it’s happening – we now have almost all of the required Generation III files in the APK! We’ve done a quick data mine and our suspicions were confirmed: Gen III Pokémon audio clips are now in the APK, but more importantly… Gen III is coming this Halloween!

As a bonus, a new Badge entry was added in reference to the Gen 3 Pokédex entries, a brand new Halloween 2017 loading screen and support for in-game night time Halloween music were added. You can see screenshots of the code and the wallpaper below. And yes, Gen III is coming for Halloween, as featured in the new loading screen.

We don’t want to overhype this release, but there is only one thing that’s missing before Gen III can be fully released: new moves/abilities. All of the other static assets are in there, which leaves us at a tipping point.

As far as other changes go, there are huge chunks of code changed left and right, almost exclusively as bug fixes but also as new debugging and tracing tools. It seems that Pokémon GO is maturing as a platform more and more.

Important new bits of code:


We haven’t yet managed to extract the new Halloween music from the APK (or we didn’t want to spoil it!).

New Halloween wallpaper

As you can see, the new Halloween wallpaper features new Gen III Pokémon! Duskull and Dusclops, Shuppet and Banette and Sableye. Well, well!

Gen III Audio assets added

The audio files for all Gen III species are now in the APK, taking up roughly additional 20 MB uncompressed. They sound quite nice, especially the new Night music.

New Gen III Pokédex Badge flag

We haven’t seen the badge icon in this APK, so another client side update is expected before the entire Gen III releases.

  • Edwin Fung

    Where’re abilities and status effects?

    • Roger Agnew

      Glad to see you can read the article.

      • Crash GO


      • Edwin Fung

        Nevertheless, there should be a weather forecast system for Castform.

      • Edwin Fung

        Of course I can read this article. The important codes don’t include abilities and status effects.

    • Bruno Magalhães

      “We don’t want to overhype this release, but there is only one thing that’s missing before Gen III can be fully released: new moves/abilities.”

      • LoL

        • Antonio Mercurio

          new moves / abilities i think came out the week of release??

      • Edwin Fung

        Those movesets are for evolution. (Can only learn them by using TMs)

      • Edwin Fung

        Haha you know I’m satirizing Niantic?

  • Gryphon Strother

    So hyped 🤙🤙

  • Crash GO

    The Hype is real =O

    • Michael Haunter Juhler

      Tone it down, buddy.

      Never get too hyped about something – It will only let you down.

      • Nathan

        ninatic will always ruin anything somehow. Like regional exclusives. Or the lag being 3x worse than when gen 2 got out

        • Michael

          My Xiaomi never lags with this game.

          • Jérémy Colombier

            The same with my Galaxy s7

          • Ysmael Pantaleon

            What Xiaomi phone are you using? I was hoping to buy Xiaomi Mi A1 this November.

          • Michael

            Redmi 4x

    • Gryphon Strother

      Why tone it down? There’s reason to be excited this game needs new content 😀

  • Crafty Animations

    I’m obsessed with Mystic7

    • Finn Brown


    • Ganonfodder

      You’re both idiots.

    • Elias

      Me 2. He’s bae

  • Mike Mathis

    noticed that EX Raid invite is cancelled… meaning no more EX pass?

    • Pretty sure they didn’t go out at all last week so the thought is currently that they’re not testing anymore. They’ll probably be back in time, unfortunately.

    • ElectroBlade

      It’s a message for when an EX pass is distributed, but then the raid gets canceled for whatever reason.

    • Kevin Mask

      I really hope it means they just do away with the idea of EX Raids and make Mew Two available as a regular legendary raid.

  • Marcin Kociołek
    • Gryphon Strother

      Very true I think we’re getting Gen III next update like Hanke said, maybe just the ghosts but I have a feeling more than that 😉

  • yon Vpn

    can anyone share the apk to me?

  • WingedSupernova


  • Heydavid17

    From what I understand by reading this.
    Then this could mean, that only the Ghost types of Gen 3 will be released.
    I suspect this, since the new badge hasn’t been added, and seeing how it went with the Gen 2 babies, this might be something similar, I believe so.

    Another thing I’m wondering about, is this part:
    What is that supposed to mean…?

