Form Changing in Pokémon GO: Current mechanics and future speculation


Hello Trainers! Niantic has introduced form changes into Pokémon Go!  This article will list out all of the Pokémon that the mechanic has been released for, currently only Furfrou and soon Hoopa, and the requirements for changing the Pokémon’s form.  We’ll also take a look at how some other Pokémon change their forms in the core games and speculate on how the mechanic may translate to Pokémon Go.

A side note about the history of Pokémon with various forms, Unown was the first Pokémon introduced that had multiple forms.  Introduced in Generation II with 26 original forms (A to Z), with the ‘!’ and ‘?’ Unknown being introduced in Generation III.

Able to change forms



Furfrou has 10 Forms in Pokémon Go.  Two are available globally, and you should have access to at least a third form, other than the natural form, based on your geographic location.

Core Games: You can change the trim of Furfrou by taking it to a groomer, and the trim lasts for five days.  Furfrou also loses its trim if it’s deposited into the PC.

Required to change Furfrous form: 10,000 stardust & 25 candies
How you change Furfrous form: Click on the change form button and select the form you want.

Matron Trim Dandy Trim Debutante Trim
Available in the Wild Available Globally Americas
Pharaoh Trim Star Trim La Reine Trim
Egypt Asia-Pacific France
Diamond Trim Kabuki Trim Heart Trim
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Japan Unreleased


Hoopa (Confined) Hoopa (Unbound)

Core Games:
Using an item called the Poison bottle will change Hoopa Confined into Hoopa Unbound.  Hoopa Unbound will revert back to Hoopa Confined after three days.

Pokémon Go:  Changing Hoopa’s form from Hoopa Confined to Hoopa Unbound requires 50 Hoopa Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

Changing Hoopa’s form from Hoopa Unbound to Hoopa Confined requires 10 Hoopa Candy and 2,000 Stardust.

Released & Unable to change forms

Deerling and Sawsbuck

Deerling (Spring) Deerling (Summer) Deerling (Fall) Deerling (Winter)
Sawsbuck (Spring) Sawsbuck (Summer) Sawsbuck (Fall) Sawsbuck (Winter)

Core Games:
In the Generation V games, Deerling and Sawsbuck change their form they are in the trainer’s party and they step outside, or a new game is loaded.  Interestingly, all Deerling and Sawsbuck that are Wild and NPC Trainer-owned appear in the Generation VI games are Spring Form due to the season’s mechanics being abandoned.

Pokémon Go: Niantic is fond of only releasing these forms in the correct season, so I’m not sure we’ll get form changes on this guy.  If we do it will likely be tied to the seasons, so you would be able to change your Deerling or Sawsbuck to the form to match the season they are in, and not randomly to a Summer Sawsbuck in the middle of Winter.


Deoxys (Normal) Deoxys (Attack)
Deoxys (Defense) Deoxys (Speed)

Core Games: 
In Pokémon Sun & Moon you can take your Deyoxys to a meteorite inside the Hokulani Observatory, next to Sophocles.  Once there you’ll be given the option to change the form of your Deoxys.

Pokémon Go: While the thought of carrying around a chunk of a meteorite you can show your Deoxys sounds really cool, I very much doubt this will be the route Niantic takes with Deoxys.  I think it’s far more likely that Deoxys just gets the 25,000 stardust and 50 candy treatment.


Genesect (Normal)

Core Games: Calling Genesect’s change a form change is a bit of a stretch, technically the light on top of its head changes colour so I guess that’s a form change? However, the change is purely cosmetic.

Genesect’s “form change” is based on items called Techno Drives, the type of drive you give it determines the type of its signature move Techno Blast.

Pokémon Go: Given that the change only affects the type of the move that Genesect has, I don’t think we’ll get form changes for Genesect.  They’ll likely just release each type in its own raid and have us collect them that way.  Introducing held items could change this, however until that’s a thing don’t expect form changes here.


Giratina (Altered) Giratina (Origin)

Core Games:
In Pokémon Platinum trainers can change Giratina from its Altered Form to its Origin Form by giving it a Griseous Orb, or by entering the Distortion World itself.

