just as we finished publishing that Gen III gender ratios, forms and spawn definitions are now live in the Game Master, we’ve observed a new wave of EX Raid passes being sent out world wide! As usual, read our Mewtwo Raid guide to prepare.

We can confirm that a new EX Raid is happening on October 20, 2017, in sponsored and non sponsored gyms worldwide. This EX Raid only lasts for 45 minutes, probably as an experiment to see how EX raid duration affects player engagement and attendance.

This wave of invites also confirms Niantic’s statement that EX Raid testing is not yet finished. Hopefully, everyone will be able to get a Mewtwo before the field tests end.

We confirmed that EX Raid invites were received in the following countries/territories:

  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Brasil
  • USA
  • Cuba
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Canda
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Alaska
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Chile
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Finland
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Uruguay

A special shout out goes to the Pokemon GO Hub ES crew for reporting this literary seconds after it happened:

If we’re not mistaken, this seems to be the largest EX Raid test to date, covering almost all territories where the game is available. Even Reversal got a Raid pass this time around:

Again, if you got an EX Raid invite, be sure to read our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide. If you did not get an invite, make sure to do the following:

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  • This Guy’s Gaming & More

    wait… did it specify its a Mewtwo raid?? or maybe GEN 3 IS HERE??????

    • S-GUTZ

      there are no other ex raids besides mewtwo

      • peponzio

        Fingers crossed for Latias EX raid pass.

        • randomman29

          I would be mad if they did that for that one. Latias is my favorite gen3 pokemon but the ex raid would still be Rayquaza or Deoxy. Latias would be on the level of the other legendarys.

          • Karan Singh

            Is it in every mentioned countries will get a wave of ex raid passes between around its 12 pm or Time is fixed by global time?
            pls help me i didnt get any of the ex raid invitation at all.. although i battle frequnetly in Sponsored gyms.

      • This Guy’s Gaming & More

        well, it didnt say MEWTWO… it could be a new EX pokemon…unlikely but still…

        • Chris Denton

          My first pass did not say “mewtwo”. Second is the exact same as the first.

          I would be happy with mew, Celebi or ho oh.

  • Jan Kalina

    In the Czech Republic too.

  • Solonas Antoniades

    yeah thnx niatic give to all world wide raid pass and cyprus nothing thnx u again

  • Tiago93

    Portugal also has the EX raid, again, in a couple of cities.

  • GonzoI

    I’m at the pitchfork and torch stage of grief.

    • Higher_Ground

      small towns around my city got it, but no gyms within the city. I mean a town with 4 gyms total got a pass (and they had one last time around too)

      • GonzoI

        There’s a town about an hour away from here that is like that (2400 population, 3 gyms) and they got one previously. Haven’t yet heard if they got a new one.

  • Robdebobrob

    Great, missed out again because i work at weird times. Level 37, 49 normal raids, 96 legendary raids. Meanwhile a level 27 in our city already has a mewto for 1 month with just 5 raids total cause he lucked out with the location. Very demotivating system like this. (Netherlands, Breda. 2 raid locations)

    • Marco De Freitas


      • Robdebobrob


        • peponzio

          Lol, caps lock. I agree, the system is nowhere near fair. But then again how else would it have gone to be a bit more fair? You know, without actually being free passes for everyone.

          It’s a controlled system that offers random data. It is usually closest to reality but the least fair to test subjects.

          • Robdebobrob

            couple it to raid badges (why is there no legendary raid badge yet) and give passes to people who have done a certain amount, lets say 50, in total. Then give out passes to people at a gym they have raided at OR near multiple times. That way you can ensure enought people are there to raid, and you give the passes to active players instead of people that just luck out.

            This is just 1 idea from 1 salty player. Surely there are even better methods and maybe im just toxic, but i dont think the current system is good.

          • Chris Denton

            It seems to be random and random is fair. Sucks you haven’t been selected but that doesn’t make it unfair.