    • EuMeSmObYmYsElF

      for situations when you receive an invite but, for some reason, the gym becomes unavailable

      • GonzoI

        Yep, they had this happen when a gym was removed before an EX raid. From what I recall, they claimed not to have gotten any notification, it was just gone.

    • Edwin Fung

      Gen III is the next content update, coming soon— “There is a lot of Pokémon that have not yet been launched, so I think the next secret weapon will be launch of the next Pokémon generation. I hope the players will soon see them.”

    • Marcelo Ayala

      It’s defibitey possible. Release a few new Pokémon while they work on the new battle system, which would be the last quarterly update, and release smeargle, delibird, and the rest of gen 3. The only thing is that the game balance and meta would be really weird for those first few months of only gen 3 ghost types

      • hkmaly

        They may also decide to release five gen 3 pokemons every week or something, starting with ghosts.

        • Edwin Fung

          Thorend, explain the cons of slowly releasing Pokemon to him.

          • hkmaly

            Cons for US or THEM?

    • Kevin Mask

      That would be cool enough, even with gen 3 ghost mons only

    • Patricia Hatcher

      I think it looks like all the pokemon will be out, or least the code is there– it’s listed for each Pokedex entry 364-386 in the screenshot. Maybe they’ll do just ghosts at first, but I’m cool with that!

    • stephanie

      ex passes are on pause atm cause thats the beta tests al finished now, so time to roll it out world wide it might be

    • Ali Di Giorgio

      The exclusive raid invites were for the mewtwo raids, however, it was only a field test and no more invitations will be realeased as of yet and no word on if and when there will be more.

    • Derptoise Wt

      I think it would mean that an Exclusive Raid that you were invited to got cancelled.

  • Woooo

  • Pkm_Trainer17

    Yes gen 3

  • ダーク マウジー

    is that a new hat on the player avatar…?

    new hat please.

  • Den Lim

    It’s like last year. They only released the Gen 2 babies first. This year will probably ghost types of Gen 3

    • Aryx

      Exactly, I was thinking the same. They will release the Gen3 ghost Pokemon during this event (along with more spawns of Gen1 + Gen2 ghost Pokemon). And save the rest of Gen3 for early 2018 (February/March).

      • Jérémy Colombier

        Heu… no 2018 it’s To mate. Many people stop the game after catch the three pokemon of 3g

  • Java “Like the Coffee”

    Can we just get trades, please? I’m level 26 and yet I’m missing 100+ Pokemon because I lived in the middle of no where when the game first came out.

    • Hugo Alejandro Patzan Lopez

      Just hatch eggs

      • peponzio

        That doesn`t solve it. Eggs only hatch pokemon common to the area they were obtained from. At most by hatching he`d get rare pokemon that rarely spawn everywhere like snorlax.

        Eggs are like strong wild pokemon from your town.

        • Higher_Ground

          Eggs are random, they aren’t tied to anything that’s related to your location.

          You can look up the current roster for each type of egg. I’ve hatched ’em all (well except for girafarig, which happened to nest in a park near me)

          • peponzio

            At this point I don’t know what’s the mechanics of anything in the game. I remember a post in this webpage stating that eggs you got were directly related to the biomes where you got them from.

            So if you got an egg where it’s highly unlikely to get a Sudowoodo it would be highly unlikely for it to hatch into a Sudowoodo. Leaving you partially stuck with eggs from your biome, forcing you to travel to get different eggs in different biomes.

            But they could have changed that and I just don’t knw anymore.

          • Higher_Ground

            I think there was still a lot of guessing early on – and they could have indeed changed up the formula.

            I used to think that certain pokestops were more likely to give you a particular class of egg (to explain why I had so many 5kms and no 10kms).

            After the last event, where they did (tacitly) increase the 10km egg drop, I’ve gotten a good mix from every egg. Larvitar, Dratini, Mareep, Porygon, Lapras, and of course Sudowoodo too.

            Still, the sheer number of pokemon that could be in an egg makes it so that some are really rare. Like with the girafarig – I still haven’t hatched one in 430 eggs.

