If you had any suspicions on how powerful the effects of Pokemon GO’s new weather system can be, this post will clear your suspicions with ease.

Today, Reversal, the Pokemon GO Youtuber renowned for his dedication and “love for the grind”, has managed to solo a Machamp Raid Boss using only two perfect IV Ho-Ohs equipped with Extrasensory psychic and Brave Bird flying.

The fight took place under windy weather conditions, which adds 20% more damage to the following move types:

  • dragon
  • flying
  • psychic

With the added weather buff, Reversal had to use only two Ho-Ohs and was left with 43 seconds to spare. It seems that HoOh My Days was the first to enter the battle, and Karma finished the job.

Our thoughts on the new weather system

In all honesty, the new battle system seems like a blast, bringing down raid difficulty and allowing for a more diverse raid team composition.

20% increase in damage makes a huge difference in performance and difficulty levels, especially against raid bosses that have a double weakness to a particular type.

Combining the new weather system with the existing moves was an excellent idea on Niantic’s end, making the whole game feel much more dynamic and eventful.

Reversal’s recent feat is probably the first of many similar to come. We are just waiting for a report of a Tier 4 raid boss being soloed by an army of something.

  • Chanderule

    I guarantee you, Absol would be the first to get Soloed

  • Sagus

    Now, a single Lugia may solo Machamp boss in a windy day. Waiting for the report.

    • Michal Husak

      Correct. Maxed Lugia with extrasensory/sky attack should kill him in 120 sec under windy day. Without dodging … I am preparing a command of Mr. Mime to kill him at lest in some funny way under windy conditions …

  • Michal Hušák

    Ninetiles was already soloed by my colegue. 3 golems with waether boost. The most promissing solo r4 is Absol. But simulations still show 2 people requred. Both old flareon an jolteon r3 are now soloable with waether boost.

  • Coltonandgen

    Is this really news worthy? Machamp has been soloed dozens of times, I think they’re just posting it so they can say they published a page for today

    • Beko Saberhagen

      It’s interesting for people who solo raids, it’s not suggesting to max 2 oh-hos.

  • DevilxDan

    Pokemon go hub its irrelevant to this topic but why cant u find 3rd stage evolution gen 3 pokes in wild? Will they let us catch all stages soon?

    • onlybradparker

      You can catch 3rd stage evolutions in the wild. I’ve caught wild Blastoise, wild Charizard, wild Dragonite, wild Nidoking…

      • DevilxDan

        Nah u probs didnt know. Pokemon go made it so u cant find GEN 3 3rd stage evolutions in wild. Dunno y

        • onlybradparker

          K ..

  • Pato García G

    Cool, I’m still waiting for a dense fog…and crush Alakazam.