Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward to: Part 8

It’s been a good while since we last took a look at Pokémon that aren’t yet shiny in GO, but have awesome shinies to look forward to! In fact, it was way back in November 2022. So, with a lot of new shinies announced for the GO Fests over the summer, what other shiny Pokémon are yet to make an appearance but are particularly awesome? Let’s take a look!

Larvesta & Volcarona

Shiny Larvesta Shiny Volcarona

Larvesta and Volcarona pretty recently made their debut in GO, and I am here to already speculate about their shinies! I haven’t even managed to hatch a single Larvesta yet, as I am sure many of you out there haven’t either, and it does make me worry that getting the shiny when it is eventually released will be incredibly difficult too. Hopefully one day it will get a Community Day with it being meta relevant and a 400 candy evolution. Larvesta gets neon yellow spikes, and Larvesta becomes a beautiful autumnal shade of yellow, with blue accents and bright green eyes. So fun!

Pikipek Family

Shiny Pikipek Shiny Trumbeak Shiny Toucannon

I had no idea what the shiny Pikipek family looked like before I started researching for this article, and WOW! I love them! Shiny Pikipek gets a flash of pink hair, Trumbeak starts building on the colour in the beak, and by the time you get to Toucannon, you have this incredible rainbow beak that is just fantastic. It would be perfect for any sort of Pride event if GO ever did one, and I hope it gets a cool event with its release. It is so bright and fun, it really deserves a decent spotlight on it!

Sigilyph & Pachirisu

Shiny Sigilyph Shiny Pachirisu

Let’s group two regionals together, and take a look at Sigilyph and Pachirisu! Sigilyph is the Egyptian regional, and it has a pretty striking shiny, with their branches becoming green, orange and a pinky red, and their body swapping green accents for a bronze colour. We all love when a shiny is super noticeable, and this is certainly bright!

Pachirisu is a bit more subtle, it may not be bright or outlandish, but it is a fan favourite shiny for a reason. The subtle lavender pink really suits their personality and snowy theme, making them even more adorable than they were before!

With them both featuring at GO Fest during the summer, could they be a surprise shiny drop? We can only dream!


Shiny Eelektross

You might be wondering why I’m only including Eelektross in this article, and not Tynamo and Eelektrik, when I included the whole Pikipek family above. And the answer is simple, Tynamo is barely different as a shiny making it really hard to tell, and Eelektrik is just a slightly different shade of blue. They just aren’t good shinies! But super creepy Eelektross is totally different, switching to green, and I wish the whole family had such a drastic change! I feel like we could see the family featured as a shiny release in an electric type event in the future, or event the Water Festival next year.

Hawlucha & Klefki

Shiny Hawlucha Shiny Klefki

Two more regionals in this article? Why not! Both are newer regional releases, with Hawlucha being released as a surprise in the Season of Rising Heroes. I wouldn’t expect either of these to be shiny for a while yet, but they both have great shinies!

Hawlucha almost looks like it is taking inspiration from summer berries, with green on the top of their head, and a mixture of shades of purple and deep red on their body, and golden talons and feet. This is sure to be a much sought after shiny!

Klefki gets a shiny that really makes sense for their design, becoming a golden metal instead of their usual silver. Any other colour wouldn’t make sense stylistically, and who doesn’t love a golden shiny?

Zorua & Zoroark

Shiny Zorua Shiny Zoroark

After a bit of an initial disaster with their release, Zorua and Zoroark are finally in GO with their buddy camouflage mechanism. We don’t anticipate seeing their shinies for a long time either, in fact, I suspect their Hisuian forms might even debut before their OG shinies, but when they do, just took at them! Zorua becomes an adorable chocolate and teal cutie, and Zoroark switches their main and talons to a purple that really fits their Dark typing. Both are really fun, whilst quite different from each other, and will be an interesting hunt when they do debut!

Grubbin, Charjabug & Vikavolt

Shiny Grubbin Shiny Charjabug Shiny Vikavolt

The Grubbin family has some seriously fun shinies! All three members of the family are bright and very different from their original colour way, which is always much desired in a shiny family. Grubbin becomes red, pink and grey, Charjabug becomes a bright red with a slightly brown tone, and Vikavolt is totally different, with a patch of red on their face, a grey body, dark grey legs, and bright green pinsirs! So much fun! I can see these being really popular when they are released. A Bug Catcher event in the future maybe?

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