here’s a quick roundup of latest news that happened in the past few hours, following the release of the 0.69.0 game update (on a subset of regional Android stores, more to come soon).

It’s been a very exciting day, so for the Trainers who were at work, here’s the rundown of big news that happened today.

1. Version 0.69.0 is out in the wild and we data mined the hell out of it.

Literally, 0.69.0 was tested and data mined with the full suite of GO Hub’s automated data mining tools. We’ve learned a lot (LEGENDARY HYPE!) and found a lot of new image assets, all of which is available here:

2. GO Fest will be live streamed on Twitch!

In a surprising turn of events, the entire GO Fest will be live streamed on Twitch, covering all the major revelations and activities that are expected to happen. We’ll be live blogging about it on the Hub!

If you’re not attending a local meetup, join the stream!

3. We’ve got a first look at the GO Fest venue construction site

A redditor named wajiw posted this picture today, showing the state of Grant Park (Chicago). A number of trainers expressed their concern that the construction won’t be completed in time (GO Fest is in three days), but it’s important to understand that construction of similar venues takes 1-5 days, depending on the size. In turn, there is no room for concern – the venue will be ready in time!

4. PokeBalls got a better looking model!

We’re not sure if their texture was changed, or the reflection material, but PokeBalls look a lot better in 0.69.0 (image credits: Reddit).

5. Appraisals are (kinda) bugged for some Trainers

Some Trainers are reporting that another Team’s Leader is appearing while they try to Appraise their Pokemon. No, this does not hint that we’ll be able to change Teams soon, this is just a bug:

  • GonzoI

    So Candela is taking over Spark’s team? I think the appraisal bug is proof that Team “Valor” is actually Team Rocket.

    • the2000guy

      Maybe thats the reason my town is completely valor and the trainers dont allow no one to place a Pokemon from either Instinct or Mystic. So yes Spoofers took over my whole town and even multiple reports to Niantic about these spoofers have no effect… Thanks Niantic!!!

      • GonzoI

        If you want to get rid of them, get a group together and make a point of knocking them off of any gym they get on as quickly as possible and either putting up Blisseys and Snorlaxes in their place (or get 6 people on the spoofer’s team to fill up the gyms instead). That will make it not worth their effort to farm your town’s gyms.

        The ones that tried in my town could be driven out that way for about a month at a time (we’re Mystic, they were Valor, so just rapidly exterminating them any time they took a gym).

      • nicktsh

        You called them spoofer and asked Niantic to take action but do you even have a proof or evidence to justify that? Gyms are open and for everyone it’s not like if you’re not happy with a team taking over your local gyms so you can call them “spoofers”. Niantic has already show their efforts and actions in taking down spoofers.

        • Higher_Ground

          Why else would he say that if he didn’t have some sort of evidence (like being there when a gym is supposedly under attack but nobody else is around).

          I’ve reported several people before for that exact same reason. And before you say that maybe I just didn’t see them, that is not the case at these particular gyms. I have of course been to gyms where others were visibly attacking it – often inside a parked car.

          I’ve also reported inappropriate nicknames (curse words – constantly placing pokemon at my local church). I personally don’t care if you like the nickname “motherphucker” but I don’t want it posted for all the kids at the daycare to see. I’ve reported people with 2 accounts too – and neither them nor the profane names were banned.

          They may do something, but they certainly aren’t doing “a lot” to combat them.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Will there still be streaming on youtube?

    • the2000guy

      Streaming on youtube? Who? And Where? I’ll prefer youtube

    • Eskimo Joe

      Twitch is a far better streaming service!!

    • dean braxton

      Hi Antonio try trainer tips for live stream on YouTube

  • Ben Pomsatid Chuenarom

    Look like it happen only to Team Instinct (including me). I want Spark back!!!

    • Higher_Ground

      Whoa, I guess he’s actually a ditto just pretending to be a trainer? The flavor text is still the same!

  • Stigr Robertsson

    This new remote feeding Pokemon in Gyms is very disappointing. I cant go to the gyms I have Pokemon over a mile away. I cant feed the Pokemon in the gyms half mile away, but I can go to the gym. I cant feed the Pokemon in the gym I can see on my map. I was hoping for this exact system to be put into the game. I was excited when it came. I was feeding Pokemon I had in gyms all over town, but now the excitement is gone and I’m step closer to joining my friends who have quit the game.

    • Erick Fournier

      Niantic said that they had to taken that feature down temporarily because of bugs in the system.
      I agree that it’s a great feature and I hope they bring it back soon.

  • vegetano1

    Bring Back Prestige Gyms!! XD