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Eevee Community Day Guide 2018

Eevee Community Day Guide 2018
Eevee community day

Eevee Community Day, or rather, days, are taking place this weekend, on August 11 and 12, and features shiny Eevee, 3x Stardust and an exclusive Last Resort move for Eevee and all evolutions (for all Eevee evolved until August 13, 1 PM PDT). Without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to the August Community Day in Pokemon GO.

Table of contents
1. Important dates and times
2. Shiny Eevee and Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO
3. How many shiny Eevee you need to get all shiny Eeveelutions
3. Recommended items to farm and use at the event (advanced)
4. Eevee IV chart and perfect IV search strings
5. Pro tips and Tricks

Important dates and times

Eevee Community Day takes place on August 11 (Saturday) and 12 (Sunday) at following times around the globe:

Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm UK or BST, 11am to 2pm CET
North America, South America and Greenland: 11am to 2pm PST, 2pm to 5pm EST
Asia Pacific: 12pm to 3pm JST
Japan: 6pm to 9pm JST

This time around, you do not need to evolve all of your Eevee before the event spawns end: Niantic has announced (source) that all Eevee evolved before August 13 (Monday) 1pm PDT will receive Last Resort. You are free to enjoy both days, transfer low IVs afterwards and then evolve the ones you want on Monday.

Shiny Eevee and Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO

Here’s a quick overview of the Shiny Eevee and the rest of shiny Eevee family in Pokemon GO. We don’t know about you, but shiny Espeon looks amazing, not to mention Umbreon’s absolute beauty! Don’t worry, in the next section we go into details on how many Eevee you need to catch to get all of them reliably.

Shiny Jolteon
Shiny Eevee Shiny Vaporeon Shiny Jolteon
Shiny Flareon Shiny Espeon Shiny Umbreon
Shiny Flareon Shiny Espeon Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Eevee and Vaporeon clean sprites are not yet available.

How many shiny Eevee you need to catch in order to get all shiny Eeveelutions

Most of our readers are interested in how many shiny Eevee they need to catch in order to get one of the each shiny evolutions. Luckily, a redditor by the name Bad_Neighbour, has done a series of calculations and concluded that you need the following number of shiny Eevee:

  • 2 shiny Eevee for Gen II evolutions (Espeon and Umbreon), as these ones can be evolved by walking them as a buddy for 10 KMs and evolving during day (Espeon) and night (Umbreon)
  • 10 – 13 shiny Eevee to have a 95% to 98% chance that you will get at least one of each (shiny Vaporeon, shiny Flareon and shiny Jolteon)

If you combine that with the average chance to get a shiny during a Community Day event (1 in 23 – 25 event Pokemon), you end up with the following number of Eevee that you need to catch in order to have a shiny version of every Gen 1 and Gen 2 evolution (credits go to NotATakenNameOfUser who wrote a C++ program to calculate this):

~400 Eevee

Yes, 400 Eevee in two days is your target catch rate during this weekend if you aim to get a shiny version of every Eeveelution. If you want two extras for Leafeon and Glaceon, aim for 550ish.

Recommended items to farm and use during Eevee Community Days

Eevee Community Day features triple Stardust rewards from catching Pokemon, which means there is one item we need in particular: Star Piece! Star Piece will allow you to collect insane amounts of Stardust in combination with Lures, Incense and GO Plus.

Recommended items for advanced players
Pokemon GO Star Piece Pokemon GO Incense Pokemon GO Lure Module Pokeball Pokemon GO Pokemon GO Plus
Star Piece Incense Lure Pokéball GO Plus
6x 6x 3x 250x 1x
  • Star Piece – is a must have for this event, stock up and keep it on at all times. You will be walking and hatching a lot
  • Poke Balls – A large portion of your inventory should be dedicated Poke, Great and Ultra balls before the 11th to ensure you can spend the time catching. Don’t worry for 12th, you can farm balls in the afternoon after CD
  • Lures – Set these up at every stop in your favorite hunting location to increase the amount of spawns you find. Usually, Luring your entire catch route works best.
  • Incense – Make sure to use your Incense to boost your chances of finding Eevee, nothing much to say here.
  • Pokémon Go Plus – Use ’em if you got ’em to help you catch a bit faster, and track your steps more accurately for egg hatching while you’re out hunting. Keep in mind that this only uses basic Poke Balls; you will want to have a lot of them.

Eevee IV chart and perfect IV search strings

Eevee is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather and we’re hoping that you’ll be lucky enough to have that weather during the event – not only it helps with sunburns, it also helps with saving Stardust!

The following search string will filter out Eevees that can be perfect CPs, but there can be some that have this CP and are not perfect, so be careful!


Or if you only care about Level 25+ 100% candidates:


These values are available as an info graphic as well:

100% Eevee Chart
100% Eevee Chart

Pro Event Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t catch Pokemon before the event starts – the spawns will change once the event starts and it could make you lose an Eevee
  • Calcy IV can scan Pokemon while you’re in the encounter screen, it’s super useful, but limited to Android
  • There is a glaring bug in the recently forced updates of 111.4 and the iOS equivalent: do not use a berry and then run! It will crash your game every single time you tap on that Pokemon again, so do not try and quick catch with a pinap or something and expect to go back and check. You will not be able to at this time.
  • Remember, you don’t need to worry about sorting out your Eevee before Monday. It’s OK, take your time, plan and transfer at ease
  • Sunscreen is important. There’s even a song about it. Listen to it and amp up!
  • Read our Analyzing Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO: what is the best Eeveelution out there? article to understand how well Leafeon and Glaceon will perform once Gen IV launches