According to a newsletter sent out by Pokemon Trainer Club , the potential release date for the new Gym system and the Raids Beta is early July.

The newsletter (attached below) says the following:

Get ready for a revamped Gym experience, cooperative fun with Raid Battles, and more – coming to Pokemon GO in early July!

The PTC newsletter is an official newsletter sent out by The Pokemon Company, so this info is considered verified and correct. Be aware that Niantic has clarified that Raids will be initially released as a region-locked beta, so take the newsletter wording with a grain of salt.

There is no specific release date besides “early July”, but the following is known:

  • The new Gym system will be released before Raids
  • Gyms will be reactivated some time after the 0.67.1 update rolls out worldwide on Android and iOS
  • Raids will be initially released as a Beta in select cities/regions, similar to how the nearby tracker was first tested in San Francisco
  • Raids will be gradually released in the weeks following the Beta release

We expect that Niantic will be sharing more information about the release dates soon. While we wait for the release to happen, get up to speed with the new update with the following guides:

In case you haven’t seen it already, Raid Music and Sounds have been data mined! Preview:

TPC Newsletter

  • LuckyfighterGO


    • LuckyfighterGO

      thats over 10 days away, too long

  • Zsófia Flóra Asztalos

    i dont really get it. when the gyms will be reactivated, won’t they functionate with the new system? thanks for the answer.

    • juan garcia

      Yes they will but raids will be coming in the weeks after

      • Zsófia Flóra Asztalos

        cool. thanks. so in these weeks i can working on some gym badges ^^

        • juan garcia

          Wich team are you?

          • Zsófia Flóra Asztalos


          • juan garcia

            It will be nice to talk with you but disqus does not have any kind of chat, I am on team Instinct BTW

  • Alysson Medeiros

    Niantic’s profile on Reddit has already stated that Gyms will be released within 24 hours from now.

    • leonidaswin

      Maybe the new system gym will be available in 48hs, and the Raids in early July. It´s just a wish.

      • leonidaswin

        Sorry folks there was a link, but I can’t find it now. Seems he deletes that topic. This user ” u/NianticIndigo” was posted the topic, and he is niantic official.

    • Davelse

      Where did you read this? Link? Thanks.

      • leonidaswin

        In reddit r/pokemongo but I can’t find the link. Sorry I swear there was a link.

    • A link to that post would be appreciated, as the PTC letter has confusing wording.

      • David Shuer

        It initially said 24 hours but was edited to say 48

        • Viviane Bastos

          do you have the link?

          • David Shuer

            I posted it before- I don’t know why it is being deleted. It is on reddit and was originally posted by nianticindigo. I wish someone could clarify why when I post the link it gets deleted…

  • ElectroBlade

    The email is poorly worded, there is absolutely no way Niantic would keep gyms down until July. They should be going up soon.

  • yoyov singh

    I think before the Chicago event Gym will be activated

  • Oliver Duphorn

    The update is here for me, just downloaded it (no raids though as far as I can tell)

  • Heydavid17

    Hmm… I could imagine it would be even sooner than 24 hours.
    Just like with the Gen 2 release, then I got the update a few hours, before Gen 2 got out.
    Now I just got the new update, and everything looks ready to start any time now.
    Other than that, I could imagine that they extended the Solstice event, so when the event ends, the new update should go live. That’s just my guess of course.

  • Mayukh Joyee Dasgupta

    I heard from a different page that if you can defeat the raid boss the CP of the raid Pokemon that you can capture with premier balls will not be huge but’ll be comparable to the normal Pokemon CP’s. This if true does’nt make it sensible for the use of premier balls which lose their specialty!! Anyway, other than the regionals, most people have completed or almost completed their Pokedex.

    • Diskus1

      Premier Balls are only available after a raid to catch a normal copy of the raid boss pokemon. Whether you catch it or not, you won’t have any Premier Balls in your bag afterwards. It’s a raid only feature.

      • Higher_Ground

        plus, you can’t really see what kind of ball a pokemon is captured in anyway.