the 0.77.1 update is rolling out as we write this, making players smile all across the globe with it’s bug fixes, performance optimizations and quality of life updates. And not only that! This update contains almost everything required for Gen III and shows that we could be only one client side update away from Gen III release.

Table of contents

Apology for being late

We apologise for being late with our data mine, but as we’ve already shared on Twitter, the whole GO Hub team was at a wedding. Unfortunately for us, we have real life friends who do real life things and last night some of them decided to get married.

Fortunately for us, our community is insanely great and provided a quick data mine on Twitter within minutes we disclosed our inability to mine! Huge shoutout to @Kelven91 for finding Gen III forms and to @0AceV for providing a screenshot. To everyone else, feel free to read our How to APK mine Pokémon GO guide and learn how to data mine.

With that being said, let’s get on with the official Hub data mine!

Deoxys and Castform forms added

Well, hello there! Finally, all of the required forms for Deoxys and Castform have been added, hinting that Castform could be available as soon as Gen III becomes available, unlike Smeargle and Delibird. Curiously, this also hints that Pokémon GO could become “weather-aware”, but nothing else in the code base reveals more info.


We don’t feel like Deoxys will be available any time soon, even though it’s forms were added in this update. We’re not sure how Deoxys’s different forms could work, especially given that one of the forms is a “speed” form.

Curveball fix and other bug fixes

Finally! Finalmente! It’s fixed! The curveball works 100% of the time now! Jokes aside, it has actually been fixed and it seems that it was a client side bug all along. A new flage has been added:


Additionally, there is a large number of bug fixes in this release, mostly targeted at Raid lobbies and you avatar.

New error codes

This release contains a large number of bug fixes and optimizations, especially for lower end devices. To accompany the changes, a suite of new error codes has been added in the APK:


Nothing ground breaking, but when you put it all together, this update feels far more polished than 0.75.1!

New push notification settings

A new push notification toggle has been added, both in the code base and in the Settings menu, enabling Trainers to turn off the “low motivation” notification. Previously, you could turn off only the Pokémon return push notification.


Future update speculation

If you’re reading Hub on a regular basis (and you should be doing that), you are probably aware that all of the Gen III Pokémon family and candy names are already in the client app. What does this latest addition mean and how far are we really from Gen III?

We could be just one client side update away, as we’re only missing the required sound files (cries) for Gen III Pokémon. In other words, any of the future updates could be “the one”, including everything required for the release.

We are not sure if/when a battle system update could land, but given the current state of the APK, it’s more likely we’ll see it after Gen III releases than before.

  • Edwin Fung

    Oh yes! Castform will not be the case of Ditto, Delibird and Smeragle!😂

  • Smashly

    Have the mewtwo raids finished there test stage or have they just ended all together ? I did over 150 raids and never got an ex pass

    • murko69

      I did one(!) raid at the particular gym that was selected for the EX-raid and got a pass. So it’s probably not gonna be about numbers but more “if you have raided recently at the particular gym that’s going to be selected” I guess. Also I think the test-phase is pretty much over since AFAIK everything worked pretty ok.

      • Smashly

        Yea i also raided at a pre selected gym and got nothing. I hope i havent missed my chance and the new rumour ho oh will be ex raid makes me doubtfull of catching it also

        • murko69

          Mewtwo was almost ridiculously simple to catch once it was down. We were about 40-45 people on sight, divided on three groups and I think only 1 or 2 users actually missed him.
          Hopefully it will come back in some way in the future even if Ho-Oh is the next Ex-raid. The first legendary birds have been sighted in the Safari events so my guess is that missed EX- and/or Legendary ones will get more chances to be caught in special events during next year (or even this)

          • Gryphon Strother

            Better not be done with mewtwo. They hyped us all up in early September saying it would be here “in weeks” yet a month later it’s still not done testing.

    • Gryphon Strother

      me and my group aswell. Canada has been pretty much left out from this which is pretty ridiculous, If they just “stop” with the mewtwo’s then I’ll be pretty salty after getting us all hyped about it a month ago

    • Richx93

      Maybe as part of the Halloween event we’ll see Mewtwo rolled out on a wider scale, finally.

  • Rafael Martins

    Well, Gen III will be realeased before Smeargle and Delibird? Why this two pokes are so unique? Are they rarer than Legendaries? rsrs

    • Edwin Fung

      GO Hub didn’t say Delibird and Smeragle won’t be released with gen 3.

    • TD ChRiS

      Both delibird and smeargle have unique moves that are hard to implement into the game

    • Faizan Arshad

      Delibird is most likely being saved for a December event. Smeargle is sort of like the Ditto of this generation and either could show up randomly like Ditto did last fall once they figure out how sketch works or will show up in raids and learn the attacks of the pokémon you attack it with.

  • asdf

    Hope they bring PoGo+ fix soon

  • WingedSupernova


  • Nick

    Go Hub,

    Thanks for being awesome. That is all

  • Nathan

    I think there has to be abilities first since gen 3 has pokemon revolved around their abilities or some alternate method. also they might add new attacks and all the optionals anyways

  • Daniel Doiron

    We don’t need GEN 3 right now, we need daily/weekly missions, player vs player, pvp tournaments , more things to in-game, it’s dead and boring and just a grind.

    Also 150 + raids and still no mewtwo invite is BS, tried of wasting money just small chance of one at a random gym …..

    Game needs more features, content, adding a new gen every 6-12 months doesn’t fix crap still.

    • hkmaly

      What we need now is MEWTWO.

    • Jason

      I am enjoying it for what it is.. and excited for a Halloween event.. but I agree would rather have pvp or trading (even if it is just items) or some new features like that than gen 3

    • Higher_Ground

      adding a new gen IS adding content – and enough to keep most people busy for months while they work on the stuff you mentioned.

  • Nicklas O’Gulddal

    That begs the question, just where is Delibird and Smeargle??

  • Chris Denton

    Mewtwo should be common like the rest of the legendaries? Niantic screwed that up and now people want more mewtwo.

    I’d be fine with only being able to catch the 1 I have.

    Flooding the game with mewtwo will not make anything better.

  • Magik11

    Two bugs that I reported to Niantic have been fixed:
    1. Using a TM on a favorite Pokémon removes the favorite status.
    2. When using GO Plus to spin a gym disc, the resources gained do not appear on the screen along the right like normal PokéStops.

    Some other bugs that I haven’t tested yet to check if they’ve been fixed:
    3. When you successfully dodge a charge attack in a raid with more than 1 trainer, a few seconds later you end up taking a lot of damage; usually fainting and will end up fighting as an invisible Pokémon. This damage can carry over to my next Pokémon after the one that dodged had fainted.
    4. When all of another trainer’s Pokémon in a raid boss fight, their avatars don’t appear when they re-enter the combat.
    5. If your game crashes when you’ve won a raid but the gym timer has expired for that raid then you have no way of gaining your rewards nor raid boss Pokémon in the bonus round.
    6. In some situations, when you are about to battle in a gym or raid and have wounded Pokémon, you can go into your bag, revive and heal them then come out, go right back into your bag and find them wounded again, but your items are gone.
    7. When you scroll left/right to view trainers in the lobby, the team emblem and trainer name changes to another team/trainer.
    8. When you are feeding berries to defenders and the defender gets removed from the gym; you get stuck in the feeding berry situation and have to exit & restart the app.
    9. When you take over a gym then immediately go to the disc to spin it, it is grey in color (teamless) instead of your team’s color.
    10. The Mantine and Exeggcute catch circles are too small.

  • Magik11

    Why is this “breaking news” entry only found by searching GO Hub now?