Pokemon GO Buddy system has been data mined from the latest app version. We will be taking our favorite Pokemon for a walk soon.

The Buddy system was first seen on AeonLucid’s PogoProtos, the biggest Github repository for analysing Pokemon GO network traffic. The Buddy system was introduced in the code base in 0.35.0 update.

In short, here’s what we know:

  • Pokemon Buddy System is using the same server side distance calculation as the one used for Pokemon Eggs
  • Walking your Pokemon Buddy will award you with candy. The amount of candy is yet to be determined.
  • You can walk the same Pokemon Buddy multiple times, but there is likely a daily limit for obtained candy
  • You can walk with only one Buddy Pokemon at a time
  • There are various looks of Buddy Pokemon
    • Medium size
    • Big size
    • Flying next to you
    • Rests on your shoulder

All of these changes are already present in the code base, and by the look of it, we could be getting the Buddy system in the next update.

Full Code Analysis

The following few paragraphs discuss code details and reference the code directly. We will keep the discussion simple. If you are not familiar with software development and coding practice, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

BudyPokemon.proto introduced

message BuddyPokemon {
	fixed64 id = 1;
	double start_km_walked = 2;
	double last_km_awarded = 3;

As observed, a new file has been added to the code. BuddyPokemon message  tracks the Buddy Id, the start distance and the last awarded distance.

According to previous experience, the app will receive the entire data package from the server side, similar to how walked egg distance is updated. 


A new type of Network Response  – GetBuddyWalkedResponse

message GetBuddyWalkedResponse
	bool success = 1;
	.POGOProtos.Enums.PokemonFamilyId family_candy_id = 2;
	int32 candy_earned_count = 3;

GetBuddyWalkedResponse records the awarded Candy amount and logs the event inside the Journal. Not much to explain here, it’s a new type of Network Response clearly indicating that you will get Candy from walking a Buddy Pokemon.

The response is in line with the structure of other Network responses and it looks lightweight.


Set Buddy and Get Buddy Walked messages

message SetBuddyPokemonMessage {
	fixed64 pokemon_id = 1;
message GetBuddyWalkedMessage {

There are two new functions in the Network Requests code base:  

  • SetBuddyPokemonMessage
  • GetBuddyWalkedMessage

The implementation is currently missing but their naming clearly indicates the intent.

As there are no extra parameters sent via GetBuddyWalkedMessage we believe you will be able to walk with only one Buddy Pokemon at a time.


New BuddySize enumeration

	enum BuddySize
		BUDDY_BIG = 2;

As expected, a new BuddySize enumeration has been added in regards to Buddy Pokemon. The code is inside Pokemon Setting message and clearly references various sizes and looks of buddies.

We are not sure how it will look and feel, but Shoulder buddy sounds bloody amazing.



There are still quite a few changes were not noting or discussing here for the sake of brevity. If you are interested in the full list of code changes, visit the PogoProtos Github repository.

The Pokemon Buddy system looks promising and simple. We expect it to land in the update next week as it reuses the Egg distance walked calculation and multiple existing endpoints.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe!


  • Nathan Friesen

    In before pokewalks are dominated by the 12 Candy evo pokemon. Who wouldn’t farm pidgey/weedle/caterpie for this?

    • Oneirohero

      I’ll use the buddy system to be able to evolve/power up my favourite pokémon that rarely spawn near me, like Machop and Geodude (they may spawn more elsewhere, but that’s not the point). Plus with the pokemon position data it looks like there’ll be a visual bonus much like Pikachu was in the Yellow version.

      I think that when the Buddy system drops, it’ll be called the Yellow version update. Gen II pokémon will be the Gold/Silver update.

    • Woody

      For sure. But also for rare candies. I will certainly be taking my Snorlax on a few walks!

    • Jacob

      Personally, I’ll be using it to farm candy to evolve certain Pokemon who I have a lot of trouble finding multiples of (i.e. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Abra, Gastly, etc). Not to mention candy for my Lapras, who has great IVs, but who I can’t power up any more due to having only ever hatched the one. I’m excited!