Pokémon Go: Niantic could introduce an item called the Griseous Orb, and require trainers to have one to change its form.  Another route they could go is to simply require stardust and candy.  Furfrou is 10,000 stardust and 25 candies.  So a legendary could potentially be 25,000 stardust and 50 candies?


Kyurem (White) Kyurem (Black)

Core Games:
Kyurem changes its form through the use of the DNA Splicers, which allows it to fuse with Reshiram or Zekrom. Fusing with Reshiram creates White Kyurem, fusing with Zekrom creates Black Kyurem.

Pokémon Go: I don’t think that they’ll force us to fuse Pokémon to get new Pokémon, so I think it’s more likely these two become “Mega Evolutions” of regular Kyurem.  Or they just get released as separate species in raids.  They really could go either way here.



Yes, Technically all of these forms have not been released yet.  However, Wash Rotom has, so it goes on the released list.

Pokemon GO RotomWash Rotom

Pokemon GO RotomFan Rotom
Pokemon GO Heat RotomFrost Rotom
Pokemon GO Heat RotomHeat Rotom
Pokemon GO Heat RotomMow Rotom

Core Games:
 In Pokémon Sword, you need to travel to Wyndon and talk to the man inside an orange house after you’ve caught yourself a Rotom.  He’ll give you the Rotom Catalog, an item that you can use to change the form of Rotom.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you need to go to Professor Kukui’s Laboratory on Route 1 and then go into the basement. if you interact with the pile of boxes with a Rotom in your party and you’ll be able to change its form.

Pokémon Go: I think it’s unlikely that Niantic introduces its own version of a Rotom catalogue, maybe a Sinnoh stone? They could tie the form changes to the in-game weather, or lure modules.  Rainy for Wash, Windy for Fan, Snowy for Frost, Sunny for Heat, and Grass.  Glacial, Mossy, and Rainy lure modules would give trainers an easy way to get some of the forms.


Tornadus (Incarnate) Thundurus (Incarnate) Landorus (Incarnate)
Tornadus (Therian) Thundurus (Therian) Landorus (Therian)

Core Games:
In Generation VIII, with at least one of the Incarnate forms in your party visit the Bargain Shop in Stow-On-Side.  A man will give you the Reveal Glass item, and if you use that item on any of the Incarnate forms it will change into its Therian form.

Pokémon Go: Both Therian and Incarnate forms have been released in Pokémon Go separately as individually raidable and catchable Pokémon, so if they do release form changes I think they’ll require an Unova stone and a hefty amount of Stardust and Candy.

Unreleased Form Changing Pokémon


Arceus I am not going to show all of Arceus’ forms

Core Games: Arceus’ type and form depend on the Plate of Z-Crystal it’s holding, as there is one for each type.

Pokémon Go: I have no idea.  I’m sure Niantic has no idea.  Help me out in the comments with this one, I’ll update the article with the best ideas.

Calyrex and Glastrier/Spectrier

Glastrier Spectrier
Calyrex (Ice Rider) Calyrex (Shadow Rider)

Core Games: Using the Reins of Unity, you are able to combine Calyrex with either Glastrier to create Ice Rider Calyrex or Spectrier to create Shadow Rider Calyrex.  You can only have one at a time.

Pokémon Go: I think the most likely option here is they go with a “Mega Evolution” type deal for both forms of the combined Pokémon here.


Keldeo (Ordinary) Keldeo (Resolute)

Core Games:
Teaching Ordinary Form Keldeo Secret Sword will cause it to change into Resolute Form.

Pokémon Go: This is a tough one, and one I think that Niantic will just take the easy road on and give them the candy/stardust treatment.  I would love to see the mechanic of using a TM (or Elite TM) on Ordinary Form Keldeo to get it to learn Secret Sword, which would then change its form.  However, I don’t see it happening.  Fingers crossed I’m wrong.


Dusk Mane Necrozma Dawn Wings Necrozma Ultra Necrozma

Core Games:

If you have a Necrozma and a Solgaleo and use an N-Solarizer, Necrozma and a Solgaleo will fuze together and you’ll get a Dust Mane Necrozma.

