the Mimikyu Halloween hat hinted in the recent APK mine is now officially confirmed, but it seems that’s not all — text for a new Battle Parties feature, text for the recently discovered Gen III Pokédex badge and additional utility text is now downloaded by the client app!

Mimikyu hat confirmation:

"Mimikyu's Disguise Hat"

Gen III Pokédex badge related text:

"Register {0} Pokémon first discovered in the Hoenn region to the Pokédex."
"Hoenn"	"ホウエン"

Pokémon buddy distance evolution requirement:

"Walk {0} more km with this buddy."

Battle Party text:

"Warning: {0} is part of a battle party, and if you assign it to a Gym, it will be removed from the party."

"You have no more room in your party."

"Do you want to delete the {0} battle party?"

Blacklisted app found text


“We have detected software that can interfere with the operation of Pokémon GO on your device. This includes applications that falsify your location. Using unauthorized software that directly impacts Pokémon GO is a violation of Niantic’s Terms of Service and can result in the loss of your account. You will need to uninstall any such applications in order to continue gameplay.

What does all of this mean?

via Bulbapedia

For one, it’s now confirmed that a new Mimikyu hat will be available during the Halloween event. This is very interesting as Mimikyu is a Gen VII Pokémon and Niantic did not have the habit of including future Gen’s apparel as event rewards before.

Second, the Battle Party feature is going live presumably soon. If you don’t remember, the Battle Party feature is a quality of life feature that should enable Trainers to create groups of 6 Pokémon to use in Raids and Gym battles. Instead of picking your team every time, you’ll be able to have it pre-picked.

Blacklisted apps are a feature introduced in 0.79.2, but we didn’t talk a lot about it as there are several obstacles to developing it — at least with our current understanding of what Niantic can read from your device. In the past, apps could have read the list of other installed apps on your device. We are not aware that this is still possible, but maybe Niantic found a workaround. In any case, if this feature starts working, the text above will be displayed.

And last, the newly added buddy distance requirement string is confusing the entire GO Hub team. We’re not sure if this is simply a new error message or it’s a hint that Buddy distance could be shaping up as a new evolution requirement. We’ll learn more in the future.

Full credits for this discovery go to ZeChrales (github).

  • WingedSupernova


    • Edwin Fung

      wat r u talking about?

  • Jamil El Sayajin

    Even with mesure spoofer will find a way. But it will also kill the Game. considering the amoung of thousands of thousands of spoofer. Bad call Niantic. You should have focusing on other thing…. Not a GameKiller

    • DevilxDan

      wat r u talking about?

    • Hugo Alejandro Patzan Lopez

      Niantic needs they really go to the sponsored Gyms, non just spoof there

    • Robdebobrob

      The ammount of spoofers/spoofer supporters on this website is staggering. And i dont agree with your reasoning. But ofcourse for a spoofer, something that prevents you to spoof will indeed destroy your game yes. And thats a good thing.

      • John Doe

        so tell me, with the current game and gym layout, what advantages do spoofers have over legit players that give them leverage over legit players? I’ll wait..

        • John Doe

          or do you just “hate spoofers” because it WAS the cool thing to do?

          • peponzio

            The previous response of mine does not point at any one specific player nor does it condone nor condemn player actions. Those arguments are mere statements of the differences in gameplay as was requested.

            No hating here. No judgement passed.

          • Edwin Fung

            Spoofers are violating ToS, but hackers are committing crime. So which type of players should be eliminated first?

          • peponzio

            Oh my… kudos friend, that is a great response.

            Hmmm, Spoofers are directly linked to programming errors and lack of security in the game’s code therefore it is a straight problem only resolved by strengthening the game’s programming. It is Niantic’s obligation to all players to ensure a safe and fair experience. There are two approaches, patch so spoofing apps can no longer interfere; or ban players who are willingly and after warnings still violating the ToS.

            Either way, that’s entirely on Niantic’s side to resolve.

            Hackers on the other hand, truly commit crimes and therefore reside out of the game’s “jurisdiction”. Many hackers do not even play the game, so Niantic can’t punish them nor stop them. All that can be done is strengthen the game’s code, but hackers have outside tools, resources, and experiences. Patching can only halt them for a while. They are responsible for spoofing and cheating apps, if they could be stopped all problems would be gone (not including glitches and bugs, that’s self caused).

            So hackers should be handled by… the Internet Police? Lol, sorry. This is a tough one. Google has the biggest responsability here as they are the ones distributing the apps, maybe. Or is it a country’s obligation? Are hackers under legislations?

            Anyways if they are caught they will be hired.

          • Robdebobrob


          • Robdebobrob

            Ive been hating people who cheat since i first started online gaming in Battlefield 2 in 2005. Youre nothing new.

        • peponzio

          Well, you certainly know how to play defensively. Let’s play along although I’ll obviously be the bad guy presenting logical arguments.

          Advantages of spoofing: at any time, wherever a spoofer is, can go anywhere and do anything. That is to say at 11 pm a spoofer can go to a gym in a back alley and take it over. A non spoofer would have to risk being late in a dark and dangerous place to defend said gym.

