in spite of all the technical problems that plague the GO Fest event today, we have somehow managed to get the Legendary Pokémon to appear in the wild!

Trainers worldwide managed to unlock the following bonuses until Monday, July 24, 05:00 PDT:

  • Double Stardust
  • Double Candy
  • Double XP
  • Increased Pokémon encounters
  • Reduced hatching distance
  • Reduced buddy distance

In addition, Lugia is the first revealed Pokémon GO Legendary, with Articuno being the second, as Team Mystic has contributed the most during the GO Fest event. These raids are now available worldwide.

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These Trainers also played an integral role in revealing that Lugia would be the first Legendary Pokémon to enter the real world. In addition to Lugia, the number of Pokémon caught during Pokémon GO Fest by members of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor were tallied up, and, the winner was… Team Mystic! To celebrate this victory, Articuno will join Lugia in Raid Battles everywhere starting immediately. Don’t worry, Team Instinct and Team Valor, the Legendary Pokémon Zapdos and Moltres will also make their way into the real world soon, so stay tuned for more information.

It’s time to adventure together! Gather your friends and family and keep an eye out for Legendary Pokémon Eggs appearing at Gyms near you.


  • Heydavid17

    Happy about Articuno!
    #TeamMystic! 😉
    Of course, I’m looking forward to them all as well, but Articuno has been on this wishlist for a looooooong time 😀

    • Joel Jensen


  • caco89

    How do you get a Legendary Raid Pass?

    • Kalpu Thaker

      You don’t need to have legendary raid pass bro I already have 2 lugia and the articuno!!

      • CheeseBurgerandRamen

        Is lugia and articuno really in the wild? 😮 or are they only gym raids?

        • ElectroBlade

          Raids only.

  • The Stegman

    Well, I have alot of walking to do tomorrow

  • Marcus Elmore

    It’s almost comical how poorly executed Pokémon Go Fest was. Niantic showed their true colors when the lights were shining brightest.

    • Antonio Mercurio

      look on the bright side, it was the first large event for a while and its what many people would have expected

      edit: and i actually think it was planed somehow, well some of it, I thought that the serevr issues were not meant to happen, with the rewards we were always gonna get them to gold and there was always going to be legendaires, no matter what happened. Now what i was not impressed about is the fact they only release Articuno from the 3 birds, i would have loved to see the other birds, But at the end of the day, Niantic are making money, the event is doing better than i thought

  • hkmaly

    Wait … weren’t the bonuses supposed to be unlocked for 48 hours? When it STARTED? Is it 5:00am or pm?

    • AverageGamers

      Already? 5pm CDT.

      • Dan

        5 PM PDT. Which means 7 PM CDT.

  • ShiningHaxorus

    So to clarify, are the legendaries here to stay after the 48 hours or are they also exclusive with all the other bonuses?

    • Charter

      Thats the Mist important question. I hope they stay longer…

    • AverageGamers

      Please read the official statement carefully. The ones limited for 48 hours are separated. Meaning the birds don’t have a limit.

      • hkmaly

        They will remain unlocked, however I suspect they won’t stay as common as they are now …

  • hilmanefef

    There are so many stupid trainers here. How can they fight Lugia using blissey, chansey and snorlax?
    Come on shity people! I know you want keep them, but don’t forget help defeat it using your best DPS pokemon!

    • William Kelly

      I guess someone didn’t get the list ha. Golem is your best friend. TheN tyranitar

      • hilmanefef

        I use Gyarados Bite Crunch! I love him beating lugia 3 times!

      • Dan

        Golem gets destroyed by Articuno, and Lugia with Hydro Pump.

    • Armelo Apelete

      We are not stupid, i am a lvl 40 player andi was doing a Lugia raid, we are only 10 and all our mons fainted but the game let us use other pokemons and we choose blissey and successfully ended our raid! So dont jugde trainers before know the story.

      • Robdebobrob

        Saw someone use a Wigglytuff :p Cant really care about it. We were a 20 man Instinct group. Gonna beat it anyways like that.

        • Armelo Apelete

          Lol using a Wiggly, now thats stupid but who knows? He want to attribute the kill to his pinky 🙂

  • driftw00d

    Articuno raid on-going near me, CP is 37600…

    • driftw00d

      Update: 13 players and we beat it. I only have my free raid pass and I was able to join, I’m only level 32. I caught it also after almost running out of balls, CP is 1600. Raid battle is 300secs and last for 2hrs. I’m in Japan btw.

