Pokemon GO Golem

Pokemon GO Golem was a controversial topic in the Pokémon GO community for a while, mostly due to it’s similarities with Rhydon. While Rhydon excels in Gym Defense, Golem is very strong in Offense, especially with its best moves. In the current meta he is positioned as a Counter for the following Pokémon:

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
76 Golem ground rock 2916 211 160 229

Golem overview

As Geodude is very common in the wild, obtaining a Golem is very easy. The full evolution line requires 125 Geodude Candy. It’s also fairly simple to get a good Golem while you farm Candy.

Much like Rhydon, Golem’s typing is dual: ground and rock, which implies he is hit super-effectively by a lot of commonly available Gym Attackers (Vaporeon). Unfortunately, this makes him rather weak when it comes to gym defense.

However, when it comes to Gym Offense, a number of Pokemon that are on the very top of Gym Defense are simply crushed by an attacking Golem. Blissey, this one is for you.

Best Golem movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Rock Throw rock Stone edge rock
?️ Gym defense Mud Slap ground Earthquake ground
? PvP (speculative) Rock Throw rock Stone Edge rock

Golem counters in Pokémon GO

Golem counters in Pokemon GO
Machamp Venusaur Vaporeon
Counter fighting Vine Whip grass Water Gun water
Close Combat fighting Solar Beam grass  Hydro Pump water

Even though it has rather good defensive stats, it is very easy to counter Golem in Gym defense.

It takes extra damage from steel, ground, ice and fighting attacks (125%) and grass and water (156%).

In result, almost any:

will have no trouble taking Golem down. Not a great defender, but a great attacker.

Best Golem moves in Pokemon GO

Golem’s dodge speed and movesets are very fast, making it easy for him to attack relatively stronger Pokémon. Although it’s HP is not that great, it is acceptable, and what he lacks in HP is compensated with his great Attack and crazy good Defense. In term, this makes Golem a great counter for a number of common High CP targets.

Golem’s ability to counter defenders highly depends on his movesets

  • Mud Slap/Earthquake is good for taking down rock, steel and fire like Rhydon and Steelix
  • Rock Throw/Stone Edge this is the best possible moveset since it does extra damage to fire, ice, flying and bug types. In other words, it crushes Lapras, Dragonite and Gyarados.

Other moveset combinations are also good for besieging all mentioned Pokemon, however suboptimal.

  • Rock Throw by itself is extremely good against Blissey and Snorlax, because Golem takes reduced damage from their attacks, and Rock Throw’s 0.9 seconds of attack speed makes it very easy to dodge Hyper Beam normal.
Best Golem moves in Pokemon GO
Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Rock throw Rock Stone edge Rock 12/100 28.40 35.50
Mud slap Ground Stone edge Rock 15/100 27.10 33.85
Mud shot Ground Stone edge Rock 5/100 25.90 32.35
Rock throw Rock Earthquake Ground 12/120 23.30 29.20
Mud slap Ground Earthquake Ground 15/120 22.00 27.55
Mud shot Ground Earthquake Ground 5/120 20.80 26.05
Rock throw Rock Rock blast Rock 12/50 18.55 23.25
Mud slap Ground Rock blast Rock 15/50 17.25 21.60
Rock throw Rock Ancient power Rock 12/70 16.65 20.85
Mud shot Ground Rock blast Rock 5/50 16.05 20.10
Mud slap Ground Ancient power Rock 15/70 15.35 19.20
Mud shot Ground Ancient power Rock 5/70 14.15 17.70