If you have a Necrozma and a Lunala and use an N-Lunarizer, Necrozma and a Lunala will fuze together and you’ll get a Dawn Wings Necrozma.

To obtain Ultra Necrozma you have to attach an Ultra Necrozium Z to either Dawn Wings Necrozma or the Dusk Mane Necrozma then you could change the form to Ultra Necrozma in battle, much like a Mega Evolution.

Pokémon Go: I don’t think we’ll get any sort of special Form changing here.  I suspect Niantic will just release Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Mane Necrozma in raids separately, and Ultra Necrozma will work just like Mega Evolutions do except they’ll probably call it Ultra Energy instead of Mega Energy. Mostly because I find it unlikely they’ll require us to fuse Pokémon together.  It’s a neat mechanic, I just don’t think it translates to Pokémon Go in any useable way.


Baile Style
P’au Style
Sensu Style Form
Pom-Pom Style

Core Games:
Oricorio’s caught form is dependant upon which island of the Alola Region it is caught on. The different forms have different typings, and the primary type changes the type of its signature move Revelation Dance.

Oricorio’s forms can be changed by using special Nectar items that are found on each island. Give Oricorio the nectar from a different island, and it will change form.

Pokémon Go: This one will likely be tied to an item, Oricorio was introduced in the Alola region, so perhaps an Alola Stone, Stardust, and candies?  I very much doubt they’ll tie these to weather, given the downright rarity of Foggy weather.


Shaymin Shaymin (Sky)

Core Games:
In Pokémon Platinum, you can change your Land Form Shaymin to Sky Form Shaymin with a Gracidea flower. In the Hau’oli City Mall, there’s a shop aptly called the Gracidea, when you speak to the receptionist she will give you a Gracidea flower as a thank you for coming to the store.  Shaymin returns to its Land Form at night, or if it gets frozen.

Pokémon Go: Niantic could introduce the Gracidea flower, however, given that Shaymin reverts back to Land Form at night I think that Niantic goes with Stardust and Candy and calls it a day.  This one might be one we don’t get at all, they just may release each separately.



Silvally form changes aren’t very big, the feathers on its back and the tail change colour based on the type that it currently is.

Core Games: In Pokémon Sword, you can obtain a Type: Null from an NPC in the Battle Tower lobby along with a memory item for every type.  Evolve Type: Null to Silvally, then hand it the memory item of the type you want and it’ll change to that type.

Pokémon Go: I think it’s safe to say Niantic isn’t going to give us 18 new items for Silvally, I think it’s far more likely they give us an Alola stone and make us use that.


Zygarde 10% Zygarde 50% Zygarde Complete

Core Games: 
Zygarde’s form change is rather unique.  In Pokémon Sword and Shield once you’ve obtained a Zygarde you can obtain a Zygarde cube from Stow-on-Side’s Antique Seller. Using the cube will allow you to change Zygarde’s form between 10% Form and 50% Form, and its ability.  If you give your Zygarde the ability Power Construct it will change to 100% Form when it drops below 50% health during battle.

Pokémon Go: I think it’s likely that we’re given the ability to change Zygarde from 10% to 50% and vice-versa with a Kalos stone with stardust and 50 candies.  Then we get Zygarde Energy to “Mega” evolve it to Zygarde complete.  Seeing Zygarde change form mid-raid battle would be a really awesome mechanic, but I’m not confident we’ll get it.


Form Changes Based on Battle


Pokemon GO Aegislash
Blade Form Shield Form

Core Games:
Aegislash is always in Shield Form by default, when it uses a damage-dealing move in battle it will change to Blade Form.  While in Blade Form, if it uses King’s Shield will revert back into Shield Form.

Pokémon Go: Another battle-based Form change, so this will likely get a mega energy type form change.


Pokemon GO Burmy


Pokemon GO Burmy


Pokemon GO Burmy


Core Games:
Burmy is always encountered as Plant Burmy in the wild.  However, after it participates in a battle, its form can change depending on where the battle took place.