      • the2000guy

        13 people with high DPS Pokemon?

        • driftw00d

          Not sure about others, but the 300secs battle time is enough to rejoin the battle and use other mons after your first six fainted

      • driftw00d

        I’m done for the day. Fought 5 Articuno and caught only one. The 13k XP and rare candies are a consolation. No sign of Lugia yet.

        • Austin Tang

          I passed by an Articuno raid and used my free pass. There were 2 other people there and i wanted to battle it (even though i knew we would lose). I was in a car so I left the gym. The time was up and it was time to battle. It said error because i was too far from the gym (probably). I couldn’t battle and lost my free raid pass. Very sad.

  • Saulius Plevokas

    I don’t see in my game reduced hatching distance

    • the2000guy

      Your current eggs in the incubator won’t reflect that. The next ones you put in will be reflected.

      • Higher_Ground

        Yikes that’s kinda lame given how short the bonus duration lasts.

  • AverageGamers

    Lugia hasn’t stop by, but Articuno has! So glad this isn’t a limited event that requires legendary pass

  • Baelfire Nakrab

    We’ve never found the egg of the Legendary Pokemon … just the Pokemon … O_o .. I’m in Bangkok, Thailand … Fought 6 got only 1 … and 1 Error without getting any item nor pokemon … so buggy

  • driftw00d

    The nearby notification doesn’t show the Raids that are about to start like the usual 2hrs before start. They only show when the raids actually start so I keep guessing where the next raid would be and the Raid boss is revealed. Is this a glitch?

    • Dan

      There’s no timer right now because the raids start immediately with no countdown.

  • Peg Pegasus

    Well, pitty for people like me living in a rural area :/ waited 2 hours at a gym with a Lugia raid and nobody popped up :/

    • raichu DL

      in my eyes, if this doesn’t encourage non-urban trainers to get out there and try to unite the playerbase around them, then non-urban play is all but doomed to dying off.
      i just got back from a 6-trainer party against lugia, and we only managed to get it in the yellow. we waited for additional trainers to no avail. one of us even slotted in a lure module on a pokestop in front of us, trying to get players’ attention.
      we ended up just disbanding once lugia had less than 10 mins left. all i could do is shake my fist at the ugly silver bird, hoping to show it a better fight another day.
      perhaps we’ll fare better vs. articuno…

    • ManyReloads

      Same thing happen to me, I decided to solo the Articuno and manage to get it to 90% hp LOL, I was hoping for anyone to help even spoofer I was even considering but time tick and I gave up, doubt I would get any legendary due to my location

    • Miqdad Ahmad

      i feel the same pain, small city, solo player, don’t have any PoGO friend, bye bye legendaries i will never have it. 🙁

      • Jiara Anatalis

        Players in my area connected on Facebook and started a Discord channel to coordinate raids and get people to show up. It started out slowly, but we now have a solid set of folks who can show up when called. It might be worth giving this a shot out in the rural areas–look for or start a facebook page–post flyers near Pokestops to get the attention of the others in the area to point them to the page, and grow that base.

  • DevilxDan

    just about to do legendary raids and my phone runs out of data 😢

  • Robdebobrob

    eggs seem to be non-existent at the moment. They all just pop up. not just legendarys but also lvl 1-4. So far ive done 5 raids. 1 out 3 articuno caught, 1 out of 2 lugia so im pretty happy. Someone else from my group had 0/5. Never seen so many people at 1 raid at once. 2nd Lugia must have been 80 people.

  • Vinayak

    today I experienced weird problem. After defeating level 5 raid boss app directly took me to the catch bonus round but after third ball I got network error message and app crashed, I reopened app and tried to enter catch round but app kept taking me too the waiting timer with other players and as raid starts It was kicking me out with network error. so disappointed with issue. I tried everything but no luck. btw anyone interested in my pogo account level 35 with so many high iv pokes. I want to sell it to support my studies.

  • Michal Hušák

    Arcticuno can be done in 1 level 32 (soloable). This is legendary ???

    I appolgy for misinformation above – I have got wrong informatios from a player laying to me. I have tested myself and 10 players is a good quess of required number of people ….

    • Luke Davies

      NO. It’s at least 35000 cp, you need 10+ players it is not solable.

