Ninetales raid successfully soloed with 6 Golems by a NZ Instinct player


merely hours after we’ve published our Ninetales raid boss guide: can it be solo raided? guide, one New Zealander managed to do it, beating the timer with less than a second left!

Erasold01, a Wellington based Instinct Trainer, has managed to solo a Feint Attack dark / Heat Wave fire Ninetales.

Erasold entered the fight with six Golems, powered up and with the correct movesets, but ended up using only the first three, due to timer limitations. Interestingly, Era decided to dodge only when a successful dodge could help him land another Stone Edge rock on Ninetales.

The whole fight lasts for little over than 3 minutes and it keeps getting more and more exciting as the timer inevitably approaches zero. After burning through two Golems, Erasold decides not to dodge a Heat Wave on his third Golem, giving it time and space to deal additional damage.

As time goes on, Ninetales and the last Golem are left in an epic struggle to knock each other out using only quick moves. You can almost imagine Erasold frantically tapping the screen in order to land that final blow.

Luckily, he does manage to land it! Just in the nick of time, as the timer changes from 1 to 0 remaining seconds, Ninetales stops moving and starts shrinking, with Era’s last Golem standing proud at probably less than 10 HP.

  • tester

    where is the video then?

    • Spetsen

      It’s on YouTube. I would send you the link but that’s not allowed in comments here. Check the silph road reddit, you should find it there.

  • Michal Husak

    This should be some anomaly or the pokebattler simulator generate wrong results. With perfect 3x golems and dodging only the special attack, the time should be 186 sec. The battle typically starts with counter on 175 sec = no way to make it. Even dodging only selected special attacks as mentioned in the article should not help. I had run the simulations for all possible Ninetiles move sets …

    • Rubén Navarro

      Try with Omastar, the only way but legacy

      • peponzio

        Not enough time, not enough damage. Omastar deals (approximately) 16.67 DPS with legacy Rock Throw and 14 DPS with Water Gun; and 49.09 DPS with Hydro Pump.

        Golem deals 17.78 DPS with Rock Throw and 55.22 DPS with Stone Edge. Though Golem gets less EPS with Rock Throw than Omastar with Water Gun.

        Omastar would stay around longer against Fire attacks but time would only allow for two Omastars to play. Maybe it could work, but I see Golem dealing more damage.

        • Rubén Navarro

          I know It, both charge the same EPS whith rock trow. Most the time, you can’t hit once more SE with a energy bar full, but Omastar can hit again usually. I love Golem, it’s a great choice, but don’t despiste Omastar

    • Spetsen

      As far as I know Pokebattler does not list the minimum time, it lists an average time based on whatever configuration you choose. They are even holding a competition for the first one to solo Ninetales (which this guy didn’t win because he didn’t follow the rules in regards to video submission). So obviously they thought it was possible. The creator of Pokebattler have also analyzed the video and other material from Erasold01, determining the achievement to be legit.

  • Harish Waghela

    Give xraid pass for Mewtwo I have no xraid pass n ma friend get 3 pass in 1 account 😡 delete this stupid game

  • Robert Byrne

    Has anybody else’s game just says GPS error can’t find location Every time it knocks on.

  • 03grunt

    Lvl 36 and I got rekt by an all Ice cloyster. That thing is tough!

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Someone is a baddy! ;P

  • Hidayat Khan


  • Finn Brown

    Yay I am From nz

  • Daniel Paul

    How do you capture videos of you raids?

  • Michal Hušák

    It is relay suspicious nobody was abel to reproduce this reults. The pokebattler contest for 100% valid video prove is still running …