    • Matt

      Man, I ain’t walking no Weedle.

    • BubbleBuster

      People who would rather have interesting Pokemon than a bigger number next to our avatar.

    • Reasonable Human

      Anyone with a Dratini

      Might also use it sometimes for the Pokemon I don’t have final evolutions for, but only after reaching my max amount of Dratini candies for the day.
      Nevermind, only walking Dratinis forever if this is true.

    • Daniel

      I’d rather pokewalk with a rare pokémon that I know I’m not gonna find many candies of him to complete my pokédex

    • Justin

      I’d probably walk my Lapras, tbh.

    • Greendogblue

      people who actually want to boost up the strong pokemon that they have but have a hard time getting candy for

    • Mr. Honest

      i defiantly wouldnt do that why walk those shitty pokemon when they are everywhere? I would walk my 91% perfect snorlax because i defiantly am not going to run into alot of snorlaxes

    • DinkyDonky

      Yeah, no, i see 12 Candy Pokémon fucking everywhere. I’d take a rare Pokémon as a buddy and generate candies to level/evolve. Any sane person would do this.

    • calvin

      As a suburb player, I’d rather farm dratini/snorlax candy

  • Interesting!

  • Keremal

    is the buddy pokewalk thing based on the type of pokemon you previously caught or is it at random? like with the johto thing back in gold and silver

  • Maiku

    Finally, you’ll be able to train one Pokemon (your starter for example) without the need to catch a million copies of it.

  • Chris

    I certainly wouldn’t when they’re so easy to catch. I’d rather walk my Charmander.

  • Kivipossu

    Like… People who would actually evolve/power up their strong pokemon? In before pokewalks are dominated by Dratini/Lapras/Snorlax…

  • Kmatt

    The whole point is that you can use this to get candy for rarer Pokémon that you otherwise would have difficulty finding.

  • Jay

    This is great and all, but until they significantly improve the way they track walking distance, I’m not interested. I’m tired of having to walk 15km to hatch a 10km egg.

  • tony

    Why bother with Pidgey? I’m walking my Haunter.

  • @Nathan Friesen
    I wouldn’t. I’d much rather use the candies towards something I don’t get a lot of, like a Dratini, or Snorlax. But I suppose if all you’re doing is trying to get XP, then yes, there will be a lot of people who are farming those, although, I expect that in the time it takes to get the Pidgey candy from walking, you could easily get more candy simply from catching those same pokemon which appear very often. In the end, I think that the time it takes to walk a pokemon, and receive candy will outweigh the return on your farming strategy, and it will be best used for walking rarer pokemon.

  • Alexis

    Can you fix the game so it won’t drain your battery fast plz?

  • Really excited for this update!

  • Connie

    I still do not know how the eggs hatch and can’t find out how.

  • ArcaneOpera

    I’m no coder but could these have anything to do with trainer battles, or is it already known what they’re for? : src/POGOProtos/Networking/Requests/Messages/CheckChallenge.proto; src/POGOProtos/Networking/Requests/Messages/VerifyChallenge.proto; src/POGOProtos/Networking/Responses/VerifyChallengeResponse.proto

  • Very interesting, my grandson plays Roblox and they have a version of PokémonGo. Inside their version they already activated a very similar function. I watched him play as his Gengar tagged along.

  • why the actual fuck would you farm caterpie candy when you can farm dratini candy

  • Ali Meehan

    My children, husband and i love the game but i do agree the aprearance of pidgys and rattatas is getting a little out of hand. I do have a suggestion though, is there a way that a notification could be added to our pokemon that are in gyms. When you click on your pokemon that are in gyms and click on the symbol it can show what gym they are in or at least a description, that would be awesome.

  • Horseyb

    Your last paragraph seems to imply that we’ll be awarded candy retroactively. Am I reading that correctly?

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  • Kory

    Cant wait for buddy and being able to trade as well plus really need the bugs fixed freezes and the passanger thing ive lost hetting pokeman because of it popping up all the time