      • Sten Düring

        7 players with plenty of time left. Admittedly five hard core raiders in that group.

    • ManyReloads

      I tried to solo it as lvl 27(since nobody showed up) and manage to knock 10% of its hp with 12 pokemon before timer stopped

  • Tim Rush

    No legendary Pokemon here..

    • AlphaOkami

      One spawned here but nobody showed up. Nobody ever shows up to raids that aren’t soloable. This leads to nobody being at any raid more difficult than Magmar and 4-10 players showing up to a goddamn Magikarp raid.

  • Larry Wicklow

    I would like to report a problem. Yesterday evening I bought 2 incubators, meaning I should be able to hatch 6 eggs and then I have also the infinite incubator.
    However, this morning I happily hatched eggs already in incubator bought previously and 2 more with the newest incubators.
    After that, my bag showed me 0 incubators left (except for the infinite one, of course). I wasted 300 coins… I hope this is a bug other players are experiencing…

    • ManyReloads

      Not experience it, I bought few incubator because of the egg bonus and I hope you get it reported and get a refund

  • Joshua Michael Parsons

    how long is the lugia and articuno raid bosses gonna last

  • Lorddacc

    Fought an Articuno today, we defeated it with 7 people. Important to mention that, my game crashed mid battle after my pokemon fainted and I tried to rejoin. Almost 30 seconds with one less person. Then someone else from us 7 errored out, didn’t fight the last third of the battle. With this said, it might be possible to beat it with 6 people if there are no issues and everyone chooses the right pokemon. Of course if half the players battle with Blisseys and Snorlax then the chances of winning get very slim.
    Glass cannons are a must, since it’s almost 100% certain that all your mons will faint sooner or later, so with few people battling a legendary, the goal is pure DPS. DPS, rejoin the battle, DPS.

  • vision33r

    I had 3 Tyranitars one shotted before I even had a chance to pull a hit. They were all above 2400cp+ The raid boss would hit all of my Pokemon before I even manage a hit and it comes down to luck to take down any of these legendaries.

  • Peg Pegasus

    Well today i’ve been whole day driving from place to place, drove over 150km, always the same, not enough players (mostly 6 or nobody), so i still don’t have a legendary :/

    This really suxs to live in a rural area with only small town around with few gyms.
    More pokestops and more gyms are needed, there are towns around me who don’t even have gyms or pokestops at all.

    • ManyReloads

      Same, you’re not alone. I got desperate and tried to solo one lol

    • Daniel Doiron

      the team your in, join their FB group or discord its the only way, i have to drive 25 min to go the big city and EVEN then, mystic/valors starts them without waiting for people

  • Austin Tang

    This is not fair to Team Instinct (which i am on) or Team Valor. Everyone knows that Team Mystic has the most hackers and spoofers. Why not just release all the birds at once? Bad job Niantic. But I am still happy with everything they have done so far.

    P.S. If they released all birds at once then they should make it so each bird only shows at the corresponding team.

  • Justin Sherrill

    It is absurd how hard it is to catch these legendary birds….9 excellent curved golden raspberry balls in a row….

    • Dan

      It’s a 2% base catch rate. I got my Articuno, first throw, Golden Razz and missing the circle. I know someone that Nanab’d it.

  • James Lane Pendergraft

    Anyone caught or seen a shiny one yet?

  • CheeseBurgerandRamen

    Will Lugia and Articuno be available only until July 24 as well? Or will they still be included as regularly spawned boss raids?

    • Dan

      After the unmitigated disaster that was Go Fest, it would be in their best interest to leave the Legendaries in the game. Make them rarer, but leave them in the game.

  • Pedro Lozano

    Yeah hyped and all but legendaries are RIDICULOUSLY hard to catch, spent a good amount of money, time and gas trying to get them and i only got one articuno out of 8 tries and no lugias out of 6 tries.

    • Joe Azarcon

      Same here.. after waiting for enough people to participate and succeed in raids.. only 2 out of 8 lugias, and 1 out of 6 Articunos…

  • Larry Wicklow

    2 things.
    1) it is 9.40 am Rome Time and bonuses are still available. I thought they would have ceased at 2 am.
    2) you cannot add Articuno to the Pokedex after a battle. I mean I desperately tried to solo it and miserably failed, but I thought “At least I will have it added in the “seen” section of pokedex”. Well, its place is still blank after the battle… what a pity.