Burmy will change to Sandy Cloak if it last battled in a cave, or on a beach.
It will change to Trash Cloak if it last battled inside a building.
It will Change to Plant Cloak if it last battled outside or in tall grass.

Pokémon Go: Niantic could take a couple of different routes with this.  They could tie this into biomes in Pokémon Go.  Require that you take your Burmy to a town/city to change it to a Trash Cloak Burmy, or find a desert or beach to change it into a Sandy Cloak Burmy.  Which I think could be a really neat mechanic, that would be really unfortunate for some trainers who don’t have easy access to certain biomes.

The other route is they just let us change to whatever form we want with some stardust and some candy.



Pokemon GO Rainy CastformRainy

Pokemon GO Rainy Castform


Pokemon GO Rainy Castform


Core Games:
Castform is Normal-type by default outside of battle. It retains this form in battle during clear weather or any other weather that doesn’t correspond with one of its forms.

During the battle, if one of the following weather types is on the battlefield then Castform will change forms.
In harsh sunlight, Castform changes to its Sunny Form, which is Fire-type.
In rain, Forecast changes Castform to its Rainy Form, which is Water-type.
In hail, Forecast changes Castform to its Snowy Form, which is Ice-type.

Once the battle is over, or if the weather ends, Castform will revert to its Normal-type.

Pokémon Go: This form change likely won’t be overly complicated.  The core game mechanic depends on the weather, so Pokémon Go won’t be any different.

Sunny weather or a Mossy Lure for Sunny Castform
Rainy weather or a Rainy Lure for Rainy Castform
Snowy weather or a Glacial Lure for Snowy Castform


Pokemon GO Sunny Cherrim


Pokemon GO Sunny Cherrim


Core Games:
Cherim’s form change is fairly simple.  During harsh sunlight, it changes into Sunshine Form.  During any other weather type, and outside of battle, Cherrim is in its overcast form.

Pokémon Go: Sunny Weather or Mossy Lure, Stardust, Candy, Form Change.  This one’s easy.


Pokemon GO Cramorant
Cramorant Gulping Cramorant Gorging Cramorant

Core Games: Cramorant is always in its Standard form outside of battle, and when a battle is initiated.

If Cramorant uses Surf or Dive while above 50% HP it will change to Gulping form, if it is then hit with a damaging move it will spit the Arrokuda it has in its mouth out at the attacker and switch back to its Standard form.

If Cramorant uses Surf or Dive while below 50% HP it will change to Gulping form, if it is then hit with a damaging move it will spit the Pikachu it has in its mouth out at the attacker and switch back to its Standard form.

Pokémon Go: This is another one that I’m struggling with.  I think we’ll get the option to switch between the forms with candy and stardust though.


Pokemon GO Standard Darmanitan

Standard Mode

Pokemon GO Standard Darmanitan

Zen Mode

Pokemon GO Standard Darmanitan

Standard Mode Galarian

Pokemon GO Galarian Standard Darmanitan

Zen Mode Galarian

Core Games:
Darmanitan changes to Zen Mode when its HP drops to or below half in battle, then reverts back to Standard mode if its HP goes back above half or the battle ends.

Pokémon Go: Darmanitan seems like a likely candidate for “Zen Energy” and a Mega-type evolution.


Pokemon GO Eiscue
Ice Face Noice Face

Core Games: When Ice Face Form Eiscue is hit by a physical move, it does not take damage it instead transforms into Noice Face Form. While in Noice Face Form, Eiscue will change revert back to Ice Face form if it starts hailing, or if it is sent out into battle while it’s hailing.

Pokémon Go: While it’s a battle form change, I think this one will likely get the simple candy/stardust treatment.

Kyogre and Groudon

Kyogre Groudon

I put these two together because the mechanic is identical, and I think they’ll both get the same treatment.

Core Games: When sent out in battle, if Kyogre is holding a Blue Orb it will change into Primal Kyogre.  When Groudon is sent out in battle it will change into Primal Groudon if it’s holding a Red Orb.

