Fast catch trick: How to skip Pokeball shaking animation and Pokémon catch screen

Trainers, a new bug was found in the latest Pokémon GO update and it enables you to completely skip the Pokeball shaking animation and the Pokémon catch screen. Unlike many other bugs, this one can be efficiently used to improve your gameplay and game experience!

The bug enables you to skip shaking animation and the Pokémon catch screen, reducing time required to catch a Pokémon dramatically. We’ve tried it and it’s much less stressful to use the bug than to watch the Pokéball shake over and over.

Here’s how to skip the Pokéball shaking animation and Pokémon catch screen (video explanation is available above, watch it):

  1. Use your non-throwing hand to pull (swipe) the Pokéball switcher icon from right to left. The icon will remain in a translated state but the Pokéball drawer will not open. Do not lift your finger.
  2. Use your throwing hand to throw the Pokéball at the Pokémon, as you would usually do. Do not lift your left finger until the Pokéball hits the Pokémon.
  3. Lift your left finger, the switch Pokéball drawer will open. Dismiss it and press “Escape” button as soon as possible.
  4. Once you’re out of the encounter, click on the Pokémon again. If you caught it, it will say Error, otherwise you will just restart the capture encounter.

It sounds much more difficult than it really is, just try it once or twice before you get a hang of it. As soon as we figured out how to do this correctly, our catching speed increased dramatically. We find this especially exciting as the next Community day is coming soon.

Credits for the original bug discovery goels to u/IllDepence and u/ChowderXD, and the author of the video explanation above is BitRulez, the developer of Fast IV.

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