Fashion Week Box Analysis

Fashion Week 2022 brings with it new boxes, and after our ‘Letter to Niantic‘ on the state of the recent boxes, I had hoped we’d get something better for this event. With special 7km eggs featuring costume Pokémon, people want to hatch eggs, so we had hoped for a return of the ever popular Adventure Box. But alas… things are even more expensive?! With the highest price box ever in Pokémon GO, let’s take a look at the breakdown and value of each box.

Hatch Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 5× Incubator 750
Total Value 750

The Hatch Box isn’t too bad. There is a saving of 251 coins compared to buying the Incubators as singles at 150 coins a pop. They are just regular incubators so not the most exciting or helpful, but at least there is a cheaper Incubator option for those who want it, which costs less than $5USD.

Raid Box

Items Value
Raid Pass icon 2× Raid Pass 200
Ultra Ball icon 50× Ultra Ball 0
Poffin icon 2× Poffin 200
Raid Pass icon 1× Remote Raid Pass 100
Total Value 500

Now the Raid Box makes zero sense to me, because it actually works out more expensive as a bundle, than buying the original items does! With a value of 500 coins, and a sale price of 699 coins, this box is simply not worth it. If you want to raid you are better off with the 300 remote raid pass bundle. We assume Niantic must be assigning 199 coins worth of value to the 50 Ultra Balls, but we don’t consider any sort of Pokéballs to have a proper coin value, because they can be fairly easily obtained from spinning stops and opening gifts.

Quite simply, this is a bad box, that isn’t worth anywhere near 699 coins. Avoid!

Great Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 4× Incubator 600
Super Incubator icon 4× Super Incubator 800
Silver Pinap Berry icon 10× Silver Pinap Berry 0
Raid Pass icon 3× Remote Raid Pass 300
Total Value 1700

Looking at the raw figures this box offers a saving of 300 coins, which isn’t bad, but isn’t good when compared to previous Adventure Boxes and other incubator based bundles. 8 incubators for 1400 coins really isn’t a lot, especially when compared to boxes from earlier in 2022. It is a saving, but consider whether or not you want to support these drastically higher prices.

Ultra Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 10× Incubator 1500
Super Incubator icon 15× Super Incubator 3000
Poffin icon 5× Poffin 500
Raid Pass icon 5× Raid Pass 500
Total Value 5500

Technically this boxes offers the highest savings, with 2200 coins saved, but it is officially now the most expensive box we have ever had in the store. 3300 coins! Approximately $33USD (or your local equivalent). We used to get a fairly comparable box (minus the raid passes) for around 1480 coins. A previous Adventure Box contained 18 Super Incubators and 2 regular incubators for 1480 coins, while a lot less regular incubators, you got more Supers, and a much lower price tag. We were baffled to see a box costing over 2000 coins, but over 3000 for the next event is really shocking! Personally we don’t particularly assign the 500 coin value to Poffins because they aren’t an item people are typically buying, and we imagine most raiders are buying Remote raid passes, not premium battle passes, which means the value of this box plummets further in our opinion.

Think wisely before buying this box. Whilst it is a big saving, it is a massive expense, and we question why the prices have suddenly rocketed so drastically. Niantic know people want to hatch eggs for this event, but this box is very expensive. The Poffins and raid passes are mostly a bonus, putting the ‘true’ value for egg hatches of this box at 4500 coins, and therefore a saving of 1200 coins. The Test Your Mettle Ultra Box had 10 super incubator, 5 regular incubator, 3 remote raid passes and 3 regular raid passes for 2299 coins. While there are 10 less incubators (5 of each variety), you got 3 remotes raid passes as well as the normal raid passes, for 1001 coins less. 3300 coins is a lot, especially in these times of uncertainty and higher cost of living.

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