another “shiny leak” was discovered by Chrales, a data miner with the PoGODev group. In addition to the recently added Ho-Oh and Celebi 3D models, Chrales has found three new shiny models: Gastly, Haunter and Gengar!

Admittedly, Chrales is not sure when these models were added, but they are in now. There are no 2D shiny icons for the Gastly family, similar to how Ho-Oh and Celebi models were added. We’ll be on the lookout for the 2D sprites, as they seem to be a key indicator when a Pokémon or its shiny form is about to become available.

In any case, enjoy the pretty pictures, property of manipulated network responses fed to a client app.

Shiny Gastly

Shiny Gastly

Shiny Haunter

Shiny Haunter

Shiny Gengar

Shiny Gengar

What is going on with all these unused Shiny forms?


If you have been following along, you are surely aware that a number of Shiny forms and their 3D models has been added over time, but never used. We are not sure why is this happening, as Shiny forms are simply recolors of existing 3D models, but the frequency and randomness of the additions hints that a probable Niantic-employees-only field test is happening somewhere in the US.

A similar thing was actually observed before Legendary Raids were released, as occasional 5 star raids were spotted in the wild. This time, detection could be tricky, as Shiny Pokémon don’t have any map/radar indicators.

Our running theory is that Niantic is play testing several different Shiny distribution mechanisms, but be aware that this is purely our gut feeling:

  • “Post raid” mechanism for Shiny raid bosses
  • “Normal gameplay” mechanism for other Shiny Pokémon
  • Armelo Apelete

    And i saw in a discord groupe someone who caught a shiny Entei but there is no sparkles

    • Zappy-N


      • Armelo Apelete
        • Armelo Apelete
          • S-GUTZ


          • ZABlaze

            Seems legit but prob Photoshop or glitch cinder
            ing that there is no shiny sprite for entiet

          • Armelo Apelete

            A lambda person can’t have a high skill like that, maybe a bug from Niantic server, the sprite of Zapdos still shiny till now so we can expect anything from Niantic

          • Sean Cratty

            this is not legit you know why. If you look at all shinys in the game. All are completely different colors on all parts of the pokemon. If you look at this Entei, The only thing that is different is, The main coat, Chest and side of the face. The silver wings stayed stay the same, Star above it’s head, Ankle bracelets and feet stayed the same. Plus in the first picture. Their are NO stars going around the Entei that would state it’s a shiny. This was either photoshopped or a glitch in the game. You can also go into the pokedex and see it’s not a shiny.

          • hkmaly

            Actually, the shiny look matches Generation VI and/or Generation VII image (Pokemon X, Pokemon Sun). Doesn’t mean it’s legit, just that your argument is incorrect. In fact, maybe the image is taken from Pokemon Sun and photoshoped into Go.

          • Sean Cratty

            Actually I am not incorrect. The reason being. That picture was copied from a youtube video that someone posted on what they believe the shiny should look like. Not what the shiny is.

          • Armelo Apelete

            Read my first post before reply 🙂

          • Sean Cratty

            Actually I did read your first post. Try to follow your own words before you post as well. I am stating that is Photoshop. It was copied off a YouTube channel and even stated that it would look cool IF it was real.

          • Armelo Apelete

            Lol copied off a Youtube? Ok

          • Chris Denton

            What happens when you try to select it like you would for a mass delete? I’m skeptical about the authenticity as well. Seems like there would be more than 1 given that the entire world has had a solid month of raiding entei.

            Also, I’d like to see the Pokédex entry showing that a regular and a shiny has been registered. Otherwise it’s obviously not a shiny. Maybe a glitch but not a shiny.

          • Armelo Apelete

            Her pokedex entry don’t show shiny was registered

    • Bartek Łęgowik

      it’s probably photoshoped

      • Armelo Apelete

        Photoshoped? lol I don’t think, am a graphic designer and i can easily recognize if a pic was fake or not. We all know Niantic since the legendaries birds was released, they don’t fix the sprite of Shiny Zapdos till now.

        • simple PC

          I guess that he forgot to add the stars around Entei when he ps the picture 😉

          • Armelo Apelete

            Did you read my first post? So the shiny sprite of zapdos we still have instead of the regular one was also fake because there is no sparkles? You guys act like you don’t what Niantic is capable of.

          • Pkmm493

            We all know what niantic is capable of
            Stop saying it as a excuse for everything
            And yeah while we got the wrong zapdos
            We still only got the one
            Not both so its not a good arguement for it being real
            And dont you think if it was real
            More than 1 would have been found
            Dont trust everything you see just cause you feel that someone isnt lying of no one near you can photoshop
            A toddler can do it so can anyone else

          • Armelo Apelete

            So you are saying what i saw with my eyes are fake? A lot of joke man. I think you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Why wouldn’t they release them during the Halloween event? Niantic does things so backwards.

    • Jeffrey Pope

      I’ve lost my faith in Niantic

      • Derptoise Wt

        Niantic is a weird company. I’m astounded that the Pokemon Company is still letting Niantic use the Pokemon.

        • hkmaly

          They must be too busy counting money to notice.

    • Derptoise Wt

      Questionable question.

  • Heydavid17

    Well… too late now

  • Eduardo Araújo

    Gastly “gas” should be kinda bluer on the shiny version.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Well…If Niantic would only release Gen 3 with ALL shinies, then I would be playing for another 6 months!

  • Zappy-N

    i always liked shiny haunter. looks like he ate a blue jolly rancher and his tongue is blue

  • Carl Carefor

    I appreciate slow release of shinnies. No patience in internet community…

  • McGoat

    Wtf these shinies and the pokedex info for ho oh and celebi in Pokémon go are completely wrong, ho oh and celebis dex info is the same exact thing as omega ruby alpha sapphire, Pokémon gos pokedex are for the most part unique and don’t use other games, even then the copy ones are worded differently and arranged differently, and on the ho oh and celebi picture, why do they have genders, photo shoppers need to actually know the topics of what they photoshop, and the ghastly shiny line shines are wrong, didn’t know they took shinies from Pokémon Colosseum

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