it is evident that the distribution of the new Pokemon GO 0.81.1 update has been stopped both on Android and iOS app stores. The update is available for a subset of targeted devices in some areas, however, the global release is yet to happen.

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Niantic has acknowledged a number of bugs that were introduced with the new update, presumably related to the recent Unity Engine upgrade, the underlying rendering engine and framework of Pokemon GO.

Although this upgrade is a welcome change, bringing a plethora of Unity related bug fixes (background sound for instance), it does come at a cost, which we’re paying at the moment. We expect another, smaller update, possibly dubbed 0.81.3 to be released this week in the regular Tuesday/Thursday patch cycle.

Android players can still get their hands on the 0.81.1 APK via APKMirror, a popular APK sharing website. The Hub team is using it on a daily basis, with some team members reporting less and some more bugs than before.

Why was it withdrawn?

Although there is a lot of new bugs and crashes that are happening with the new version, one redditor had a different comment on the matter:

It must be withdrawn because of the security risk of PTC login which does not mask the password anymore and because it does not allow Chinese and Japanese character input anymore. Both are reason enough on their own to not roll out. I myself am also experiencing a lot of crashes, especially during gym battles. It makes gyms almost unplayable. Samsung S8.

While we cannot comment on the “unmasking” of PTC passwords in the network traffic, we can confirm that Gym battles are a lot buggier than they were before, especially on newer devices.

While we all wait for the update, maybe you should take a look at some game guides on our sister site Not a bad place to start a new AR adventure, is it?

  • Antonio Mercurio


    • DawidRTG


      • Eskimo Joe

        You get it!! 🙂

    • Dimas Aditya S

      No shinies, Gen 3 only

    • Eskimo Joe

      No, you want that, not we want that!

      • Joel Jensen

        Most of the community wants it, so yes, the proper term would be “we”.

        • Eskimo Joe

          Sorry Joel, didn’t realise you on your own were speaking for the millions of players in the community.
          Although I know a hundred+ players in my community who would like a new battle system, bugs fixes and EX raids before Gen 3 and shinies!

          • Partysaurus Rex

            So THEY don’t speak for the community. But YOU do. Logic…

          • Eskimo Joe

            I don’t say “we”
            I say “I”

          • Partysaurus Rex

            So then other than your anecdotal albeit unverifiable claim of “I know 100+ players…” you don’t really know if his comments are representative of the community as a whole, they just don’t represent YOU.

          • Eskimo Joe

            I’m not saying I’m speaking for the whole community, but the whole community does not want gen 3 and shinies right now!
            Some of the community wants that, so don’t write we, say i

            100+ players are from my local discord where we would like the things I stated above first!

            The only reason to release gen 3 is for the pokedex but I don’t want 130 useless pokemon to clutter my limited pokemon box space if we can’t use then!!

          • Higher_Ground

            If you speak for just 1 person in addition to yourself, the correct grammatical construction would be “we.” It doesn’t mean everyone, it means the speaker plus at least one more person.

            You’re both right.

          • Eskimo Joe

            Agreed, although the first comment that started this discussion was implied as a “we, the whole community, we”

            If Niantic read comments, they should know that not everybody wants gen 3 and shinies!
            Just the majority of players probably do!

          • Partysaurus Rex

            So what exactly is your point? Niantic should IGNORE the majority of players? You aren’t naive enough to believe that those of us who want Gen 3 wouldn’t ALSO enjoy new features. There are however some of who recognize that PoGo for what it is and its functions is primarily about catching Pokemon… and thus for its longevity it needs a steady and constant flow of… wait for it… new Pokemon. Wanting PoGo to be a port or a fully playable version of what is available on a Nintendo handheld… is asinine.

          • Eskimo Joe

            My point is don’t write in caps “we want”, when it’s something you want!
            Say “I want”

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Circular reasoning at its best. As pointed out already “we” is correct.

          • socialismstinks

            you need a dose of critical thinking. thinking does work. try it sometime.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            You need perspective, relevance, and most importantly context. 🙂

          • peponzio

            Such is the grammar. Open to misinterpretation and deliberately uncertain.

          • peponzio

            I beg to differ. There are many nice additions in Gen 3 that will not be useless cluttering.

            Gardevoir for example will be the best first Fairy for the meta. Also a decent defender and a powerful Psychic type, no more glass cannons.

            Metagross will be an incredible Steel type. Way strong, nice defenses quite a good movepool.

            Aggron is also a great steel and a common one for a first; time to catch some steels. Great defenses but terrible typing.

            Slaking is broken but will be a great addition.

            Swampert, Ludicolo, Breloom, Hariyama, Flygon, Altaria, Wailord (will be fun to render in 3D), Milotic, Walrein, Salamence, and not to mention the 10 new legendaries (the Regi trio, the Lati twins, the weather trio, and the cosmic duo (Jirachi, stars and Deoxys, meteors)).

          • Eskimo Joe

            That’s a fair point and I get why people want gen 3, don’t get me wrong, but it frustrates me and others that the first comment is often all caps we want gen 3 when I think they should write “I want gen 3”!

            I wouldn’t be upset if gen 3 is released but I think it would be better with a new battle system first!
            Imagine if gen 2 was released and then a month later evolution items were released, it would be silly!!
            As PoGo guides have proven most gen 3 are pokedex fillers!

            Plus, where are EX raids, no one in my area has even seen a raid pass, it’s annoying that some people have Mewtwo and players in my area haven’t even had a chance to catch it yet!

