After the absolutely horrendous excuse of boxes that we have been subjected to the displeasure of seeing every time we open our shop… Niantic is back at it again with a better(?) box set. They are not amazing boxes, at first glance, because they are once again, mixed boxes, but they are better than what we have had for the past week or so.

Niantic cannot seem to understand that most players, though not all, do not want a mixed box, or as I call them, a ‘jack of all trades’ box. They are, as the saying goes, a master of none.

Basically, we want another one of those boxes with 24 raid passes, Niantic, if you read our articles at all, and these are sad excuses for CD boxes if that is what these are supposed to represent.

The Ultra Box is the best out of these just based on opinion, with more raid passes than we have been offered lately, a good amount of lucky eggs (for your Ultra Friend shenanigans), Star Pieces if you are in need of some for Community Day, and some Super Incubators in case you are not yet sick and tired of hatching Alolan Eggs (bless you if you have not yet gotten your Vulpix, I wish you luck)

Well, the personal opinion of boxes is not all that matters, as the opinions of all differ between different players. So let us instead look at how the boxes stack up in numerical value, and see if we are getting anything out of our coins.

All prices are based on their individual sale value. Star Pieces are treated as 50 a piece (only sold in bulk in the past). Ultra Balls have no numerical value.

Special Great Ultra
Incubators 3
Lucky Eggs 3 12
Lures 1
Ultra Balls 30 30
Incense 6
Super Incubator 5 10
Star Piece 6 12
Raid Pass 10
Total Value 790 1780 4560
Price 480 780 1480
Percent Sale Value 38.40% 55.40% 67.50%

In numbers, the Ultra Box looks amazing, and at first many players awaited a different box for Community Day, one of the ones that give you all you need for the 3 (6 this weekend) hour event for 480 coins… but none appeared. This seems to be it folks, these sad boxes are supposed to get us through Community Day.

Our issues include the lack of Incense, Star Pieces and Lures in a single box, as those are some of the most important things for this Community Day. If you do not have enough Lures to lure up your area, “well too bad” says Niantic, you’re better off buying them individually, or 8 for 680, as there is only one in the special box and they make no appearance in the other boxes. 

Incense? Well, you’ll have to buy a Great Box for that, and the Incense and Star Pieces really the only things making that box look valuable right now. You could buy Incense in bulk by themselves too if you wanted, 8 for 500 in the shop, if you are just short on affording the Great Box and cannot justify that real world $$ to get you the final push. If you need Star Pieces and don’t have a lot of coins, the Great Box might just be your best bet.

The Ultra Box looks good if you need raid passes for your future not-Registeel hunting, and also offers decent items, as mentioned above the chart. Everything in there has a use somewhere (except the Lucky Eggs if you are level 40 and not hoping for a higher xp goal). The 12 Star Pieces will get you through all 6 hours of the event if you do not have any from possible past purchases, and the Lucky Eggs would also last the whole 6 hours if you plan on hardcore grinding, so worth the investment for the savings they offer if you are in need of these resources.

Final Thoughts

Looking at both opinion and cost efficiency, if these boxes have something you need, go for it. If you need more specific things for this event, take a look at the individual offers in the shop! We wish there were more lures (a single lure in the special box, really), and actually Incense in the Ultra Box for Community Day, but some players may find this mix of contents useful. We still are not enthralled by Niantic’s new ‘Incubators and Raid Passes mixed’ pattern, but there is not much we can do. They are better than what we had in the last box set, and we are happy to say goodbye to those.

These are what you are getting for Community Day, so try to grab what you can and need to make the best of the event!!! We wish you luck trainers, may shiny Eevees be plentiful and your stardust increase tenfold :muscle:

Age 21, Nursing Student in the USA. Long time Pokemon Fan, I just love helping the community! I read comments because otherwise I won't know what typos I made :p