New Analysis for Boxes in Shop for Pokémon Worlds (August 2022)

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New boxes have appeared in the shop at the Pokémon Worlds 2022 event starts! Let’s take a look at which are worthwhile investing in.

Special Box

This box is available for 1150 coins.

Items Value
Star Piece icon 2× Star Piece 200
Rocket Radar icon 7× Rocket Radar 1400
Charge TM icon 1× Charge TM 0
Total Value 1600

If you want to battle Team GO Rocket leaders, this box may well be worth investing in! You make a saving of 250 coins on the Radars alone, making the star pieces and the Charge TM a nice bonus.

Raid Box

This box is available for 450 coins.

Items Value
Raid Pass icon 3× Raid Pass 300
Raid Pass icon 3× Remote Raid Pass 300
Silver Pinap Berry icon 5× Silver Pinap Berry 0
Total Value 600

There is a saving of 150 coins for this box, so if you like to raid, it is worth snapping up, especially with meta relevant Pokémon like Zacian currently in the raid pool, and the GO Fest Global Finale event looming.

Battle Box

This box is available for 4000 coins.

Items Value
Elite Fast TM icon 2× Elite Fast TM 0
Elite Charge TM icon 2× Elite Charge TM 0
Rocket Radar icon 10× Rocket Radar 2000
Poffin icon 10× Poffin 1000
Total Value 3000

Elite TMs are usually only available via limited Community Day boxes, or through very special research quest lines, as such they are not purchasable in the shop as individual items. It makes this box trickier to analyse, because they don’t have a specific monetary value. The items that do, total 3000 coins, the Rocket Radars and Poffins. Personally I would disregard the value of the Poffins as most players don’t buy them. So that leaves the question, do you believe two of each type of Elite TM are worth 2000 coins, or 500 coins each? It is an expensive box, and you can get 7 Rocket Radars in the much cheaper 1150 coin Special Box, so are 3 additional Rocket Radars, and 4 Elite TMs worth 2850 coins to you? If you love PvP and are desperate for Elite TMs, then it may be worth it, but for the average player, I’d say it probably isn’t.

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