December’s Dev Diary features Season of Heritage

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Niantic has shared another Dev Diary post on their website, this time detailing the decision making process behind the Season of Heritage.

We went ahead and summarised the post below – less time spent reading is more time spent eating delicious Christmas sweets, so be quick about it 🎄.

You can find the whole post on the official Pokémon GO website.

Season of Heritage Dev Diary Summary

  • Season of Heritage worked well with the time of year and Hoopa’s intended introduction to the game
  • The team discovered that a central narrative theme has a large number of benefits for designing the in-game content, marketing and events
  • Season of Heritage will traverse through events inspired by iconic mountains and other locations found in the world of Pokémon
  • Unlike Season of Mischief, Season of Heritage’s storyline will be focused on rotating monthly Timed Research, not a season-long story arc
  • The Season of Heritage art style is clearly inspired to evoke Johto region memories, with its paper texture, script font and flat art style
  • The Season of Heritage’s story will be developed through various in-game events, eventually transforming into a focal point for the Pokémon GO Tour: Johto event
  • The Johto region is home to unique locations like Ecruteak City and the Ruins of Alph, which are drenched in history and lore. This theme will be heavily used this season to establish a mysterious atmosphere inspired by the past
  • There are many answers to be found when going through the mysterious locked door the Professor Willow has unlocked

Michael Steranka (Live Game Director, big name @ Niantic), shared a few interesting tidbits on the future of Seasons in Pokémon GO:

Our team is extremely excited to continue refining the concept of Seasons in Pokémon GO as we move into 2022! Over the next year, we want our Seasonal themes and storylines to act as the focal point for our in-game events, social content, and more. Our goal will be to make you truly feel like Seasons bring about unique, meaningful shifts in Pokémon GO.

The team is focused on bringing Trainers to go out and explore, exercise and have real world interactions. This goal is at the core of Niantic and it’s the company’s mission and vision to do everything they can to achieve it.

As part of that effort, Incense effectiveness while stationary and increased Remote Raid damage will be reevaluated in future Seasons this year.

Steranka shared the following statement about it:

You may have noticed special bonuses during recent Community Day events that incentivized socializing or in-person raids. In a similar vein, we want to encourage Trainers around the world to get out and explore by trying out different Seasonal bonuses.

We are unsure if this indicates that Incense and Remote Raiding will take a hit, but we assume that it will be nerfed / made less favorable in the coming months.

The number of raiding apps has skyrocketed in recent months, while in-person raiding has flatlined. We’re not surprised by Niantic’s decision to revisit remote raiding, but we hope that the efforts will be reasonable and well executed.

And that’s it for December’s Dev Diary! Be sure to take part in the Part II of the Pokémon GO Holidays 2021 Event, be on the lookout for Pokémon GO New Years 2022 event and look forward to events taking place in January 2022. We’re covering Holiday Cup as well, so check that out if you’re into Trainer Battles.

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