          Raids occur during workhours so some non spoofers have trouble getting to raid even once a day. Spoofers can jump continents at 2 am and raid whenever, wherever.

          Many spoofers have all regionals, because they can. Non spoofers have to spend time and money to get even one regional.

          Many public parks with dozens of stops and gyms and sometimes nests close at night. Spoofers just go in and place lures for as long as they want. Fill items, farm stardust, farm nests. Non spoofers cannot enter said lured stops and nests.

          • peponzio

            I agree, but playing the name card won’t really cut it. Names are tags that can never truly encompass the complexity of the entity it describes.

            People have played Minecraft with crafting challenges for enhanced difficulty. GTA series can be played peacefully and nonviolently. Mario Kart even has motorcycles. Call of Duty has campaigns which is the call to fulfill your duty as a soldier and I know plenty people who never touched campaigns and only play multiplayer, there is no story only badges in multiplayer and that is no duty. Even Sonic games can be finished with Tails.

            A game’s name is carefully selected to describe the nature of the game. In some games it is truly the only way to play, Candy Crush for example. But in longer, complex, story rich games the name may only be thematic.

            Now, this does not mean cheating is a valid method to play. It means that everyone can play as they see fit and enjoy. As long as they are not cheating.

            Someone could live in the middle of a park and be luckily surrounded by stops and gyms and nests. They could literally play without going anywhere and without cheating. Sure their pokemon selection would be limited, but they could be swimming in stardust, items and coins and still be enjoying the game. Without cheating.

            This applies to any and all conditions. Can you play during the day? Can you move big distances fast? Can you spend time and or money in the game? All playstyles are valid. Regardless of the game’s name.

            As long as they are not cheating.

        • Danielle Elyse Stengel

          Spoofing is ridiculous and stupid in my opinion either play the game properly or not at all

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            I agree

        • Michal Husak

          They are e.g. able to visit the Sapahri events and collect all the rare Pokémon around the center (QR code not required).

        • Robdebobrob

          Adding to the list that peponzio already made: You save alot of time and money by just sitting on your couch spoofing arround. You are going around faster cause you are not obstructed by buildings or other things in your way (rivers or canals for instance). And you dont have to waste money on gas or public transport if you want to go somewhere thats a bit further away.

          • peponzio

            You just reminded me. Egg hatching. Spoofers usually have locked speed for maximized hatching times. And yeah I hate seeing a raid in the literal center of a block surrounded by private buildings.

  • Edwin Fung

    Therefore, I have mixed feeling on Niantic. Bringing back battle party is great, but reading players’ device is encroaching on privacy.

    • Roger Alston

      Agreed. They already have access to the camera.

      • peponzio

        Oh boy then you shouldn’t check permissions of other apps, for example whatsapp, uber, maps, facebook, even some flashlight apps ask for nonsense permissions.

        Camera is kind of a middle range worry. Microphone, location, call and messaging history, thats scary.

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      Don’t like it? Don’t play it then

      • peponzio

        Well, isn’t that a convenient answer to everything. Problem solved, if only someone had told us it was that easy sooner.

        In all seriousness, we all have concerns, comments and suggestions and are free to express them appropriately. You don’t like our comments? Don’t read them. Where have I read that before I wonder?

  • Ruslan K

    Battle Parties… after more than 3 months of raids…. at least now! thanks!

  • WingedSupernova

    I have the Gen 3 badge popping up in my game. Don’t have the battle party feature yet unless you have to be at a gym to manage it.

  • Robdebobrob

    jup, GEN 3 badge and finally the legendary raid boss badge. Same numbers as normal raids so youll need 2000 in total to get both. thats almost 5 and a half years of raiding if you only use free passes. Seems a bit unrealistic but sure.

    • Michal Husak

      Even if you will count with pokekoins from gyms and buying raid pass it is unrealistic. But in some interview Nianitc talk about their believe Pogo will lie 20 years :-).

    • Μηνας Γραικός

      All fking medals are unrealistic… that happens when the company guys are idiots !!
      Its the same unrealistic things in Ingress too. they know nothing

  • Val Kyrie
  • Brandy Rust

    Just wanted to add in context to the “buddy distance requirement” my guess is maybe this is going to be a displayed message when trying to get extra evee evolutions (beyond the name trick one). It is already a requirement in the game to walk evee to get espeon and umbreon…now there’s a message to go along with the required walking distance it seems.

  • peponzio

    The buddy distance requirement will most likely become a special requirement for specific pokemon, sort of like the item evolutions. If you don’t have the item you cant’ evolve, if you haven’t walked x kms then you can’t evolve.

    So far this partially applied to espeon and umbreon. The original mechanic for them involved friendship. It makes sense that walking x amount of kms makes a pokemon friendly. Therefore pokemon that require friendship to evolve require to spend some time with you.

    With gen 3 the list of friendship evolutions would be:

  • Alaska Stark

    I don’t even know why… but… HYPE XD

  • peponzio

    So blacklist. Everyone is freaking out in my town. They’re all like: do this, it’ll make everything work; or, use these apps they have not been blacklisted; or, can someone hack so spoofing sorks again?

    And I’m just sitting here wondering, will Go Hub report something about this craze? Also the day seems brighter, guess the weather was good as well here.