The Forgotten Pokémon Favourites : Part 7

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One of the best things about the Pokémon community is that without doubt, we all have such a huge and varied favourite Pokémon. We’ve looked at all sorts of different Pokémon so far, from Audino, to Smeargle, to Wurmple. I’ve been reading all your comments and documenting some of your personal forgotten faves, so keep reading and see if your fave made it!

If your fave isn’t mentioned, and you think they are neglected, do comment and let us know, and maybe you’ll see them in a future edition of The Forgotten Pokémon Favourites.

Mr Mime

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime was a suggestion that surprised me a little bit. Often a bit of a meme, and for many people a bit creepy or unsettling, Psychic type and Fairy Mr. Mime certainly seems to have fans! With the arrival of the Galar region, Mr. Mime gains a new Galarian form with additional Ice typing, (dropping the fairy typing), and an evolution, Mr. Rime. As a regional exclusive, Mr. Mime might be considered a weirdo in Europe, but the the rest of the world, that gorgeous green shiny is much sought after. Mr. Mime has also gained new found popularity with the AR community, as their movements certainly lend themselves to creative concepts and ideas.



Maybe it’s because I’m British and Pineco makes me think of Autumn as a child, but I can totally see why people have a soft spot for this Pokémon. Described as the ‘Bagworm Pokémon’, I had to research what a Bagworm is because it’s not something I had heard of before, a Bagworm is a type of moth! The Bagworm Moth builds itself a case, and unlike other moths, it doesn’t leave really ever leave its case again, except to mate. Pineco seems to be inspired by this case as it is built to look like bits of twig and small logs, and Pineco is also hiding inside of a case it has built out of bits of tree and bark. Who knew?!



I have a real soft spot for Horsea, and I know I can’t be the only one! This adorable little seahorse inspired Pokémon is ridiculously cute. Even it’s attack animation is so precious! That almost trumpet shaped mouth means their attack is less angry, more tantrum, and it has a lush green shiny. In fact, the whole Horsea family has shinies I would consider to be particularly great, they are dramatically different from their original colours and really bright and fun.

Snivy Family


It’s not often I include an entire family in these articles, but I just had to make an exception. Unova Grass type starter Snivy is often found wallowing towards the bottom of any grass type starter rankings people have made. Poor Snivy! While Snivy may lack a little in the attack department when it reaches its final evolution stage, I can’t help but think the designs of the whole family are great. Inspired by grass snakes, I find the Snivy line to be quite regal, and I love their attack animations in Pokémon GO! Serperior is so unexpected for a grass type, and the whole family has really great striking shinies. These have been released without a Community Day, but I hope we get a Community Day for them eventually for that exclusive moveset.



If you played Red or Blue, Zubat was the original pest Pokémon. They hassled you constantly in the caves, so much so that the item ‘Repel’ was a thing, to keep Pokémon away, and what trainer wants to keep Pokémon away?! So why is Zubat underappreciated? Because it has one of the absolute best shinies in the whole Kanto region, and it doesn’t get enough credit for that! That green colour is gorgeous, Golbat retains that same green, and then Crobat, Crobat is the most fun shade of pink! Kanto is known for some of the more lacklustre shiny versions, but not Zubat, Zubat is awesome.

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know your faves!

All photos by kittypokemonsalot.

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