          • Robdebobrob

            Random isnt fair when people put in different amounts of work. If everyone puts in the same amount (a lotery for example) random is fair. But that doesnt work with this.

          • Felipe Bauer

            You talked about badges.
            How about they use the gym badges. If you have a bronze badge, (or maybe silver, not gold, there wouldn’t be enough people) you get the invite, and if they want to really reward effort (which they probably don’t), base mewtwo’s catch rate, or amount of balls, on the level of your gym badge.

          • Chris Denton

            You were already rewarded for the work you put in with xp, Pokémon and stardust. Once this goes live for everyone I’m sure you will have 50 mewtwo since you raid so much.

          • Casey

            If what you’re doing is work, you are doing it wrong.

          • Abunja 45

            Huh? Random is fair to everyone. You just got the short end of the stick.

          • Charter

            Of course it’s not “fair” right now because there’s only a very small number of ex raids because they are testing. Discussing about the system beeing fair or not is ridiculous right now because the system is just not rolled out and nobody knows how the system will look like.

            Of course most players will not get any invite during the test phase. But hating on Niantic because of this is just stupid.

            I’m pretty sure (knowing the distribution of the other legendaries) that once the system is rolled out everybody will get a bunch of chances catching mewtwo and nobody will be left out.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Its a test for a system that many people have expressed issue with. Testing continues to move forward… and those concerns aren’t being heard.

        I believe “rob” is expressing concern that even IF he HAD received an invite, he wouldn’t be able to participate given the arbitrary raid start time.

        As it stands… everything in the game encourages you to get out and explore your world. But don’t you dare raid at random locations with random people… keep it local and at easily accessible, frequently raided, and sponsored locations.

        It would appear… given that the system has yet to receive changes on that front, that the EX Raid system is actually counter productive to original design direction.

        • William Long

          I raided at this spot everyday almost wit a group of 7-10 ppl…the same ones…i may have missed a day a week…but…everyone if them except me and 1 other got raid passes to the exact location we were all at just 2 days before…lol…lvls dont matter…my ppls 7 yr old lv 21 son got a pass…7 out of the 9 of us…that raid Together every day…the system is very flawed…

          • Erick Fournier

            The EX Raids tests are a lottery.

            Buying a lottery ticket every day does not guarantee that you’ll win.

        • Andreas Graf

          The starting time is bad for working people and bad for school kids, both groups cannot join. Stay with evenings!

        • Dan

          They did fix an issue, though: the whole “gym disappeared and we had no way of telling everyone” issue. So, they are working on things with it. Just be patient. It’ll get rolled out to everyone eventually.

      • Naresh Choudhary

        Ex-raid means exclusive raid, it’s test for raid battle but u will only get mewtwo from here,here exclusive means rarest

    • André Pinto

      Maybe you must try to do raids in different gyms. I don’t have much more raids than you, but I did them in each gym of my city and ended get an invitation.

      • Devilspeed999r

        Not the case man, a friend of mine got a pass without raiding at all…
        only did gym battles and got the pass…
        soo… totally random…

        • André Pinto

          That’s impossible! You have to finish a raid to get the EX raid pass. My brother has an account with gym battles on a gym and didn’t received raid pass, but I did because I made a raid on that gym

          • Devilspeed999r

            that’s why i’m totally convinced its random, i have a friend (low level) that doesn´t do raids at all and just received one to the next EX…
            Believe me, im lvl32 didn’t receive none yet… In rage mode right now…

          • André Pinto

            It could be a marketing move from Niantic trying to attract low players to the game and make them addicted…

          • Robdebobrob

            Could you ask him to show you his raid badge and legendary encounters in his pokedex? Cause as far as the world knows, you need to have done a raid at that gym to have gotten an invite.
            If your friend really got a invite whitout a single raid done im pretty sure thats news worthy.

          • Devilspeed999r

            ill be with him tomorrow, ill check that and report.

