Chrales, a regular data miner with the PoGO Dev discord channel, has managed to extract nine new strings from the downloaded translation package. The nine new strings reference nine new moves coming with Generation III!

"move_name_0287" "Yawn"
"move_name_0282" "Take Down"
"move_name_0285" "Draco Meteor"
"move_name_0283" "Waterfall"
"move_name_0284" "Surf"
"move_name_0288" "Psycho Boost"
"move_name_0286" "Doom Desire"
"move_name_0290" "Precipice Blades"
"move_name_0289" "Origin Pulse"

The animations accompanying these moves were already discovered in earlier data mines: Pokémon GO 0.81.1 APK Mine: 7 new moves, blacklist tweaks, Unity upgrade and background audio fix, however, this brings us another step closer to seeing them in game.

Unfortunately, these moves have not been associated with any Pokémon as of now. Gyarados with Waterfall is still not in.

In addition, a new Shiny model has been discovered — the game is now downloading a new Shiny Cleffa 3D model, which is not yet available but is present on Niantic’s servers:

Shiny Cleffa

So, with all of these moves having both textual and visual assets, the important question is what is still missing in order for their release? Honestly, nothing! The only thing that is still needed is a GAME_MASTER file update which will assign these moves to concrete species and enable them in game.

Stay tuned for updates, the Gen III hype train will be departing soon.

  • Edwin Fung

    Maybe Shiny Cleffa is one of the main content of Thanksgiving event.

    • Minismurfen3

      Probably is.

      • MarxBrothers88

        Certainly I guess…

      • Craig

        Global event is our Thanksgiving event.

        • Minismurfen3

          And who said that?

          • Craig

            Thanksgiving is over… were saying? This was our event.

  • Frank Waals

    They just stretch some time by keeping us busy with current event. All set to be ready for more Gen3 in december

    • Minismurfen3

      Shiny Cleffa is probably being released for the Thanksgiving Event with 2x Candy, Stardust and XP. And the Christmas Event is probably going to start 14th December together with Gen 3, 2x XP and Candy. (With Reduced Buddy Distance)

      • Ollieparton OP

        God I really hope you’re right about this 🙂

      • Marco De Freitas

        Do you really think they will do a Thanksgiving event this year ? x)

        • chriswo30

          Farfetch is the “turkey” for Thanksgiving…

          • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

            Ho-Oh would be a cool one as well. But I want a regional instead

          • Minismurfen3

            Ho-Oh will probably be a EX Raid Boss that will come out in the Christmas Event. 🙂
            It is also almost guaranteed that we will get Farfetch’d Worldwide! 🙂

          • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

            It is. We’re at 2B catches

        • Minismurfen3

          Yes, because they just added the Shiny Cleffa into the Network Traffic a day before Thanksgiving.

  • DevilxDan

    Wow I still dont have normal cleffa. Had all the other babies loads but no cleffa.. WHY

    • Minismurfen3

      Hope you get it soon 🙂

  • DawidRTG

    And I still don’t have even regular cleffa ;-;

    • Faizan Arshad


  • WingedSupernova

    I hope they just drop Gen 3 all on December 1st and make everyone panic.

    • Faizan Arshad

      I hope so too

    • Minismurfen3

      They will not do that,they will drop Gen 3 when the Christmas Event starts. The speculated release date for the Event is 14th December. And Shiny Cleffa is coming in the Thanksgiving Event

      • WingedSupernova

        There is no Thanksgiving event. This event that’s going on right now lasts through Thanksgiving and has nothing to do with the holiday whatsoever. They said Gen 3 early December and the 14th is half way through the month.

  • Joshua_Alt

    I am already on board the hype train, I have been on it since we found out that we will be getting more Gen 3 in December.

    • Minismurfen3

      Probably 14th December mate 😀

  • Vance

    …Yawn? But.. Yawn doesn’t do damage.

    • Spencer Fairbairn

      For slaking!

    • chriswo30

      It might be the quick move for slacking, so it will only do damage on charged moves.

      • Ibrahim Khalil

        Makes sense as currently the meta shows Slaking to be massively overpowered, so a quick move that does no damage would balance it out.

    • Austin Tang

      Possibly status effects?

  • Dominic Perez

    I wonder what Yawn is going to do. Would this imply that Niantic is introducing status ailments?

    • raichu DL

      main consensus is it’ll be on slaking in place of them just hardcoding an equivalent of truant on it, since abilities look to not be coming.

    • chriswo30

      It will be a useless movement like splash, it wont do any damage but will charge the “charge move” that will be the only way slaking can do damage.