            Overall, I think they could do better on biomes. But then again I’m annoyed enough that I have to travel out of town to get electric types (or wait for a nest). Where I live there would never be any desert or ice biome pokemon 🙁

    • Lol, 26

  • Kllenda Draves

    They just need to over all make it like the game boy verson like battling should make your Pokemon stronger you should be able to battle wild Pokemon we need hospitals and trading
    I’d pay for a game like that honestly

    • That boy

      You pay for a game like that? you are playing a game without that,they don’t need to add this only because you pay, pay if you want,but they don’t need to do it true when you want,they need to do all the things right first,next what the players want or prefer.

      • Chris Denton

        “I’d” means “I would”, as in “I would pay for a game like that”.

    • Dan

      Battling in the wild would slow the game down so much, and leveling by battling would completely change the dynamic of the powering system (i.e.: candy and star dust). They aren’t going to change that, nor should they. If you want that experience, then play the GameBoy games.

  • eMike

    I still want a damn medal for legendary raids.. it’s that hard, Niantic?

  • Michael Dever

    You are excited about the new generation of Pokemon coming out and I’m still waiting for their to be in game crating of Pokemon and on top of that being able to battle each other’s Pokemon away from the gym yet they still have not gone anywhere near any of that so the height can be real about the new wallpaper the music and the new Pokemon coming out for Halloween that’s all fine and dandy but I’m still waiting for them to be true to the Pokemon nature which is battling other trainers getting the experience and everything else of that nature where is all of that can anyone tell me.

    • Higher_Ground

      what makes more sense:

      1) They release gen 3 at a time that fits in with the schedule of when they released gen 2
      2) They throw away an entire year’s worth of playing to completely overhaul the entire game mechanics.

      I’m going with #1.

  • Christian Ellingsen

    Cant wait😀

  • DragonitoGames XD

    The hype its real OMG im hype for gen 3

  • 123FLO321

    Gen 1 and 2 badge icons are the same.
    So they’ll probably use the same for gen 3 again and therefore no update is required before release.

  • Jorrit_trickz


  • Nebojša Simić

    when this event will start?

    • Dan

      My guess is the 26th, and run through the 2nd. They generally run events like this on a Thursday and run them for a week. But that’s just my guess.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I have not played Pokemon Go for 2 weeks, hopefully (it will) it gets me back into the game untill next year 🙂

  • Maximiliano Cinello

    Que bueno y porque para ese día del evento no liberan a unown para todo el mundo tan difícil la tenes que hacer niantic? ??

    • peponzio

      Unown ya salio en todo el mundo, desde hace mucho. Pero es increiblemente raro que salga salvaje. En los eventos safari le meten poca rareza a ciertas letras (s a f a r i) para que los participantes puedan atraparlos.

      • Maximiliano Cinello

        Ya se que salieron y que solo unos pocos Lo tienen , digo que los hagan brotar por todas partes en el evento sería lo más y que todos podamos tenerlos.

        • peponzio

          Estaría bien, es solo que no parece que tengan ninguna relación con Halloween. Generalmente salen con legendarios o historia mística Pokemon, no tienen nada que ver con fantasmas ni nada así.

          Sería conveniente? Sí. Tendría sentido? Depende a quién le preguntes.

          • Maximiliano Cinello
          • peponzio

            Que estás demasiado excitado por tratar de probar que me equivoco. ¿Y
            qué si me equivoco? Solo expreso mi opinión, lo que yo personalmente
            creo que podría o no pasar. Si me equivoco, ¡genial! Nos tocaría unown.
            Si estoy en lo correcto, lástima ya nos tocará y si no ni modo.

            ¿O te refieres a esa lista? Primero, está en español, leaks estarían en
            inglés. Segundo, ¿cuál es la referencia? ¿quién escribió esa lista? ¿en
            qué se basa para postearlo? ¿de dónde viene, twitter, facebook,
            whatsapp, FakePokemonGoNews? Tercero, se nota que son suposiciones y que no tienen relacionan alguna entre los puntos.

            Halloween 2016: Doble caramelos en captura, hatches y transferencias. Distancia con compañero para caramelos / 4.

            Edit: No he podido poner mi respuesta completa, la pagina no me deja. Dice que espere a que algun moderador active mi comentario.