        • Elof_Elof

          I am pretty sure that I never done a raid at the gym that I got an Ex raid pass to on friday. I only battled at the gym. Ia am at level 36

          • Devilspeed999r

            yeah… tomorrow i’ll be certain of it and come with proofs…

    • Aida Ramic

      I get the frustration, I received two in the first two waves in my state and guess what? I am one of the PTC players and I couldn’t participate in the second wave. SO, all of us adults work and have priorities. I havent raided as much in the last month BUT does that mean I should be handed one because I used to raid before so frequently OR because they messed up last time? There is a reason why it is field testing. Maybe they found that time of the day where many players raid at that location. Who knows!! This is field testing, they will have more tests, and relax.

  • ikato kiyazaki

    How long are they dragging this test thing.. i think its enough by now.

  • Chris Denton

    I got another one today, but I will be working at noon on a Friday.

    Mine is in the exact same gym as before. Start raiding the gyms that have held the ex raid previously, it MAY increase your odds for the next batch.

    Edit: last minute dentist appointment I can’t miss, sorry work.

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah that’s why I don’t think it’s exactly random. I know others that got multiple passes from the same gym too.

      Meanwhile, my city with it’s 400+ gyms in the metro area had no passes this time. A town nearby with 4 gyms got it’s second pass.

      I’m not in a huge hurry myself, but I don’t like seeing so many loyal fans frustrated with the system they’ve got in place.

      • Chris Denton

        It may not be but it sure seems like it’s random. Some who raided the gym didn’t get the pass either. We have 5 gyms in the city I raid at(1 in my hometown😡).

        I will have 2 before you get an invite 😉 I’d give you the lesser if that was possible.

        We don’t really know what the system for ex raids will be, the frustration is from some getting included in a test and others not. Not to mention all the bugs and lack of content. Surely this isn’t the entire system.

  • graham barley
  • Anouar Saidi

    i got my second ex invitation in Tunisia 😀

  • Alex Neacsu

    Romania,Bucharest !!!

  • Night.on.the.web

    Italy too!

  • Heydavid17

    Multiple places in Denmark has also received passes.


  • Marcin Kociołek

    ther is update on APKmirror with number 0.79.3

    And Poland get Ex-Raid’s to

  • Nic Os

    Belgium too !

  • 이종민 (Jongmin Lee)

    South Korea also confirmed

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    We recieve the round 2 in 5 citys in a rural area of Brazil.

  • Arafat Arnob

    Confirmed from Bangladesh

  • William Long

    Not complaining…lol…super happy for all who got them…but as i commented below…7-10 of us raid everyday…often…the spot for the EX raid we hit frequently and were just there 2 days before today…out of the 9 if us there…7 got raid passes…me and another were just passed over…shes a lv 35…im a 28…but…our friends 8 yr old lv 21 got a pass…again not jealous…happy…definitely wishing all happy hunting and good luck…im just wondering how that works…lol…

  • Antonio Mercurio

    just mewtwo nothing special,…

    • William Long

      Lol…riiight but i want him…

  • Mer Eps

    Singapore has several Ex Raids as well.

  • randomman29

    No news for Gen3 three or Latias so I don’t care. I still didn’t get an invite but Mewtwo isn’t in my top ten so I can have fun going mad waiting for Latias. No gen3 and no Latias make Homer go crazy.

  • Hard Work


  • Canadoman
  • thearmyofgecko

    I got one in another city where I did a raid on Sunday.

  • Dark Armour13

    New York Getting ex raid invites? Or not?

  • Mark Recasens

    Why friday? Who was the brilliant mind who think that Friday at 12 will be a good time? A lot of people from my town won’t come cause they will be working or studying (obviusly). Niantic u still doing always the worst method 🙁

  • cannyHAJ
  • Watcharapol Yusuk

    People in Thailand also have received the pass too. Unfortunately, I haven’t 🙄

  • Dark Armour13

    New York Getting ex raid passes or not?

