Professor Willow’s Re-Introduction into the game & What it might mean for the future.

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Trainers, We have just seen Niantic announce a Shake-up of Field Research for the very first time since the Mechanic was introduced into the game. You can read our round-up of the news here.

What does this mean?

As its been roughly a month since we saw the introduction of the Research feature, it potentially means that we can expect new Field Research tasks every month! These will be centered around the Legendary Pokemon that can be encountered through the Research Breakthrough reward. We all know that this started with Moltres in April but will now feature Zapdos through May, confirming our earlier suspicions. Niantic also mentioned that new Field Research focusing on Electric and Flying types will be introduced into the game.

We know that you’re as excited as us to see the Breakthrough Research reward change and Hopefully, this means that eventually we will get four extra attempts at each of the previous legendaries along with new Field Research to keep things fresh.

Professor Willows Re-Introduction

With the new feature, we saw Professor Willow re-introduced into the game in all of his 3-Dimensional glory. Niantic are making quite a bit deal out of Professor Willow since his return (and why shouldn’t they?.) Dropping new tidbits of information about him every few days or so such as the fact that he admires Professor Oak and even used to be his assistant! They have also mentioned that his Birthday is allegedly on July 21st. As you can see from the below official Pokemon Go Story on Instagram.

Could this be the first early hint of an event later in the year? It wouldn’t be the first time its happened as Niantic sneakily teased the Kanto event during the April fools 8-bit sprite “event.”

Professor Willows Role in the Future?

We think that now The Professor is back, hes here to stay and Niantic will continue to make use of him throughout the games upcoming updates.

The main thing that a lot of players would like to see him feature in next would be the next Mythical Pokemon release via Special Research. We think it would also be a great way to release Unowns or regional Pokemon without making them “easy-to-obtain” but certainly making them less challenging then encountering them in the wild or hopping on a cross-continental flight.

Parting Thoughts?

Professor Willows return was very warmly received by the community and we cant wait to see what we need to help him with next.

One things for sure thought Trainers, Mark your calendars for July 21st.

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