is a caring, soft-hearted Pokémon, that in many ways reminds me of Chansey, it even works as a nurse and a doctor in the anime!

It might be a Normal type but it has access to Fairy and Psychic moves that seem much more fitting for its adorable design, and hopefully, it will eventually switch out of the 10km egg pool and get a little less hate in Pokémon GO. I know I can’t wait to shiny hunt it!

What are your forgotten favourites? Do let us know in the comments and maybe you’ll see your neglected fave in Part 3!

All AR photos by kittypokemonsalot.