            I appreciate a good debate but I’m making sure that if Niantic read comments, they can see that all caps we want gen 3 is not the opinion of everyone!
            I think that’s fair

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Ah yes because a comment in all caps with an upvote of 4… is really going to sway the development schedule. I would think it would go without saying that 5 total people sharing the same opinions on the comment section of a patch update… isn’t representative of the community as a whole.

            What is it you are afraid of that you feel the need to address him on what he did or didn’t write in the comment and how he wrote it.

            The sequence of features being released was already announced, Gen 3 will be first. What does it matter if he says what he said?

            That would be like me saying “I WANT IT TO BE MONDAY! MONDAYS ARE THE BEST!”

            and then you feeling the need to chime in with: “NO! TUESDAYS ARE THE BEST! MAKE IT TUESDAY!” you know just in case God reads these forums… its only fair.

          • peponzio

            Yeah, it’s fine I know how you feel. But to be honest nothing about

            this has anything to do with the actual thread. The update was stopped
            because of bugs and login, making “We want gen 3” irrelevant. If Nianticwere to read this they’d be like: “Discard all responses to this
            comment, they got nothing to do with what we’re looking for”.

            By commenting nothing was accomplished but the extension of a nonrelated opinion (to the topic). One which by the way failed to get any response from the original poster (@Antonio Mercurio). There will always be people for and against, and speaking against will only net you enemies while increasing the popularity of what you were against to.

            I do not mean, do not share your opinion against. Just avoid trivialities like word play, be specific but avoid targetting an individual comment.

          • Oliver Neukum

            Your positions are actually not mutually exclusive. Would you really be unhappy if you got Gen 3 in addition to a new battle system.


      Need to fix issues first

    • KarloVranjes

      You want more numbers in excel?Cool

    • Austin Tang

      Coming in december

    • jared Mok

      Yes, We are Hunger for GEN 3…
      And after taking so much of our money.., Niantic do something with the bugs…

  • 이석진

    Please give me a expass right in Incheon Youngdong, South Korea.

    • Dimas Aditya S

      anyeong chingu

  • Diskus1

    Just convert ALL PTC accounts to Google logins already! We don’t want PTC, it always fails. Google works better and is safe. Two birds with one rock…

    • Dimas Aditya S

      Im totaly agree with you, PTC too slow

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      I 100% agree. It’s always PTC that gives me login issues. Sometimes I can’t play for the day!

    • peponzio

      To be honest I want it the other way around. I use google account because of stability and commodity but eventually I’d like for my Pokemon Go account to be linked to Pokemon, not Google.

      I hope one day Google accounts are backup of Pokemon Go and what really matters is a Pokemon account.

      • Higher_Ground

        trust me, it’s not worth the crashes and inability to log-in – which generally seems to happen when you’re most interested in playing (events, new changes, etc).

        I initially thought maybe they’d throw us something extra for using the PTC account like how you can get special pokmeon and items in the 3DS games for using the Pokemon Bank.

        • peponzio

          Yeah as it is right now it is pointless. Eventually I do hope PTC accounts do get better treatment and become the more stable login version.

        • scelestion

          Exactly! I also picked PTC because I thought that would mean special bonuses. Instead, Google accounts are “rewarded” with stability while PTC users are forced to feel neglected from time to time. Although I gotta say, since the PTC crash at the very beginning of the rock event (when all those Larvitar were spawning like crazy), it actually has been pretty stable for me.

      • Diskus1

        That’s what I thought when I created a PTC account. Every time I can’t play and my fiancee plays with her Google login, I regret it. Sometimes that’s a whole day. More often struggles with logging in. She never have problems like that.

  • Netaji Padavi

    My name is Netaji one of your pokemon go game lover. I have a pokemon go account.

    Me and my friends difficult to travel up to gym. Also raid boss battle time also less.
    so we can’t go to gym before raid time.
    We always late for battle.

    We want more pokemon gym to our city.
    only 4 gym available in our city and they are very long from our home.

    So I request you please do something for us.

    Name – Netaji P
    Mail Id – [email protected]

    • Curtis Beales

      Good luck with that.

    • Paul

      lol. If you have a trouble than stop playing or use tactic for your region.

      • Patricia Hatcher

        You’re real sweet. Must be nice to live in a place that is easy to travel around and with enough players to rally at the same time for a raid. Be nice to others who love the game and are trying to find ways to make it work– requesting a new gym is one such way.

        • Chris Denton

          Nope, if the game doesn’t work for you, you are the problem. Lol

        • Paul

          Thank you, Honey. I did the same choice(play or skip) when start playing, because I need to drive over 20-30 minutes to nearest gym or stop.

          My community starts with 3 peoples. We all live in one region that have the same gym/pokestop problem. After 3 month we are risen to 60 legit players and now there are no problem with any raids coz we can steak together every time and go to the nearest city/place by bus or car.

          Im lvl 40 from 18 august 2017

    • Robdebobrob

      oowwww, i wouldnt put my email adress out like that.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      While its entirely possible that Niantic visits this site… I find it unlikely they comb through every comment. You should definitely visit their support page for this kind of feedback.

  • Netaji Padavi

    Netaji P
    From – Solapur,Maharashtra,India.

  • Fox

    É melhor esperar para termos uma versão 100% estável. Quanto mais pressão maior a chance de uma versão de correção vir pior.


    Getting a lot of crashes passed few days, freeze ups, has happened to many in our raid group Simultaneously

  • Abigale Johnson

    I’m so glad I tried draconius go. It works! And actually has fun stuff to do! Way better game than pogo.