          • peponzio

            Por último. Las listas de Pokemon que saldrán también parecen improvisadas.

            Gen 1: El año pasado salió cubone/marowak y meowth, puede que este año no salgan pero Mr. Mime definitivamente no salió en 2016. Y aunque salga, es un regional; no saldrá en todo el mundo solo por ser Halloween.

            Gen 2: Espeon y Umbreon son evoluciones especiales, estaría genial que salieran pero lo dudo, no tengo argumentos para decir que no saldrán pero el argumento de irían bien por temática es altamente dudoso. Wobbuffet es posible. Unown, vuelvo a lo mismo, no creo, yo, personalmente, en mi opinión, que salga.

            Gen 3: Absol, Poochyena y Mightyena no están relacionados con Halloween. Absol está relacionado con desastres naturales. Ninguno de esos sale en los posters. No lo sé amigo les doy un 30-70% de salir. Los demás de la lista ya están confirmados.

  • Chris Denton

    See you in 2 months when you are crying for gen 4 and there is still nothing to do in the game.

  • Steven 2610

    I have updates the app and sinds then i only get 2 items from every pokestop… does someone else have this 2

  • a23wangm1


  • fantasy xD

    Can’t wait 😊


    New music? Who even plays with sound on anymore? Instead of adding stupid features that only drain battery and CPU power they should fix the EX Raids. Btw, from these pokemon probably only Dusknoir is worth something, everything else are pokedex fillers

    • Jérémy Colombier

      Me i play with music

      • hkmaly

        I’m playing with sound but not music.

  • Dominic Perez

    Is this real? IS THIS REAL!?

  • David Morris

    My guess as to how Niantic will ruin this: the only gen 3 Pokémon that will be released are the ghost and dark types for Halloween. Then, they will put some gen 3 Pokémon in raids. We’ll get another costumed Pikachu for Halloween and/or Christmas. And the whole of gen 3 EXCEPT the Pokémon who pretty much NEED their abilities will be released by the end of the year. We’ll still be waiting for Delibird and Smeargle, there will be new regional exclusives, and Mew will never be released. Just a guess, though.

    • Higher_Ground

      I’d say that’s mostly on point.

      It’s likely they will only release the ghost & dark pokemon. That’s better than nothing, and certainly better than adding wynaut & azurill.

      I don’t think they’ll add them in raids at all. It may even be wishful thinking to see a rotation to other gen 1 & 2 raid bosses.

      A costumed pikachu is probably in the works. I’m okay with this since I still need my pikachu medal and they’ll count towards it.

      Any pokemon that relies heavily on abilities will be left out. They’ll probably figure out Delibird by Christmas, but I’m not holding my breath on Smeargle unless they just change the way sketch up works. It’s not like learning any one move is all that great anyway – it’s just an interesting feature. Kind of like how nobody really wants to have a Delibird that gives HP back to the enemy.

      Regional exclusives are an idea that sounds cool on paper and ends up extremely frustrating in execution. I’m sure they’ll continue right along adding more to the mix.

      Mew will be handed out in person at a Japan only event. (this is of course just wild speculation)

      I’d be glad to be proven wrong. How great would it be to get all of gen 3 – added abilities/status conditions – and precise, accurate information on how to obtain the rest of gen 1 & 2. Any one of those things might actually be a cause for celebration.

  • Landon Mercer

    Are they going to release some or all of gen 3

  • Ari Thunder


  • harve’ firestone

    None of this means anything until they do something about spoofing. Cheating is reported over and over and the same cheaters keep appearing on the same gyms.

    • Pokeballdk Denmark

      I think you are exaggerating. Spoofing is a problem, but most of the time I don’t think most of us are affected at all. Personally I almost only use gyms for getting more Stardust besides raids. Up to 50 coins bonus is not worth the effort and time.

    • Dan

      Keep reporting them. They do get banned. There were 3 spoofers in my town that are no longer playing, and they stopped playing within a few days of us reporting them.

  • Zappy-N

    yeah, banette!

  • Nick van den Ingh

    I am only hyped if they release the whole gen3 (except the legendaries). Please not only the gen3 ghosts.

