the Japanese raid trackers have just spotted another Ho-Oh EX Raid, this time taking place in another city – Himeji! The phenomena was observed at 10:30 Japanese local time. The scanner found another Ho-oh test raid in Himeji, near Himeji Castle.

Similar to yesterday’s test, the Gym (APA Hotel, coordinates 34.8293113, 134.6911851,17) also had the Pokémon GO Travel logo, making it an unmistakable continuation of yesterday’s testing period.

We still have no information on when and how Ho-Oh will be released, but we’re hoping it will happen soon.

Multiple Tweets were made about this by Japanese players:

Again, as far as we are aware, no invites were distributed for this raid. We’re fairly certain that  the Pokémon GO Travel YouTube squad is testing the Ho-OH Raids in Japan, based on their activity on social media.

Almost all of the Niantic employees and Youtube influencers in Japan have posted on social media yesterday from the exact same beach where the first Ho-Oh EX Raid test took place. We are unsure if they’ve also participated in this test, but we’ll update you if it turns out to be true. Yesterday’s EX Test picture by Rachel:

In any case, it seems that either all of the Raid trackers are broken, or Ho-Oh is being extensively tested in Japan.

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  • Antonio Mercurio

    we all know its going to come, hopefully with the new ex raid system and gen 3 !

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    I hope it comes soon and replaces the Mewtwo EX-Raid. As I already have a Mewtwo, I will feel much cooler if other people around me do not have theirs. This way I can show off mine in battle while maniacally laughing at them for not having any. BHAHAHAHAHA.

    • Roman Noodles

      while I feel like this would be okay if everyone has had an opportunity to catch Mewtwo at least once, the fact that its entirely random and how some people haven’t even gotten 1 invite makes this idea really stupid -__-

    • Tom

      I think OP was being sarcastic

    • Joel Jensen

      It’s stupid that Level 5 players are getting invites. This little kid who was like 8 got an invite and he is like Level 16 and thank goodness he didn’t catch it. Everybody in my Discord group is complaining about how they didn’t get any of the Gen 3 Halloween shinies even though they have a shiny Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu and a shiny Magikarp/Gyarados, when I’m sitting over here without any shiny!! Like seriously, at least you have a shiny, I don’t have any!!

      • Miyuka Szczepanski

        ” thank goodness he didn’t catch it” Seriously? He’s a kid enjoying a game. You don’t have to go that far.

        • Joel Jensen

          But that’s the thing. He barely plays and he got an invite. My friend who plays all the time didn’t get one. And, you have to be 13 years or older to play Pokemon Go.

  • iwan

    Don’t have M2….so difficult to get ex raid… ho-oh…….now i playing draconius go……more fun…

    • Nizar3003

      so, don’t comment on here… go to dragonicus website…

      • Joel Jensen


  • ikato kiyazaki

    Is that kim jung un

  • Lars Einar Tvedt Honstad

    I want Mewto, no ex raid has been in my Town, and now im sick and tier of waiting. Way dont we get an Ex raid here? Have niantic forgot us?