  • Ronnie Hampton

    Completely disappointed with the day and time of this EX Raid. Most of the trainers I know will not be able to attend, without coming up with another way that doesn’t require them to physically be present. Other than that, completely happy.

  • Elof_Elof

    Great, I also got a Ex raid pass. However I can not remember the last time I took down a Raid boss at that particular Gym. So “recently” seems a bit weird. I have battled at the gym on a daily basis though

  • Curtis Beales

    To be honest I’m glad I didn’t get one this time.

    I mean midday on a working day!

    How do they expect people that have a life and work to make that. People will say ‘well it’s only a test duhhh’, but that’s just stupid.

    • peponzio

      It’s precisely to test attendance on a midday workday.

      This is all on purpose.

      • Chris Denton

        Well hopefully they don’t think because attendance is high(we shall see) it’s all good to throw an invite at a person 3 days before and expect them to get out of school or work.

  • Devilspeed999r

    Confirmed in Portugal too…

  • André Pinto

    Portugal also got invites

  • Naresh Choudhary
    • Dan

      The time is always local. So that’s 9:30 PM until 10:15 PM

      • Naresh Choudhary

        I mean tha time given on pass is of new york

        • Dan

          Right. That’s 9:30 PM until 10:15 PM. Or are you spoofing to get it?

  • Joe1407

    When did Alaska become a countries/territories ? Will we be changing the flag. No, there just making room for Puerto Rico

  • Andreas Nilsson

    So is it too late to try if you haven’t gotten an invitation yet?

    • Chris Denton

      I would say so, unfortunately. There should be more tests, though.

  • Raksha

    Add Poland to list 🙂

  • João Pacheco

    Portugal had several cities receiving EX Raid Pass as well, me included 😀

  • Jaime Palma

    the more passes you buy and raids per day the higher chances, corporate greed lol

    • Chris Denton

      I have only done 2 non ex raids at the gym where the ex raids have been held.

      I’ve recieved 2 invites. It has nothing to do with how often you raid.

  • BlaclkHea12T
  • Tomáš Suchý
  • Kay Keeney

    Got 1 again. I think everyone that got it the last time got it again.

  • raichu DL

    not a hint nor hair of mewtwo nor an EX raid pass here ever since they started, and i’ve continued to do raids in gyms across 5 different towns ever since the inception of the EX raid field tests.
    apparently the majority of the oregon coast more than an hour’s drive west of interstate 5 is too rural for them to bother doing any dang field tests.

  • Dwight Betita Delleva

    You missed philippines on the list

  • Technogal

    I fail to see why they have to do so many field tests. This isn’t complicated if all they are doing is messing around with times. If they actually got player feedback I’m sure nobody would say “give us shorter EX Raid times”. Seems a ploy to get us to buy more raid passes, hoping to get the illusive invite.

  • Shokon

    Ya, finally got the raid pass….And I’m out of the country for a week….bummed beyond words

  • zakgdynia

    There was EX raid in Gdynia, Poland on ‘Pilnuj swoich jajek’ gym. The challenge was not to catch M2, but to get there in the middle of the working day. I almost missed the event due to work commitements. It was also a chalenge for Mystic, to takeover the gym from Valor. They tried it for 2.5 hour, but failed 🙂

  • Amanda McKay

    I got a pass for the Oct 20th raid. I know the exact date of the raid that qualified me for the pass. It was Oct 6th. Everyone who did that raid with me got a pass. Some ppl are pretty sure the did their raids there Oct 7th and 8th. If they are correct, they pulled every player who raided at that gym for a 3 day period. Plus there was more than 50 players there with passes so I’m wondering how many they hand out?

  • r2yagirl

    It’s def a field test. I frequent a sponsored gym on a regular basis and did manage to get an EX Raid pass. I do participate in boss raid battles, often alone, and gym takeovers at this particular location daily. When I received the pass, I got it about 3 hours later saying it was a reward for my previous victory at that location. There’s not a ton of players in my area and I’m hoping whoever got one will show up.