  • James Moonfire

    Will Niantic be increasing Pokemon Storage space from 1,000 to 1,500 with the release of Gen 3? Item-Bag storage space is already at a 1,500 limit.

    • Higher_Ground

      add to that – Will they offer a discount in the store? I’m not dropping coins until I know for sure they won’t put them on sale.

  • MadameAzazel

    The ghost types are my favorite types so if they are releasing the Gen 3 ghosts first I will definitely be Trying for Shuppet and Banette.

  • Jon Uzel

    The best news of this timing means we may actually have a chance of seeing Gen 4 hit during the summer next year! (though this is also very welcomed news in and of itself!)

  • Zappy-N

    so it’s likely that we’ll only get the gen 3 ghost/dark types this month, and they’ll roll out the rest later on. fine by me!

    obviously the load screen confirms Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette, and Sableye. I’d say there’s a chance for a few more to be included (Absol, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Poochyena, Mightyena)

    there’s also the ones that gain dark/ghost typings in their evolutions (Crawdaunt, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Cacturne) but i don’t know if they’d add those too.

  • Thevaporeongamer

    Hey thx for the new

  • Thevaporeongamer

    Yusss I’m been waiting for this

  • Ayush Saraf

    New moves added?

  • Brian Heckard

    I gotta admit. I’m excited about the prospect of new Pokemon to catch. But, at some point this really is just going to become too much. If they don’t start to simplify this game, they will lose people like me who just don’t have enough time to devote to the game. Raids were fun at first. But, they take so much effort and devotion to a weekend of Pokemon, that if anything in life gets in the way, you feel like there is no room for success in the game. Simplify the game, but then add exciting events every month or so, and I will stay interested. Make this a game where I give it 100% or I can’t compete, I will lose interest. PVP sounds interesting, but will force me to compete when I don’t have time for it. If that ever becomes the driving update, I can’t imagine staying. This game is just getting too complicated for anyone who has to work, parent, and be an adult in America. And I can’t imagine it being a fun aspect to a teenager who has so many other things going on in their lives.

    • Gryphon Strother

      Make the game “simpler”? How is that even possible? 🤦‍♂️

      • Higher_Ground

        yeah, that comment is really odd. The game couldn’t be any simpler and pokemon in general only gets more complex, not less, as time goes on.

    • Higher_Ground

      They’re giving us a month to catch one legendary pokemon – basically 30 free attempts. They spawn all day long all over town… usually there’s one going on at any given time where I live.

      Sure, they force you to put in the work to find a facebook/discord group. But after that? Just look where people are meeting up and be in & out in half an hour.

  • awlagfare

    Any word on pokemon storage update?
    I mean, how is this is ever gonna fit?

  • Vincent MARIN

    Yes cool. Is it possible te get gen 2 & 3 Pokemons/pokedex png images ?

  • Jared Walker

    Remember when we thought Gen 2 was going to be released, and instead we got stuck babysitting? I can’t help but wonder if we will get all of gen 3 at once or a select few for Halloween and the rest later.

  • waraw1968

    Apk 0.79. 3 is now out

  • Sebi Proxis Strihovsky

    Hype For Halloween and Gen 3 !!!!! 😀

  • Michal Hušák

    Do you see fps degradation an image jumping during pokemon catching with 0.79.3 ? It makes ball throw harder than previous version :-(.

    • Michael Nisslbeck

      Jeah, same for me.
      I hope they can fix it serverside.

      • Michal Hušák

        Fixed in 0.79.3.

  • Thevaporeongamer

    I’m so ready for this 😋🤗

  • AverageGamers

    Congrats Pokemon GO, you’ve got my attention again! Things are going to be spooky good this Halloween… 😆

  • Charles Mangan

    i think that they should release just the ghost mons because no one would want to farm gen III and only be able to get ghost types

  • im a ninja

    But I don’t see nincada, ninjask, or shedinja. Shedinja is the only ghost not included 🙁

  • tikootje1

    Hi, Do you think rare candy will be available to use on gen 3 pokemon when they come out ?

  • Showtyme

    havent seen any gen 3 on my nearby since event started

  • Jens Prill

    which Tool you are using there to expand the apk ?? I want have it !!!