Pokémon Go: Two Words: Mega Evolution.  It’s likely that Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon get “Primal Energy” and are treated exactly the same as the way Mega Evolutions are handled currently.


Meloetta (Aria) Meloetta (Pirouette)

Core Games:
Meloetta is only able to be in Aria form outside of battle, if Meloetta uses the move Relic Song during a battle it changes between the two forms.  Once the battle has finished, or it’s withdrawn from the battle it reverts to its Aria form.

Pokémon Go: As Meloetta’s form change is based on battle, we will likely see a Mega evolution type energy added for its form change.



Core Games: Outside of battle, Minior is always in Core form.  During the battle, if its HP is above 50% of its maximum then the Minior will change to Meteor Form.  If its HP falls below 50%, or if the battle ends the Minior will revert back to its Core form.

Note: A Minior’s Core Form has seven different colour variations, you are unable to switch between the colours.

Pokémon Go: The stats on the two forms are different, so it’s possible we get Minior energy for this?  Or they’ll just release the separate core colours into the wild and have us collect them.  They may even get the regional variant treatment.


Pokemon GO Mimikyu
Disguised Form Busted Form

Core Games: Mimikyu enters battle as Disguised form, and when attacked for the first time it only loses 1/8th of its HP and then changes to Busted Form.

Pokémon Go: Yes, this is a battle-related form change… however I think Niantic will just let us go back and forth between the two forms with some candy and stardust.


Pokemon GO Hangry Morpeko
Full Belly Form Hangry Form

Core Games: Morpeko starts each battle in Fully Belly form, then switches between Fully Belly Form and Hangry Form after every turn in battle.  The only difference between the two forms, other than the cosmetic look, is that the type of its signature move Aura Wheel switches between Electric while in Full Belly Form, and Dark while in Hangry Form.

Pokémon Go: Candy and Stardust, seems the most likely way they’ll go with this one.


Pokemon GO Wishiwashi
Solo Form School Form

Core Games:
Wishiwashi will change from Solo Form to School Form if it’s above 25% of its maximum HP at the start of a battle, or at the end of a turn in if it gained enough HP.  If it drops below 25% of its maximum HP.  It will also revert back to Solo Form at the end of a turn, if it switches out, or if the battle ends.

Pokémon Go: Likely the same as everything else in this section, mega type evolution.


Xerneas (Neutral) Xerneas (Active)

Core Games:
While Xerneas has two forms, the change is purely cosmetic and there’s no real mechanic to switch between the two other than Active form is the Form Xerneas takes in battle, and Neutral form is the Form in literally every other instance.

Pokémon Go: Not sure about this one, will Niantic just change the sprite for when it’s in a battle to Active form?  Or are they going to make us spend candy and stardust to make it look prettier?

Zacian and Zamazenta

Zacian (Hero) Zacian (Crowned Sword)
Zamazenta (Hero) Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

Core Games: Both Zacian and Zamazenta have items that allow them to change forms while in battle, a Rusted Sword for Zacian and a Rusted Shield for Zamazenta.  The form change also changes the move Iron Head to become Behemoth Blade for Zacian or Behemoth Bash for Crowned Shield Zamazenta. Both of their forms, and their respective moves change back when the battle is over.

Pokémon Go: It’s very likely that we’ll get some sort of Mega evolution type energy for these two as well.

Eternamax Eternatus

Eternatus (Eternamax)

So Eternamax Eternatus gets its own category.  Why? Two reasons.  One, you cannot actually obtain it in any Pokémon game.  Two, its stats are absolutely broken in every way imaginable.

It has a max CP of 9255, yes.  That is not a typo, it’s CP is Over Nine Thousand!!
Its attack is 251, its defence is 505, Its Stamina is 452.

A maxed-out, 100% level 50 Slacking has a CP of 4431.  A 100% Eternamax Eternatus has a CP of 4444 at level 19!!  A hundo raid catch would be 4678 CP.

Charizard Mega X has a max TDO of 933.  Eternamax Eternatus has a max TDO of 3462.64

It’s hilariously broken, which is why it’s unobtainable and likely always will be.

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