The Regi trio is killing the Pokemon GO raiding scene

Regi trio compared to trash cans
Regi trio compared to trash cans

Recently, Pokemon GO Hub ran a poll on Twitter, asking people how do they feel about Registeel raids and what are their thoughts about them. The poll was inspired by the lack of raid enthusiasm in our local community, but also by a number of reports on our Discord server and on the forums.

We were curious to see if this lack of enthusiasm and player engagement was only limited to these communities, or was it a more widespread feeling, so we decided to take the question to Twitter. Our Twitter followers are fairly evenly distributed around the world, and although we don’t have a lot of followers in some parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, we think that the poll was taken by a varied and well diverse Pokemon GO player base sample.

Without further ado, here are the results:

  • 12,407 voters took part
  • 6% voted that Registeel raids “Awesome 😀”
  • 41% voted that Registeel raids “Meh 😶”
  • 53% voted that Registeel raids “Awful 😡”

In other words, 94% of the poll participants expressed either strong negative emotions or lack of enthusiasm towards Registeel raids. Unsurprisingly, the comments and replies followed the same trend.

Here are a few highlights from the poll Twitter discussion:

Our take

In most MMO games, the success of a particular piece of raid content is dictated by two factors:

  • the content itself, aka it’s place in a game’s story and current lore
  • raid rewards, aka what players can receive from completing the raid and sinking their time into it

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO doesn’t have lore, nor a significant in-game story that surrounds legendary Pokemon, which leaves us with only one factor to consider when raiding: how useful is the reward versus the time I have to spend to get it?

Registeel, by all accounts, is the least useful Tier 5 raid boss we’ve ever had the opportunity to fight. Combine that with a boring fight, high defense and a high player count requirement, and you got a textbook example of bad raid content:

  • high difficulty + low rewards = low interest for the content

We are not surprised, nor particularly moved by this situation, but we would prefer if there was additionally story lines or reasoning behind the Regi’s introduction in Pokemon GO. Allowing players to put them as gym defenders would improve the situation drastically, and potentially spark a new interest in raiding them.


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